How to Counter Torpedo Boats! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. LOVE my gun boats. shredding an enemy torp boat while taking minimal damage is the best feeling

  2. I have been using a different method to counter them so far. The Edinburgh with a six second rutter shift time. I torpedo beat a MAASS from 1.5 KM who fired all his torpedoes at once. Moments later, me and my team rained Hell-Fire down upon him.

  3. I’ve been using the Småland to hunt down torp dds. 5.4k detection, rapid fire guns, and 2 heals means that I can engage, destroy, go dark, and recover quickly. Gotta love it.

  4. Great vid spartan thx for playing Sumner! I love playing sumner and have pretty good stats in it. Murdering shimas is always fun😊

  5. What i love about gun boats is the fact that they go brrrt

  6. I agree with you completely Spartan, a well played gunboat or radar cruiser can help turn the tide of a battle. I tend to play these two classes of ship as I can rely on myself to play the objective and help win. For that reason I tend not to play many games in battleships anymore since I cant rely on randoms to do their job and they end up dying before the halfway mark during the match.

  7. I always go for the torp turds first😂 no matter the ship type. To be honost the us heavy cruisers or the bb constalation, tirpitz b and the von spee realy do the trick, and give them a beat down they won’t forget.

    Working now on my last t5 german bb the mackensen, but I don’t like that one that much😅 the game I just played I felt lucky yo get a first blood and devastating strike with it, one Salvo and the nurnberg was annihilated with pure dumb luck. And then the north Carolina blasted me out of the water.😂😂😂

  8. My favorite destroyer hunter is the Duca D’Aosta…. The sap is just nasty agaisnt everything. Fast reload. Deacent concealment at the tier. And its shifty. Plus, with uts long range torps, its freat for zoning and cutting off enemy DDs from their cruiser support

  9. Damage taken during a match has no impact on service costs. When you press the play button you pay the full service cost of the ship whether you took 1% damage or 99% percent damage.

    Just a FYI for anyone who didn’t know this.

    • Im pretty sure they also have some dynamic service costs that do go up based on things like consumables etc

      So yes the base service cost gets charged as soon as you go into battle but it isn’t always the same price

    • @@SpartanElite43 the only service cost variable to my knowledge is a small cost for shell usage with no crossover to anything else. It’s really hardly noticeable at all unless you’re playing a spammy CA or maybe gunboat that puts multiple hundreds of rounds downrange per match.

    • @@kyleleuthe6367 not sure I just know that service cost varies even if you’re in the same ship

    • @@SpartanElite43 nope, does not vary. it is the same regardless. that is directly from princeblip at wargamming

  10. imagine if you could shoot torpedos before you get hit with them

  11. I’ve never had a good destroyer in my team. I’m a battleship player (who isnt) but i got my t-61 out and played better than 50% of the destroyer I’ve ever played with.

    It isnt that hard, why do others just die within 2 minutes while taking out no destroyers????

  12. Would you consider playing non-meta ships as a series? The likes of the G-wagon

    • I do play a little bit of everything and even have a wheel spin where I could end up in any ship from my tier 5 to legendary tier

  13. Spartan, you stated that if you take less damage you spend less on maintenance. Thats not true. Maintenance is the same regardless of damage taken. It costs you the same amount every battle regardless if you get sunk or come back undamaged. Thats why it pisses me off to see people run for the boarder just to keep from getting sunk on a waffle stomp. All it does is drag out the game for no reason.

  14. @sunquestenergyhomesolution96

    How to counter a gun boat. Keep them spotted. A spotted destroyer is a dead destroyer.

  15. dakka dakka is good, I get compliments when I take a dd and go gunning for dds. oddly, one of my recent dd gunning battles I didn’t sink any dds, damaged them but didn’t get them sunk myself, I sunk the 2 bbs the other team had, gunning and torping them away.

  16. My favorite dds to play have too be gunboats, the gameplay is much more engaging and interactive than launching torps and crossing your fingers that you guessed right, the best all around gunboat imo is the Kidd.

  17. It’s not the over abundance of torp boats, it’s the over abundance of torps! Sometimes, half the map is just covered in torps.

  18. I honestly love these types of vids. Great advice and they make me a better player. I can’t wait to jump in a gun boat and try this out. Thank you!

  19. I’ve had this ship unlocked for a while now but just haven’t bought it. I’ll be getting it later today when I log on. Thanks for all the tips Spartan. I pretty much always search your videos on Youtube for tips and tricks before I buy a ship. If you say it isn’t worth it i save the silver/gold and move on to something else.

  20. Spartan I’m tellin’ ya, try the Gadjah Mada for hunting DDs. Ding Ruchang gives you good reload speed, and the rear turret rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to change sides and get all 3 turrets on target quickly.

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