How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 1: GROWTH Mindset

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The very first step in getting good at World of Warships is entirely an issue of mindset. While mechanics and game knowledge play a massive role, having the wrong mindset from the get go will prevent you from improving in the first place.


  1. Ive currently lost my edge in the game so here i am ?

    • well the fact you’re here is a good thing 😀 I’ll continue to release more episodes of this series over the next while and by the end it’ll be something awesome

  2. I’ve used to be semi good at this game, now I’m back at 0. Consider me in.

  3. Excellent point Chase, having a growth mindset is not only helpful for playing WoWs,
    but also for the game “Earth: online” aka. *living a better life & becoming a better person* .

    iChase tutorials and various sources (Flamu, Flambass etc. ) are among my favorite sources and after hundreds of hours watching these commentaries I really had not that much issue getting from a fresh hand to a somewhat good player. Still took some 1000 games of conscious improving but I’m pretty happy with that rate of learning!

  4. Linked this to a clanmate who has been struggling with higher tiers, let’s see how he takes it. Thanks! Great vid as usual.

  5. Something that I always have had difficulty with, still to this day, is situational awareness and positioning. Its hard to really know what good positioning feels like to a new player, and this unknown part of it has really driven me away from the game. Its no fun at all having no idea what you’re doing wrong. It’s really easy to look back on a replay and point out what people are doing wrong. But, for me, one of the biggest issues I have is really positioning myself in a way that’s advantageous for me, and figuring out what will and won’t work real time.

    • Sadly, the pace of the game is quite varied, but mostly slow. This means feedback to your decisions takes a while. In a BB, you can make a mistake, and not know it until 2 minutes later. Every time you die, think back. When did you do move into the position that got you killed? What choice could you have made to make it better? When would you have made that choice?

      I often look back and say, if only I realized I was alone. Or if only I had seen the capture point flipping, I would have realized there was a DD.
      You need to see the choice before it arrives. At the beginning of the match, decide what your going to do. Pick a half of the map and work it… and keep asking yourself what has changed…. where will things be after the next change..

    • I have difficulty is early game when there isn’t any ships spotted. Getting in a position on a cap (usually cruisers) and then the team either has an no ships go to that cap or an overwhelming push. Repositioning is key, but if there is an large push you can’t always get away.

    • @Christopher Wilson early game you dont have alot of information but what you do have is where your team spawns. What i always do is look at what spawns near my position and then youll have a rough indication what will be across from you on the enemy team. If you spawn with a BB 2 cruisers and a DD its more then likely that there is the same shiptypes spawning on the other side. Then there is your role in the battle. Early game DD gameplay involves spotting more then anything. Yoloing into cap is never the best strategy for a DD just spot and contest caps. If you can capture a point great but staying alive and playing it a bit more cautious makes you far more useful. Early game cruiser gameplay is always the support role. Depending on the consumables your cruiser has, IE radar, you stay a little closer to the allied DD but i such a way that you put yourself in to much risk. Use Island to cover your advance there is no shame in hugging your waifu if that means you can get into a good position to punish a DD with your radar. If you dont have radar you stay a little closer to BBs and spam your DPM on the enemy from further away and advance with your team accordingly and ready to kite away if nessecary. Early game BB gameplay just involves keeping your health up and punishing broadsides if you can. If you are in a slow BB just stay with your team for mutual support. If you are in a fast BB try to go on a flank and set up a crossfire. Early CV gameplay is just spotting and harassing the enemy DDs. Its not the most glorious but crucial for victory.

    • Play cruisers more often. They are the class that utilizes cover and concealment as a need most times versus the other classes.

    • ideally flanking the enemy. not overpushing and not being too far back. so u dont take too much dmg but can dish a good amount of dmg.adjust according to your situation. can be hard but u can learn from experience. flamu vids can help with that

  6. Having slowly dragged from a 43% win rate to my present 51% I’m now stuck. The games lately seem to have become rofl stomps either your team die in the first 8 minutes or the other team just melts away. You get one day a 4/10 wins the next day a 7/10 win rate. Very frustrating. So lead the way sensei any help most welcome.

    • I’m in exactly the same situation. It’s difficult to influence the match when your team at the opposite end of the map are all sunk within 4 mins.It will be interesting to see if there is anything we can do to help tackle this issue.

  7. Glad someone is making a more modern up to date guide. I haven’t played for years and getting back in is a heck of a thing to learn, so I hope this guide helps! And personally I would love to see guides on properly leading shots and proper positioning in the different maps for different ships. Love the videos by the way!

  8. Thank you for updating this iChase! I have been stuck at “being just OK” and I am not sure what I am missing and doing wrong, and not sure how to improve.

    Also, 5:50 – So how do you slingshot?

    • By intentionally dropping outside of the AA bubble of the ship you’re targeting, and taking advantage of the fact that the planes that aren’t in the active drop keep flying but don’t take damage because they’re not the last aircraft in the squadron until the active drop gets completed, at which point your camera ‘slingshots’ back toward the rest of the squadron. It takes a lot of practice to get the timing right since the second drop should be ready to activate and drop as soon as you get back to them so they take the least amount of AA damage.
      Chase has a few videos on it on his channel showing exactly what it is and how to do it much better and more efficiently than I’d be able to describe it in text

  9. A walkthrough of how and when to use in game resources (credits, ship experience, free experience, captain skill experience, doubloons, etc) and their relative value would be very helpful.

    Please do one for free2play players and one for premium players.

  10. Yaaaaas Been waiting for what seems like ages for an updated series like this. Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  11. Been playing 4 years now and I’m still learning. I remember when I first started playing the first thing I did was watch videos from you and others on how to improve my play.

  12. Obligatory CV joke:
    Well, look, you asking CV to have “right” mindset. But CVs are created for players who just can’t.

    • Yup, almost every BB and many CA have distances where they can be CV spotted but outside of AA range so just rack up that spotting damage. Or just go eat those dds and kill secure ships that have had AA blasted off.

  13. the people who would need these videos most, are the ones not watching them

  14. 9:33 plane crashed into the beer can lmao

  15. never heard of slingshoting until now, now i know

  16. The chat at the end is the best

  17. Watching your vids has helped me improve greatly so thank you. I have a few suggestions for videos in this series.

    1. I’ve learned quickly “in game” that being on the back line is usually not good. I try my best to stay as close to the fight as I can. That being said there are times when I get pushed back. This is invariably when someone will start complaining in chat. Often without any knowledge of what happened. This doesn’t happen to me frequently but frustrating.

    2. Win ratio is NOT tied to play style. The game provides rewards for objectives. Often times you can accomplish objectives much quicker if you aren’t tending a win rate. So for me it comes down to how much time I have and what is more important, do I want that reward or do I want to look good?

    3. Really the biggest problem I have with the game is the ass*****. I see so many people cursing at others when the best thing to do is advise.
    Look just because your all on a team AND the system will punish you for exiting or attacking Others, this DOES NOT mean you have to play well or cooperate with offensive teammates. So please cursing at each other.

    4. Please address the circular pattern or “ lemming train”

    5. I think some people have this idea that the videos you post are exactly what a match should look like every time. I’ve noticed you saying “hope you like this video cuz it took 23 matches” please explain what happens in the other 22 games.

  18. “do you not understand?
    who would listen to you LAL”

    …I’ll go with “His 80,000 Youtube Subscribers”.

  19. Yeah, this is a video series I would watch many times. I’m an “Okay” Co-op player, but don’t do well at Random. Looking forward to more from you on this topic.

  20. I really appreciate you coming back to basics and do the tutorial style videos.
    However, reading that chat reminded me why I stopped playing the game. It’s just too toxic. And the full knowledge that the CV player will not face any consequences for being that toxic.
    Still, regarding his last comment… people listen to what you have to say. For instance, me. I havent played the game in years, and I still see your stuff. Because, most of the times, you have great commentary.

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