How Ridiculous Are SUBS -.-‘ World of Warships

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I’ sure you knew this was coming, because subs are part of the game (UNFORTUNATELY) so naturally I need their stats to be in line with everything else as well.

Cachalot is USN tier 6 sub and 1st few games I had in it were a DISASTER, but it didn’t take me long to start getting above average results in it.

Enjoy, if you can, and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I can feel your pain, Flambass.

  2. So nice that your posting regularly :D. Love me a cup of coffe and a Flambass vid! Cheers m8 😀

  3. i love that hydro doesnt detect subs, you know, the thing it was designed to do. i really love getting blasted from 2.5kms and not being able to see the sub still.

    • Yeah that is certainly one of, if not the single dumbest thing about subs in the game. Radar and sonar going through islands? No problem, but sonar seeing more than 5 cm under water? Inconceivable!

    • Completely agree!

    • @Patrick Brown What are you talking about? Did something change in the last patch? Subs are detectable by sonar, unless they are deeper than 30m. In that case detection range goes to minimum, which is 2km. A sub below 30m is unlikely to attack you however. It can’t see shit itself. So as long as you aren’t spotted by something else, they sub won’t see you too. German subs have a consumable capable of detecting a surface ship position for a second every 5 seconds. That’s just a positional marker – nothing it can lock on to.
      Though, not that I am saying that’s fair, but it’s still better than you guys paint it. So, did they change these with the last update?? Plz don’t tell me, they did.

    • ​@rantanplan178they can literally surface and shotgun you to kingdom come if they want wdym unlikely to attack you?!?!?

    • Don’t confuse WG physics with real life physics. None of the WG developers are going to get Nobel prizes in science.

  4. World of Submarines is coming along nicely.

  5. 10:45 And when all seemed lost, a random Florida crewman decided he was having none of it and started blasting XD

  6. “Hole below the waterline,…”
    No shit Sherlock, this is a submarine.

  7. Gheorghe Ostache

    Hillarious ! it should be a prize as ” The Kill of the Year” for that secondary kill

  8. It was the look of disbelief and the hands over eyes right at the beginning when the torps ran out that had me laughing out loud.

  9. Funny how they turned off friendly fire damage at the same time. Otherwise both teams would be blasting their own subs before going about the business of playing the actual game.

  10. I have never seen a bigger choke from a dd vs a sub 😵😵😵
    It was kinda funny, but i do feel sorry for that player as well because you got the kill with your puny deck gun 😅😅

  11. Clearly that NewMexico @ the start had the NEW antiMagnetic torp repulsar field active.

  12. Historically accurate. That’s exactly how subs were dealing with those pesky destroyers. ;d

  13. Said when they were being developed, that subs NEED their own “Battle” tab!! But NOOOOOO, WeeGee foisted them on the playerbase, regardless!

  14. That DD got excited and choked. That was funny as hell.

  15. 12:12 “We’re hit below the waterline” 😵🤪Isn’t your sub all below the waterline? 🤔Can’t WG come up wither better voice prompts than this?

  16. I think that subs should only be able to ping other subs , subs should be able to detect each other under water from 5km + , the abillity to drop an oil slick as a way to disengage [smoke screen] and that appears on the surface , subs with less hp {getting spotted a no no }, hydro should definitely be able to detect subs , i mean thats why it was invented …….. and carrier planes should have a fuel limit {not just flying around all over the map from anywhere .RANGE.} just my opion though x much love x

  17. There’s no way you parallel parked next to your hard counter class and just said ‘no thanks’

  18. 12:30 You’re bleeding oil. Just like the blood trail in DBD.

  19. How do you lose a gunfight against a submarine?!?!?!

  20. The only thing worse than subs in the game, is when good players use them. THAT should not be allowed.

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