How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 11: Battleship Positioning Guide

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In episode of How to at World of Warships I discuss battleship positioning, what you should be looking to do in every game you play as a battleship.


  1. Christopher Scarlett

    been watching for a while, keep it up!

  2. the curse of “bc”. your videos/this information should be in the client because more than half of the wows playerbase doesn’t understand basic positioning. excellent video iChase, as always.

  3. Me: gets a really good crossfire position in a BB away from my team’s lemmingtrain
    Enemy CV: it’s free real estate

  4. Next on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. “SHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!”

  5. Great video… thank you.
    I knew most of it but its good getting this instruction once more (practice does make perfect).

  6. So when are we getting the class on arts & crafts or floral arrangement that everybody expects after this intro music?

  7. So the whole thing in the Roma only worked because their CV was garbage and did not support that push. If he just even only had kept you spotted, you could have easily been killed, never mind him blapping you real quick.

  8. It’s a battleship, you 99.99% have to broadside.
    Battleship 101 😛

  9. Thanks iChase, positioning in particular, I reckon, isn’t covered enough.

  10. How to Get Good at Battleships:
    1) Avoid CV battles.
    2) Use Islands to avoid high DPM HE spammers.
    3) Learn to read the minds of enemy Destroyer captains who are either professionals, or insane.
    4) Use divisions.
    5) Give up and buy a High DPM HE Spammer to pad stats.

  11. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    Thanks iChase, this is just what I was looking for for a long time! 🙂

  12. Thank you! These videos are much needed and I, for one, definitely appreciate them!

  13. Thanks for the video. I love these videos. I think they are helping me be a better player. At least they are helping me think like a better player.

  14. you should make a tip about how to retreat without expose broadside or way to retreat with broadside covered by island.

    like way to plan a course with escape plan in mind in case that your flank is collapsed.

    a lot of new player don’t know how to properly do a U-turn and end up get deleted.

  15. I feel like item number 3 should have a little *, sometimes the enemy ships pursuing you keep going after you even as your team turns to engage them, IF that happens, keep running away and let your teammates farm then, it has happened a lot of times to me when I’m the last BB alive in a flank, they pursue until either they get you, or your team gets them xD

  16. Oh man if he’d been in NC instead of the Roma he would have shredded those broadsides…

  17. Me: BB use the border and push until I die.
    Me again: Blames team.

  18. Hi iChase, many thanks for all the hard work you do, it is very much appreciated…

  19. Wow, this is really useful! I found this by accident. Will definitely view the other 10. Subbed!
    As an occasional player I can really do with some expert insights… I just got my brand new Warspite and can’t wait to put some of these tips in practice.

  20. Thank for your video, now I can play BB effectively. Average damage on my montana now is 100k per battle.

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