How to Best Enjoy World of Warships

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It hasn’t been the best week, month or year for Wargaming and World of Warships. Players are mad, have quite the game or are voicing their concerns to an empty chorus. At this point, you have two options moving forward. This will help you enjoy the game. You uninstall and move on, and leave the dumpster fire behind you. And if you choose this route, I fully support you. Or, you filter out the news, ignore the shortcomings, accept the game for what it is and just have fun in WoWS your own way. There is no wrong option, and depending on your level of jadedness, either of these two options will suffice. Best of luck!


  1. Sargon of Cincinnati

    Use the WG servers, but… “Close your Wallets”. No more real money.

    • If you look at the economics of free to play games the players that don’t spend money are vital to the ecosystem. They are the fodder that the whales pay to have an advantage over. Without the free players they wouldn’t attract the whales.

  2. Well, WG achieved something that seemed impossible: make a free-to-play game too expensive. 🙂

  3. Haven’t touched the game since March. Got the email for the free t5 and t9. Cashed in on those in co-op, 1 daily container came up as a super and got 30 days premium. I’m not spending any money on this game but I’ll go play a few co-op matches every now and then for now.

    • I think I left in June, but good point about co op. How do you play at higher tiers without losing credits though? That is something I have not figured out.

    • Pretty depressing for those who stick with a game when they think all they needed to do to get free V & IX containers was to quit for a season….

    • @Maelstrom 25 Don’t. Unless you have the flags & camouflage you will be hard pressed to make VIII-X pay, unless you are just very good at whatever the ‘current meta’ happens to be.

  4. I’ve stopped playing for the time being. The game is a mess and I can’t deal with WG’s BS right now. If I do start playing again, my wallet will be closed and I’ll be a free to play player.

    • Same here. Still playing but, switched to free to play. I have more fun in CO-OP mayhem and clan battles than anything else.

  5. Reinhardt Rossouw

    Credits and xp drops everytime there are subs in the game.

  6. I’ve been a free player for years. I’ve understood since day one that I would be at a disadvantage in ‘competitive’ play. I’ve never tried to ‘compete’, I log in for an hour or so a week, take what rewards drop from missions, and play my way. It works for me. Everyone is different, so take what you will from it.

    • I do the same thing and have lots of credits. I have not spent any money for a few years now just play for fun. I may buy something later just to support the game. But some think playing games is life but I have much better things to do most of the time doing things that are real and not on a computer. Good luck.

    • I’ve been a free to play guy in WOWS since the beginning. I’m an average player, play a couple of hours a night and have not ground out complete lines of ships in four years. Highest tier ship is the T IX Seattle. Got premium ships with coal and a few from campaigns. Over the years I’ve acquired a few thousand gold as rewards rather than out of my wallet. I get the most pleasure playing Tier V thru VII mostly in Co-Op, since the wait for a game is shorter. So for me, the game is ok as it is; I’ve found my “sweet spot” and I say let the wallet warriors and high achievers fight it out at Tier 10 with their money machines.

  7. Really like the pragmatic thought behind this. I decided to give myself a 2 week down time just because I’ve been so ragey/angry about … things. No sense in enumerating – just does not matter. I essentially was getting to emotionally invested and competitive. This game, and any other!, should be about having fun and getting better at the game.

    Thanks for this post 😉

  8. The Atlanta Fisherman

    From JOSHUA in War Games in the 80’s: “The only way to win is not to play.”

  9. How to Enjoy WoWs in the actual state of the game?, That’s kinda easy, there’s this thing called “reasoning” all you have to do is go to your brain settings, deactivate the option that says “reasoning” and there you go! now you can play without minding the ammount of “balans” in the game

  10. Started excercising instead of sitting on my chair playing WoWs was the best choice in my life 😀

    • True. I’ve been running outdoors a lot more since quitting and it’s done wonders for my seasonal blues and general lack of energy after getting home from work.

  11. The game within the game that I play since the news of the CC debacle. “How far can I get in the game without spending any money?”

  12. My “competitive” days are behind me in WoWs. My preferred way to play is just occasionally putzing around in coop and scenario. For that, it’s not so bad.

    Warthunder never quite hit for me, and there’s really nothing that plays the same as WoWs, that’s still running. But, WG trying to cram 10lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag as of late has me not wanting to give them a cent.

  13. Treat players and CC’s as you would have liked when you first started…
    Make a game play with points system that rewards cooperation and sacrifice not just solo destruction …

  14. How to enjoy WoWs: don’t open your wallet until the devs listen to the player base

  15. I enjoy the game and am a newer player, so CVs have always been OP. I plan to not give them dollars, or at least VERY seldom. The reason I play is that I’ve developed several friendships and we clan battle together and just radom games passing time in the evenings. I’m just going to have fun with them.

  16. the game itself looks good, the Art Department knocks it out of the Park……all the rest like mechanics and balance is just crap, like the Company that makes the game

  17. The PirateMongoose

    Funny to me that you mention playing with a bunch of cool ships from WWII when you and 90% of the people you’re shooting at are driving ships that never existed 😛

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    Question: How To best enjoy World of Warships?
    Answer: Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and play some other game.

  19. ToughAncientSpark

    At one time, one of my goals was to have every ship in the game.
    That went out the window about four years ago when they kept adding tech tree ship lines faster than I could obtain them.

  20. I have literally only played co-op and the scenarios for years. The competitive modes are two lopsided to be of any fun

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