How to Get Good at World of Warships Bonus Episode: The Art of the Ram

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A short episode before Episode 12 where I talk about ramming and how there’s some truly stuff that can happen. Tennōheika BANZAIIII!!!!!!!


  1. Remember folks, every ship comes equipped with a massive, single use torpedo. The Central torpedo is always your ace up your sleeve!

  2. Also I have a clip of me double ramming with Kremlin in a ranked battle. Bonk’d one, Bonk’d another.

  3. You should do a guide on brawling.

  4. I try not to ram unless I am being pushed and I’m going to die anyway.

    • I don’t mush now but I used to when I played Kawachi at the start of the game. Fight until I was at 5k hp then close on the buggar to make sure I secured the kill. Very few people can handle a dreadnough playing agressively. Except DDs of course.

  5. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    it happened too at one of yuro’s eariler vids. he’s a des moines and was rammed by a des moines but he survived without any flags equipped.

    Yuro might look at this vid to find out the truth about his survival on that des on des ramming.


  7. I actually want to know about ramming and very right time video came.
    Thanks for information.

  8. 3:37
    “HON HON HON! Surprise Buttsex French Style!”

  9. To get good at WOWS, you must first throw out everything naval tacticians of the past 100 years have taught.

  10. I swear I remember ramming a reversing Langley in my Nicholas and I instantly died and he took no damage.

  11. Hmm. So if you’re in a BB with ramming flag, ramming a DD without. Will you take your hp minus 20% instead of his since it works that way when you have less hp?

  12. I remember a game from the 2018 Halloween event. One of the DDs which had a temporary invulnerability power (forget the name) came around a corner and rammed my BB at relatively low speed and just kept grinding into my ship eventually destroying me. When the battle was over and I got the the end of game screens, I found I got an insane amount of XP and credits. The DD had rammed my BB around 50 times before my BB was destroyed. I got credit for all the damage my ship did back to the DD from those 50 rams even though the DD was invulnerable and shrugged all the damage off. I was like, “please ram me like that again”, but that lightning never struck twice.

  13. Interesting… I did notice some odd “survives” before. This does seem to explain it, or at least part of it. I was thinking there was some randomness (rng) involved in determining the outcome of a ram. I do think its smart of WG though, to not make ramming just simple and straight forward, but to have at least some uncertainty about the outcome.

  14. How to git gud at ram:

    step 1: wait till HMS Glowworm is added to the game
    step 2: keep ramming Admiral Hipper’s over and over and over
    step 3: you should now be gitting gud at ram.

  15. I sense a lot of ramming attempts in randoms now.

  16. Good stuff thank you. Won’t be useful often, but when it does matter, it will cause many uber-satisfying giggles 😀

  17. Thank you for for this video. I have been experimenting with ramming for awhile, if you go Bow to Bow { Head to Head }: as in your last ram in video, both ships Die. If as you show you hit behind the Bow and on the side of ship chance of living through ram increase. You want to contact the ship at an angle and have your rudder turned hard away from ship your ramming so as to hit with a glancing blow. The best I’ve done in a battle is to kill four ships, gun kill one, ram one, gun kill one and ram one. This is a Game have fun! Experiment, no one Dies in this game, just pixel ships. Take it from an Old Man who has Been There and Done That, Life is Short enjoy it! I enjoy all your videos and always learn from them. May God Bless, Watch Over and Be With You. Semper Fidelis

  18. Alright. Now I feel ready to make an account. Where should I go to find one of those sponsorship deals with premium currency and whatnot?

  19. Ram flag in space battle torpedo beat mode was excellent when someone didn’t have it. I would scan people’s masts for it as it was the ultimate disrespect to slip past their torpedoes and get a Die-Hard.

  20. Lol. At the start of the vid when iChase talked about the Petro-Musashi ram, i instandly thought that the new soviet Cruisers will also be stronger in ramming than everyone else 😀
    Thats how paranoid i already am when it comes to WG making new soviet ships. More and more and more and MORE of them…

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