How to Alabama with LittleWhiteMouse || World of Warships

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Map: Northern Lights

User Description:

This is a no-nonsense replay for how to succeed in USS Alabama in most games. There’s no gimmicks, no flashy action. Just simple positioning, target selection gunnery to help secure a win for team. NOTE: As Alabama was still in testing, she cannot earn medals or achievements. medals listed below are equivalents she would have earned for this performance.

20:00 — I’m aiming to take up position north of the big island at E/F 3-4. This will help protect me from flanking fire while allowing me to engage targets at medium range. If needs be, I can still flex back and defend my base. At least, that’s the plan.

18:00 — Taking long range pot shots at targets of opportunity. I’m not expecting to do a lot of , but I’m hoping for the occasional hit. I’m aware that by firing like this that I am making myself a target in return. Note how I change direction as soon as my Priority Target warns me there are ships looking at me. This allows me to dodge or ricochet most of the return fire.

17:00 — When the Maass begins opening fire on me with HE (he wanted my booty) and the enemy battleships have moved around the big island that I feel it’s safe to begin my turn back west and expose my broadside south again. This was a risk. There was still some incoming fire that could have made my day miserable, but continuing south would have been a loser move.

15:30 — Now that I’m in position, it’s time to go to work. My priority is to eliminate ships whenever possible without compromising on dealing out punishment on the Red Team. Hats off to our Benson (Amphibian_5) for being such a rockstar with their smoke.

I’m always looking for the most efficient use of my guns to eliminate ships or to damage them severely.

13:30 — the Smoke is beginning to wear off and I’m pulling back to make sure the island is protecting my flank again. Though our team is threatening their base from the east, pushing south would be a mistake. I am painfully aware of the gap down the middle and I expect the Red destroyers to make a push. I recognize it’s time to move to head them off or we could lose this even with our advantage of ships and hit points.

11:00 — Our team is making the mistake of pushing south, chasing the sterns of the Reds (never do this). By coming around up north, I have flanking shots on their vessels as they turn to deal with our southern push while simultaneously covering our base. Between our Bayern, Maass and I, we finish off their two destroyers trying to make a push onto our base. All that’s left is cleanup.

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  1. is it possible to became this speaker with Out Alabama?

  2. The Alabama ??

  3. great.. another video library would only accept.

  4. Little White Killer Mouse. lol. Very nice battle, hard to beat a good BB battle with a skilled Captain.

  5. “How to Alabama”: Get T6-8 MM, Sit in the back, let your Temmates die and get some lucky punches (all hail to rngesus). Using 1/5 Heals, thats the way to play a BB the selfish way. BBs are the Tanks in this Game !
    Sry, but im out.

  6. LWM really likes the Alabama, I’m guessing?

  7. uuuuwwwwooohhhh great game

  8. wot ze fuq, 5k dmg from torp what ze fuq!!!

  9. Sabbath D. Cayman

    Myoko melted at 7:29 LMAO.

  10. BOOOM!
    Battle On!

  11. Wow that Bammy really turns on a to speak.

  12. nice don i love this ship for tier 8

  13. lol she’s so sassy in chat 😀

  14. What is your logiciel of record pls ?

  15. I’ve been aboard the Alabama…gorgeous ship

  16. the alabama is south dakota class. more better from north carolina.

  17. I have this ship and I am loving it ! awesome .


  19. kill a full HP Myoko No Devastating????

  20. Lol you intro is totally how I wish this game felt. Just an epic naval game. Not just TDM. Its a real epic intro.

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