How the Aircraft Carrier Rework Saved World of Warships

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The Rework saved World . For me at least. The game had gotten a little stale with no new major game modes. The new CVs are a breath of fresh air. Even the controversy around them is a win for because players are talking about them. CVs are relevant again, for better or for worse. I haven’t seen this many people engaged with WoWS in a long time. That’s a win as well. And while things might be rough at first, the CVs will tweaked, and they’ll get balanced. We just need to give it a little time.


  1. Stand by for a MAJOR forums shitstorm.

    As a pro-rework player, I think it’s an exaggeration to say the CV rework SAVED WOWs; I could have done with at least another year to see whether I could master the RTS mode. But I don’t mind this at all.

    You just wait till they introduce submarines.

    • ​+IYFproductionsSL The torps do way less damage, so even if you get “cross dropped” even though its not nearly same as the old cross drop nuke. Also going for a loop around puts you into most AA damage. The major problems currently at tier 10 are the 8km Haku torps that it can drop 4×3 times and the F button abuse giving returning planes instant invincibility. They should remove the 8km torps from Haku and buff its 6km torps to 3×3 drops and make planes loiter for at least 5 seconds after you press F for your planes while they climb to safety from AA, even longer if you did not drop all of your payload. Not dropping all your payload should make your planes return slower.

    • +CloneD Anon I didn’t say anything about damage from the drop in game now. I said you can still cross drop and you can. You want to make your point then do so just don’t try to “school” someone on things not even talked about. LOL I personally don’t care what WG does to the CV’s they own the “free” to play game and if I don’t like something instead of bitching I’ll just not purchase things in game.

    • ​+IYFproductionsSL WTF? I did not try to “school” anyone. I tried to engage in civil discussion, i guess that was pointless. Also you cannot really cross drop anymore, it is not a cross drop since the torps do not drop at the same time from different angles at minimal arming distance so you cannot dodge them like it used to be.

    • Oh comeon now.  You had an opposing view and wanted to drive home a counterpoint in his face.  You can cross drop, just not simultaneously.I used to play CVs once a day pre-rework, and now after re-work I’m pretty bored CVs.  But that’s just me (and some others, about 50% by the thumbs down numbers).  I tried playing DD’s, but now with all the CV players, you can’t move 10ft across the map without being focused by the CVs.  AA is a joke since they nerfed the Tier 10 cruisers.  I can’t hardly shoot anything down now, and get focused.  The BB’s have better AA than my Des Moines.The fact is World of War rigging…oh mean ships, will continue to change features on their ships to drive up their coffers.  They lost me with this update though.  I hate Battleships, cruiser AA is largely ineffective, and DD’s get focused down way more than the previous CV game mode.

  2. Balance needs to be sorted. DDs are too easily killed off, even AA cruisers have little defence.

    I have no doubt it could be fun when sorted, but as of now I pray for no CV in the drop

  3. RTS needed only some tweaking to truly make it RTS-like… strafing needed to be against ships to weaken AA for a follow-up attack by torp or db… changing role of fighters alone would have made a huge diff.

    • Absolutely. a CV had 3 roles: stop the enemy CV, spot things, and sink things, usually in that order (since doing the first well stopped the enemy carrier from doing all 3). Strafing was the silliest game mechanic in history, and just caused fighter-specialist carriers (cough-saipan-cough) to be able to dominate by facerolling ;p

    • All those options was given to WG I myself had same as you even spotting show only a outline friendly can’t lock on unless spotting them selfs.. Was all ignored because the rework is not targeting jong competitive players .. Mayority of Wows is old people killing time or player that suck at most games as most of the world does. They are after yr money nothing els. And thet are about to get more from consoles. Evidence is clear.. Hell sea of thieves are removing cross platforms because Xbox player’s can’t keep up.. So WG removed rts because it’s more suited to PC . That = more players more money do the math

  4. The current rework abuse record for NA is 550k damage. Can yall break the record?

    • Yeah Because people abuse a mechanic on the hakuryu that isn’t supposed to work like it is and will get hotfixed soon enough. All that Doom and Gloom of you people is getting stale fast..

    • Rimu00 tell me, which specific mechanic are they abusing? The ridiculous plane speed? The fact that the torpedoes have more than one chance to drop unlike before? The fact that AA doesn’t wipe you out instantly with high AA ships unlike before? How do you propose they change this? Nerf everything? “Hotfix” implies that it can be resolved easily. Great. You resolved it. Now either we have the ridiculous alpha of before, with a single, 12 plane drop, the AA slaughters your planes, ruining the CV’s enjoyment, etc., etc. There is no solid way out of this mess. Maybe you could pull your head out of the sand long enough to consider the possibility that the “gloom and doom” people actually make valid points. Or is that just us being toxic elitists?

    • ​+Kaga There are real problems with the re-work and constructive criticism is welcome, but you don’t have to be an asshole to other people who like the re-work. Midway seems to be working perfectly fine, i have yet to see any OP shit about Midway except the F button abuse, which will be also fixed hopefully soon, just like flooding will be nerfed very soon. I do not see anything that is not fixable here in this re-work and i certainly do not want the god awful RTS system back.

  5. Laughs in Hakuryu~ now I can be brain dead and do more damage while smirk at all AA ships.

  6. well as a Crap CV player in the RTS style .. I am happy for the rework .. my old arthritic fingers found micro managing all them squads very hard and I relegated my self to Co op so as not to be detrimental to the team . now I feel reasonably ok in PvP I am not amazing but there is hope for me at least ….
    Balancing will take a while ( I was part of the tst ) .. there is a lot to do and I am sure we will see a good balance come the summer ( Fingers crossed )
    but I feel it the base game play is solid and we just need to learn new strats and how to address all the new game plays ..
    God Luck Captains and Fair Seas .

    • This is me, too. Except I’m so potato in CV’s that even in co-op, my team saw fit more often than not to berate me. It’s so bad that I have literally sat on the screen with my mouse over “Purchase” of the Hosho and Langley and debated for minutes…before I just clicked away because I doubt I’ll enjoy it. But I’m more than happy to pick another class and play against them…all day long!

    • Well said Captain! and thanks from one old, crippled guy to another!


    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Yea dumbing down a game because some people arent good has never worked in online pvp

    • So doing 500 k in a Haku is OK now .. Warned you it’s not going away. I don’t play dd I suck at it I’m not crippled it old but I was good with Cv… You can’t have everything…. Oh by the way I stopped playing this joke wanted my money back I could have used for something more meaning full and actually need to use a brain.. I gave time I played test server. most Cv Mains opinion was ignored.. WG HAS YR NUT SACKS IN A GRIP AND SUCKING YOUR WALLETS DRY. ENJOY GOING Broke. I did not treaten to quite I did….

    • I hear you but as a main ijn DD player, there’s no room left for sneaky torpedo boats.

  7. PickelJars ForHillary

    Clearly you dont know what the definition of SAVED is.

  8. I dislike the endless plane attacks, especially as a DD. It effectively takes you out of the game, dodging wave after wave of torpedoes, bombs & rocket shooting aircraft. I was glad to see fewer CVs in the game yesterday. (I’m thinking they did the CV rework to promote ranked.)

    • Attacking a DD on CV is nearly pointless since DD’s can dodge most of the attacks thrown by almost any CV.

    • +CloneD Anon Yes but then you can’t do what you should be doing or get into some ugly situations trying to avoid them.

    • +S7CentNickel You need to play even more careful in a DD and not rush into caps where if you are spotted you will die in the first minutes of the game. Otherwise beyond getting spotted DD’s have the least to fear from CV’s in my opinion. I have already had few games where i was able to slowly go trough the lesser defended enemy flank and take down their both CV’s in my DD while the CV’s tried throwing everything at me.

    • +CloneD Anon
      Yeah, but the CV doesn’t exactly have to be the one attacking the DD’s now does it. The problem is that the constant presence and harassment by planes keeps us permanently spotted between the planes and radar, and as a result we are the golden child of focus fire by every enemy ship within range.

    • ​+c koch Well maybe DD’s should be made harder to spot from the air when they have their AA turned off for example? I dont have all the answers, but i hope we can built a brighter future for WoWS by giving constructive criticism.

  9. How much did WG pay you for this video? Shill much.

  10. The new CV gameplay looks fun but it spoils the game for everyone except the CV. As far as new stuff, are you kidding me? There’s a new gimmick every month and the meta changes all the time, so much so that the vast majority of the playerbase is always at least one meta behind.

    • Haha, have you ever tried a T4 CV? The impact CV players have on the match is exponentially rising with each Tier, like 2×2; 4×4; 16×16; 256×256. T4 CV play is awful and no fun at all.

  11. This remake is so awesome. I can take off, fly to a cap, turn, and fly almost to another cap in the first minute of the game. You can get 11 spotting ribbons in 60 seconds and totally alter the enemy team’s deployment. And the best part is that with RPF, I can track down enemy DD’s while scratching my nuts with the other hand. Life is so simple and enjoyable now. /NOT

  12. WG is trying to punish reversing and camping. But the underlying problem is the bizarro world where maneuvering to cross the T is the worst possible tactic. Vertical dispersion (overs/unders) caused most misses, not horizontal (left/right) dispersion. So showing broadsides brought all your guns to bear, showed your best armor and presented the most difficult target to hit, making maneuvering highly effective. In WOWs, showing your broadside is severly punished, encouraging static play. CVs can’t fix that.

  13. You mean “How ranked saved the playerbase from the CV rework”?

  14. Well im not a CV player…im a bb player…go play against them in any class…cause you said that it is frustrating…so imagine how it js for everybody else! The sense of tactics far gone…the sense of carry..well only cv can carry…if i slow down my ship or stop for some bowtanking for my team the cv will hunt me down…so thats why everybody sitting in the back and drive around like headless self included! And i play wows for two and a half years now!

  15. As someone who prefers DDs and cruisers that rely on stealth, positioning and well timed aggression, I couldn’t disagree more. My play-style is dead.
    Whatever play I try to set up, I am almost continually spotted and harassed from the air. There’s no way to hide, and it is futile to try and defend yourself from CV spam with AA. Even when I am somehow effective, I am just not enjoying it.

    I have a 2900+ BXP game in an Atlanta up against mostly T9s. I should have enjoyed that match. But I hated the constant pestering from the sky. The CVs were almost continually interfering with what I wanted to do, while of course I couldn’t in any way interfere with the CVs plans, IN AN ATLANTA! I wasn’t even the smallest hindrance to the CVs as they struck the ships in my supposed AA umbrella.

    Zoup, I like you, but you saying that the people threatening to leave the game is a good thing because it shows they care is a pretty idiotic thing to say. That is parts of the playerbase considering walking away from the game. And I am one of them, I am not having fun right now.
    Even if WG manages to unfuck this mess within a few weeks, that’s a few weeks of premium time I can just kiss goodbye to. And that’s the best case scenario right now. And we know WGs record on fixing imbalance is spotty, to say the least.

    • only solution for me…ranked.
      even when i took anshan for the missions…got perma focused by 2 CVs most of the time. but they rarely could have killed me…still annoying as fuck

    • I just had a two CV per side game in my Mahan and I kicked some major ass. CV never bothered me because, for now, my AA is beast killing 20, 30, and 40 planes when they do try to attack me.

    • Ehh i have had some really good games in DD’s too against these new CV’s. Its also very fun to catch the CV’s unattended and wreck them while they try to pathetically attack your DD 🙂

    • And there is no fighter cover! at least in the rts carriers they could help with that, fending off bombers and spotters and protecting their team. That entire part of the game is gone

    • ​+Daddy_ Marx CV’s can still drop fighters to patrol certain areas. So its not completely gone. In other hand there is no more than 1 squadron per CV in air at any given time, before this in the RTS mode you could have like 6-9 squadrons per CV at tier 10 which was just insanely powerful.

  16. With all due respect, I think you’re trying to force a perspective which doesn’t fit the actual situation. True, people are talking about the CV rework, but that’s because both CVs and non-CVs have been hit hard by the rework. AA ships are even more RNG, ninja Hak, unintentional spotting, F spam, etc. The rework was poorly implemented and players know it. Saying that “players that are speaking up is a win,” isn’t a win. These people are voicing their concerns about a game they invested tons of time and money which has suddenly become irrelevant in the post-rework world. Players are speaking up for their investments and WG needs to listen to that, or high tier players are going to lose interest because the game isn’t fun anymore.
    Finally, don’t trust WG. They have NO CLUE how to make CVs work in their game. They have a fundamental lack of understanding of CVs and the players that play them (which is ironic considering they hired a super unicum CV player). I’ve dealt with WG and CV bullshit for three years and not once did we see important suggestions implemented, like an in-game mandatory tutorial — which is still not here, post rework — or improvements to balance and UI that would reduce the skill disparity.

    • Do recalled planes spot while they are returning?

    • Just the fact the F key was put into the patch and rework shows you they did not even care to notice, plus the endless INJ Torpedo beep zones are an utter joke. It should have been caught in Q&A testing.

    • Trust Wargaming?? Lmao Hell they can’t even spell “Unicorn” a Russian developer spelled *Unicum* and as a running joke went went with it. Need I say more…Unicum, LMFAO.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Zoup is about the feel feels if it where up to him everyone would get hugs and you wouldnt loose


  17. LOL, Zoup says he “played Battlefield 3 until another version came out then he moved on”. How ironic. Another version of WOWS just came out…but no one should move on.

  18. Zoup is a WG shill.

  19. I’ll put my response into two parts.
    Part 1: This rework has neither saved nor killed World of Warships. It has merely exchanged one annoying gameplay system for another annoying gameplay system.
    Part 2: Everything you said was wrong. Adaptation to new mechanics is something we do because we have to, not because we like it, agree with it, and think it’s good. The playerbase never forgot how annoying carriers were and how dominating they can be even when all possible measures are taken to counter them. If you think carriers will be rebalanced soon, you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think the gameplay is stale and is getting old or repetitive, you’re obviously not the kind of person this game is marketed to. If you put more time into first-person-shooters than you do everything else, I feel very sorry for you. Zoup, I am on the verge of unsubscribing to your channel. You very clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, and over the last few months have been proving it with almost every video you post.

  20. Tabulate these comments, Zoup, & publish the results for all to see. I have now read them all & find the majority here completely disagee with you. One other suggestion: stop using the phrase, “A lot of people agree/say/think/etc”. We hear that line from sleazy politicians without the data to support it far too often these days. Don’t fall victim to that fake news level if you expect to retain any shred of credibility going forward.

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