How not to Suck at Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships

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There are some essential tips in World of Warships you must learn in order to be a better CV players. Learning them will help you to suck at , or at the very least help you outplay the enemy Aircraft Carrier. While these tips might not work in every situation, they will work in most. Map awareness if key, as is plotting your course wisely.


  1. I still suck with CVs.

    • I know!

      Sorry, I could not help myself as it was to inviting to answer that.
      I of course have no idea of how you play and hope that you will become better if you feel you are not dooing well now in your CV play.
      Again sorry for my comment, I hope you did not get insulted by it.

  2. Cheers for this, Zoup. Keep it up!

  3. Contrary to popular belief, I like the CV rework. Still getting used to the new play style, but it is definitely a lot more fun this way.

    • +SCI you’re right . Majority of WoWs players are crying about it.

    • Same here. I’ve been playing since beta and never enjoyed the RTS system. I would only play RTS for easy plane kills for missions. That said, I am not sure if I will always feel this way but it’s a nice change.

    • The gameplay aspect of it is meh, whatever. You actually could properly influence a match before, then also add in the amazingly bad AA/plane HP balance that is occurring right now coupled with the idiotic decision to have a functionally limited aircraft total while boosting ‘well you can have as many planes as you want now” You now get to wait excessive periods to regain flights because the only thing the F-key is good for now a days is getting literally every plane shot down.

    • How do you play without getting all your planes shut down?

    • +Riker Keyes Send your planes back after 1-2 attacks, don’t send them for 3-4 attacks since the last small wave usually gets shot down thus increasing your time to get a full squadron ready. Rotate through your different squadrons and use the most complete ones you have despite it may not being the best for the job. Sometimes you’ll get a dive bomb that wipes out a 50% HP cruiser and surprise yourself.

  4. Having fun in each ship class in WoWS is my top priority. Said that, thanks Zoup for the CV guides lately, learned alot in advance that help me ingame with all the CV rework.
    Who else thinks that without em CVs the game would be dull and incomplete?

    • Rather have CVS in their semi-balanced state of pre-rework than this hot-garbage they threw in everyones face and act like it’s remotely close to fair. UK CVs are going to be as OP as the Haku-was.

  5. you need to do a how not to suck with DD’s. since half the braindead people that play them are INCAPABLE of doing simple things like turning off their AA and continue to rush caps solo…then blame the cv

  6. Midway’s divebombers are actually the most effective anti destroyer tool- watch Gaishu_Isshoku (the rework abuse 550k dude) on how to abuse Midway

  7. Nope and nope.
    – Using attack squadrons it is a viable strategy with the american carriers in the start but what you want with the japanese carriers is to launch always as possible torpedo squadrons . Use the the reverse-F key method and target those BBs and cruisers and help your team to killing them as fast as possible. You can still spot the DDs near the cap and keep them spotted with fighters for your team but you don’t want to waste time.
    – You will not want to use the torpedo modification 1 or something similar because: a) the time you have for an attack it is already very good. b) it is impossible to abort an attack the moment you start. So if you want to abort an attack and you are using that silly upgrade you are forced to waste more seconds.
    -And very careful when looking to his captain skills . You will not want to use DE in the japanese carrier captain. A better suggestion would be to use CE and RPF.

    • Awesome! I hadnt heard or thought of that. Thank you!

    • RPF on Hakuryu only. Sight Stabilization along with Concealment Expert as the two 4 point skills for Midway. Also Survivability Expert and Aircaft armor are both MUST have 3 point skills for all CV’s with the current overpowered AA. Take the Dive Bombers Mod 2 for all of your CV’s, since dive bombers take most damage and do not have the heal of torpedo bombers.

    • +André Simões I have been using that. Never called it reverse F but I find it very effective.
      The DB drop 2 times befor going in.
      The only reason I cannot see to use this is if you care about stats.

    • +Jerry Glaze The reason to use it is not for stats, it’s because the last attack rarely succeeds and the planes get slaughtered. Since that last attack won’t matter, better to save the planes by sending them back early. Honestly, as little damage as this type does now, the idea of stat padding in a cv is just ludicrous.

    • +Wes Parker lolol true! Always love stat because the stat shammer is the only one that care!

  8. Zoup Kaga AA was strong in RTS its very Weak now and not Tanky at all never was no cv is ..I know because over1000 games in RTS with Kaga alone .PLs leave CV tips to the Professional

  9. It’s not the CVs gameplay bring bad.. it’s the anti aircraft guns that are a bit to overpowered at the moment

  10. So you are told to make these videos now? I feel for you now. How about some videos how to counter the CV’s aircraft?

    • Considering AA is not player controlled, a video would be pointless.

    • +joseph pallette All I am saying is show both sides of the coin. I can understand the pro-bias for the carrier now, however WG brought this on with the game mechanic changes regarding the CV rework. Whether the AA is automatic or not, do a fair and balance evaluation with the total game mechanics change from the CV rework. Not just one item only.

  11. Yeah “push with your team” you say but how many times have all of the team died or turned tail and fled leaving you on your own facing down half the enemy team. Lets face it, you play CVs from the back because pushing with your team, 70% of the time, gets you killed.

  12. Hardly touched CV pre-rework , almost exclusively played CVs sense . Much more approachable. Shooter>RTS

  13. I like the CV rework, it has its problems but i hope they will fix the minor things soon at least it is way better than how it was before!

    • I agree with you! I just wish WG would bring back the odd tier CVs in the line again.
      My idea for the US = Langley, Independence, Ranger, Lexington, Yorktown, Essex and Midway.
      Really doing 68k XP on langley is kinda dull

    • +Fernando Marques I think they will bring them back at some point or they will make alternative CV lines from what i have heard.

  14. Still waiting for a CC to tell people about how much better divebombers are than rockets when attacking DDs as a USN carrier

  15. Some suggestions for 17-19 point captains: Concealment expert + RPF or Concealment expert + Sight Stabilization on Hakuryu only (RPF is not a must, but can work with the 8km torp). Sight Stabilization along with Concealment Expert as the two 4 point skills for Midway. Also Survivability Expert and Aircaft armor are both MUST have 3 point skills for all CV’s with the current overpowered AA. Take the Dive Bombers Mod 2 for all of your CV’s, since dive bombers take most damage and do not have the heal of torpedo bombers. Sight stabilization is great for improving your dive bombing accuracy. Also Attack Aircraft mod 1 is good, but Torp Aircraft mod 1 is almost useless.

  16. How not to suck? Don’t play the Atari-style caricature of a carrier. I mean really, could they make this rework any cheesier?

  17. VIP Commander Hunter

    How to not suck at CCing…….Jingles should hold classes

  18. the questiion is how not to suck with haku and ijn cvs?

  19. Have sold all my tech tree cv and those bloody T8 ‘premium’ cv, just don’t like the new cv game play.

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