How To Be A Menace In World Of Warships

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Today I’m stepping out of my tank comfort zone to play some naval vessels, primarily the Japanese destroyer Asashio. The Asashio is essentially a battleship hunter, it uses deepwater long-range torpedos to strike without the target ever knowing what was happening.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin’ A Sweep, Search And Destroy, Fight For Peace, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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How To Be A Menace In World Of Warships


  1. Make sure to check out World of Warships using, use code BRAVO to get 7 Days Premium, 1.5M Credits, 500 Doubloons and a special reward after completing 15 battles #ad

  2. Mister spookerton, I have video series idea for you. What if you did some short 4 minute ish videos for good positions on some War Thunder maps? A lot of new players struggle with that

  3. Now I wanna see Spook play Subnautica lol

  4. Spookston try not to say “We got a [Blank] over here, was a [Blank]!” for 5 seconds (impossible)

  5. Fun fact, the Iowa class ship can have nuclear shells, just in case there’s something that you don’t want to exist

  6. Another scary thing about ships is that their sonar can kill you from a ridiculous distance if you’re in the water.

  7. if you want to be a gremlin why not try the Paolo Emilio. its a destroyer that gets a funny smoke generator that produces smoke infront of itself, thus hiding you in smoke while you rush down a battleship or cruiser. its really funny

  8. now that we know spooks is scared of the depths, I think he should play sunless sea

  9. Tbh you could play the E-25 if you wanted in WoT since i know its a little gremlin with insane reload rate and it feels like a annoying cockroach that you are trying to kill but instead of hitting it you are missing it.

  10. You should play the Shimakaze, it’s like the Asashio but more cancerous with 15 long range torpedoes.

    • Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series

      They nerfed Shima? It used to have 20 km torps since ever

    • @Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series The great torpedo soup of Shimakaze lasted only a year, two. Now 20s are spotted so early you have to be special to get dunked on by them

    • Jinan is another cool torp boat, albeit one with a cit and off-brand armor.. 40 DWater torps still hit hard though.

      Yodo exists, but that line as a whole is a tragedy..

      Yueyang is decent overall. 20 with torp reload booster. Halland doesn’t have as much, but her torps are way more easy to use (though the PEuro DD line can be a bit questionable).

    • no, shima has standard torp while asashio has deep water with trb (irrc) resulting in 16 torp salvo

    • @Sebastian Radlak well anything good thats japanese lasted upward of a year.

      or in the case of cruisers, until live where they nerfed them into the ground, and years later theyre still dog shit.

  11. Thank you, not only for the content, but because you went against your fears to do so. ❤️

  12. “Ships terrify me.” Respect. Personally, I love warships. They’re the largest mobile objects that humanity has ever built. For the Kirov nuclear powered cruiser, we are talking 45,000 tons of steel moving at as much as 50mph (over 110kph). It’s an incredible feat of engineering.

    Just like with armored vehicles, admirals give orders to ships like they’re giving order to individual soldiers. But where an armored vehicle has, maybe a half dozen people acting in unison, a warship can have two thousand people all operating as a single entity. That blows my mind. A Rear Admiral might be commanding six ships, and he might give orders to this six ships in a manner similar to a Sargent giving orders to his fireteam. Yet those specific orders direct hundreds if not thousands of people. That just blows my freaking mind.

  13. They’ve actually taken Friendly Fire out of the game but left the warnings not to shoot your team-mates in; if you look at 8:38 you’ll see that while your torps did hit the BB he didn’t take any damage from them.

  14. for full Derp gameplay, try any battleship or battlecruiser with torpedoes.
    The Torpedoes are a nice tool in the later game when fighting other BBs, but you can also turn your brain off and play like an oversized immaneuverable cruiser and rush into the fight, which can result in some “how did that happen” moments as it can sometimes throw people off.
    It’s especially fun to joust other torpedo wielding BBs and BCs with them. Your team will probably hate you for it most of the time though.

  15. Try the 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl. even though its a low tier tank, its really fun to use.

  16. As a regular WoWS player that was somewhat painful to watch 😅
    But still better than most of the players on my team.
    Also there is no longer team damage, but you will become vilified for multiple instances of being a nuisance

    • @Stephen White yeah exactly. It’s just those little things like being weirdly zoomed in and not using shift fully. Turning in when you should turn out etc. I’d gladly replace my normal teammates with Spook

    • You wanna perform some anilingus on him? He hasn’t played a single tech tree vehicle and his favourite ship is the Asashio. You don’t have to shit on him for it. But this praise is misplaced lol.

    • @PrivateMemo yes i would

    • @PrivateMemo I didn’t want to look up his stats but you’re right, only premium ships played. I’m not praising him, at least in the games on this video despite what I would call poor gameplay he still manages to do reasonably well. 48% WR to save anyone looking up his stats if you’re curious

    • @WalkableBuffalo

      He played very well for his first games, I have personally seen much worse.

      He has great potential if u ask me.

  17. Honeslty surprised you played this and honestly. Very happy wouldn’t mind more content between WT and WoWs

    • Please god no. I left that game behind after playing on KotS-winning teams. I don’t want to ever hear about it again. WG ruined it and now it can just die. Bad enough that Spookston’s content brings me back to watching WT content.

    • @PrivateMemo Lol. WoW is not that bad. WoWP and WoT maybe.

  18. Personally I like Groeningen the most. Bayard also pleasantly surprised me. When I got Groeningen I was like “just my luck, sigh.”, but I gave her a shot and then I was like “What the hell is this death gremlin?”. Groeningen is a polar opposite of Asashio, given she has no torps, but those guns, oh man those guns. Her guns make me smile as she sets maximum fires to everything in her gun range.

  19. As a professional Player in WoWs , i must say that u are doing much better than i expected, which ofc there is much potential u are already doing better than like 2/3 of the Playerbase and ofc my first time playing that game and i would love if i had the chance to one day play with you. But no pressure.

    i am looking forwards for more WoWs content , its great seeing player enjoy the game and improve.

  20. I think a pretty dope video topic could be like how you do your “How bad is” series, but instead of it being focused on one specific tank and how to play it, you could look at a tech tree (probably something like France or Sweden since people can’t play them well, or even the big three since people play them the most and still can’t figure them out) and give advice on line ups, how to play certain tanks; to be effective, and any tips and tricks to help with survivability and longevity

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