How to: 5 Stars – Halloween #2 World of Warships

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Schm1ddi VIII Magnu-S
– Halloween#2 Manual – [BIER-]
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  1. Shahnewaz Siddique


  2. Shahnewaz Siddique

    A comment 1 minute after its uploaded

  3. If only my team would cooperate it would be easy

  4. Jahaha…. nicht wen dein Team Kartoffeln im kopf hat

  5. Tesla Coils for power generation.

  6. We got 5 stars once but the game threw us to the port and there was no data of the battle we just played

  7. Jeetje wat ben jij goed je bent nog beter dan mij

  8. 1st Tower doesn’t have to die, iChase has vid up of his team getting 5 stars with the first tower surviving.

  9. Grüße von BIER von momo941

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