How to carry! Tirpitz 254k || World of Warships

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  1. Good old Tirpitz

  2. Captain skills?

  3. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    6:26, can someone explain why the rear guns were not on target and fired when practically facing backwards? Hmmm

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD] that is the replay. You see that pretty often in wows replays in general

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

      Flash123 jak ah yeah maybe that, see I don’t watch many WoWS replays, as I’m more of a WoT player, although right now I’m too busy for anything but I recently played some WoWS, and would you believe.. after a genuine year without opening the WoWS tab, after waiting some time to update, first game in Blyskawica and 120k dmg hahaha

  4. I was playing ranked with my Tirpitz and killed a full health north Carolina with 4 citadels

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      Hayden Grotz GG u did the right thing. I played ranked with my Bismarck and terorized the enemys with the 2ndary got 3x close quarters expert.

  5. OM? lol

  6. AdolfGalland109

    How much Tirpitz cost?

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