How to Aim in World of Warships – Help an Ensign

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Aiming is one of the most important aspects of World of Warships, yet I am surprised that even players with several hundreds of rounds under their built don’t truly understand the fundamentals of aiming, or how the aiming reticle works. This episode of Help and Ensign was created with hopes of rectifying this, and helping to teach new players how to aim. I quickly cover the basics in a way that should be easy to digest.

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  1. How do you can torpedo cam, cause I see other youtubers do it, but I can’t find the key binding. Thanks!

  2. ahh man Zoup! this was gonna be my next Improvement Video, and i cant beat this! nice vid as always

  3. Karl-Johan Karlsson

    Really simple and great advice! Great Work!

  4. a tip: when not sure of lead, fire one turret off, observe where shells land and correct the lead, then fire rest of guns

  5. Simply amazing Zoup, The very first time I have heard it explained that way. THANK YOU !!!

  6. Well this is a bit misleading (pun intended) due to the difference between static and dynamic crosshairs. The dynamic shows where your shells will hit at a certain distance if the enemy ship is traveling in about 30 knots. The static shows where they will hit if the enemy ships is moving at 20 knots. And then there is a ton of other factors such as ship size, the smaller the ship is the more you have to lead (shooting at bayern for instance). Then you have the fact that the fire to impact duration is calculated on shells traveling at 850 metres/second at 18 km of range.
    And so forth with about 2 million different factors.

    • Gundolf300 The truth is I can’t take all these factors under consideration. Its impossible for me. So I just rely on intution and gut feeling.

    • Flying Brains
      Well, yeah,, thats what it comes down to in about 90% of the time (like all types of fast shooting). Sooner or later aiming in this game also will run mostly on automatic.

      Myself i tend to calculate harder shots, whether they are at angled targets, far away, or with ships i rarely play a bit more. Other then that I mostly slug them away on a gut feeling. Still, it’s good to at least be aware of the major components that makes the shells land where they are supposed to land.

      With that answer in mind, I usually miss the crap out of everything. ?

  7. The tick marks are not “seconds” as you call them. You have to make use of the marks to determine the ship length at certain distance, and with experience you will learn to lead targets. What I mean is that there is no general rule, like if you aim at a target moving at 30kts at 13 km and the shell travel time is 8s, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will hit center mass if you aim the reticule at 8 ticks. And if in some cases you will (that will depend on the actual length of the ship) it won’t mean that if the target is 25 km away and the shell travel is 16s you will simply put the reticle at 16 and that’s it.

  8. in world of warship blitzs the aiming method is different

  9. also you could imagine your croshair as a sealevel circle and aim at the bow of the target ship when its going towards you…little corection can go a long way

  10. I personally prefer the dynamic crosshair, and i am using the dynamic crosshair Nomogram (i think it’s the right name) mod from Aslain’s mod pack, this crosshair has 2 scales, one for a speed of 20kn and one for 30kn

  11. You can tell how fast a ship is going by observing the smoke coming from the stack. However if the ship is on fire from stem to stern…. well you’ll just have to guess.

  12. Wow zoup! I have been playing wows for more than year and a half now and by habit alone, I tend to lead and fire. I have never looked into these details at all. The maximum I do is check whether the distance marked in the Crosshair corresponds to the distance of the ship and that too not always. I have grinded us bb line to Iowa and simply by habit and previous experiences I take lead and shoot. Nice vid. Continue making more.

  13. How did you ping the mini map in WoWs?

  14. Slawomir Chmielewski

    Uhm, the lead, as indicated by numbers on the crosshairs, does not depend on flight time or distance. This video is absolutely and completely wrong.
    Sure, longer flight time means the target moves more during the shell flight but this is already covered by the fact that the farther the enemy is, the longer the distance represented by the angular measurements of the crosshairs. The two pretty much cancel each other out.
    Lead depends solely on the faction of enemy’s speed compared to shell velocity. You add a bit of extra lead for far away targets because the shell loses velocity, not because they have farther to fly. This effect is most pronounced on DDs and least on BBs. Ships with high shell arcs need more for the same reason – their shells are usually slow and then even slower when measured on the Z axis (as a lot of their speed is “wasted” on climbing high). Atlanta is the most extreme example – at the extremes of her range the shell falls nearly vertically, losing almost all speed in the Z axis and requiring obscene leads (15+ on the dynamic scale).

  15. Or you instal a mod that tells you how fast the enemy Is going and make it easy for you

  16. not exactly accurate but none the less a good starting point for brand new players

  17. Good timing. I seem to have forgot how to do this.

  18. Helping the player base to improve the quality of the game ty sir only hopes it does improve…………
    .yes I know it might be a pipe dream but let me dream damnit xD

  19. … whats the point of giving correct lead when all my ships guns act like sawed off shotgun.

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