How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 12: USN and IJN Cruiser Positioning

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In episode 12 of How to Good at World of Warships I discuss the two prototype cruiser playstyles, and IJN cruisers. These two cruisers lines would lay the foundation for all other cruiser lines that follow. I hope these tips can assist you not only with USN and IJN cruisers but other cruisers as well.


  1. sierra 117 MasterChief

    This video is very much needed for me I m stuck on buffalo for last 3 month lol

    • sierra 117 MasterChief Almost there brother. Des Moines is more than worth the grind. She’s an absolute terror when played properly.

    • sierra 117 MasterChief

      @Jared Weaver I have Salem so I know but can’t play them properly I can do shit ton dmg using zao or Henri but not this ships lol

    • It’s easy to control your engagements with Zao. She’s punishing enough to scare most players into leaving her alone once she goes undetected. Starting triple fires on BBs in 2 salvos tends to be a great deterrent.

  2. I tend to be a little more pro-active with respect to torpedoes in IJN cruisers…you never know when when somebody might be coming around that island, and if ya got them, might as well use them. You don’t necessarily get a lot of torp hits, but the ones you do get are a nice surprise for your enemies.

  3. Great Video!
    Be interesting to see and hear how the Soviets play? I’m coming from the WoW:Legends on the console, and your vids have been very informative.

    • Sorta similar to the Japanese ships. Just NEVER show your broadside. But I found it works to hit the flanks, once you become noticed, kite away swinging and firing until youre out of your detection range . Get back into range and repeat. If the opportunity presents itself, use islands to ambush with torps or fire from while undetected if you cant find a light flank to annoy.

  4. I see you play atago san aka the love cave

  5. The best “how to” series ever. Listen, learn and then try to do what iChase is saying. BB video has made me 10x more dominant. Never too late to learn guys.

  6. WhiskeyMikeGaming

    The stealth aspect is helpful thanks, might also help me understand DD gunboats better.

  7. Thank you, iChase! These are very useful.

  8. Amazing tips dude, thanks to you I’m not longer a clueless potato, keep up ur hard work.

    P.S: I’m still wondering why we didn’t get an IJN CLs line yet, when they actually, u know, *EXISTED*

  9. New player here, thanks for the “how to” videos.

  10. Really come to rely on this series. Advice is clear, simple and makes sense. Thank you iChase. This has really made the difference in my gameplay.

  11. Also. If I had to summarize this tutorial into one word it would be “patience”. Something I continually struggle with and get punished for.

  12. Lol this means I’ve been playing ijn cruisers like a headless chicken.

  13. IJN cruisers are super reliant on their stealth, so ur advantage goes out the window the moment the cv starts focusing u down.

  14. I’d like to add that in IJN open water role, you can help your team by being that flanker who distract your enemies hence less damage towards your team but you also need to be careful not to overextended and beware of the enemy flanker too.
    Good guide iChase.

  15. Christopher Hussey

    Solid tutorial. I’ve been playing for years and even though most of this was for my entertainment, I still found a few tidbits to help improve my game.

  16. How do you get that countdown timer on the “detected” warning on the HUD?

  17. If you can read this, congrats on increasing your knowledge of the game.
    Now go wash your hands.

  18. Interesting. I would have split the cruisers up slightly differently, though to the same effect. Open-water cruisers (ie French, IJN) vs Island-huggers (USN).

  19. Also this two nation CA/CL lines: YOU CAN’T JUST SMOKE AND RAIN ROUNDS!!!
    Smolensk: haha, minigun goes BRRRRR

    • @lALXl that is not true, Yama overpens Smolensk so much, that it’s just ridiculous. I guess with Kremlin that is not really the case, because of stalinium shells and soviet magic, but still, Smolensks get punished for that smoke camping extremely rarely, while they do a ton of dmg in the meantime. Completely broken UFO-ship.

    • @bidzej86 BBs can be melted within a minute or 2 minutes with IFHE, if you land the rounds on the correct portion of the ships, unless you’re a UK BB or USSR BB, then it might take longer. of course por shot into the smoke is fine but a 19 km smolensk is almost impossible to get punished by that, shit just go BRRR anyway.

    • @bidzej86 It overpens if you can’t aim. To dev strike a smolensk you aim below thw waterline and you can devstrike a smolensk even from 2km. It’s not hard believe me

    • @lALXl I didn’t say it’s impossible, it just happens extremely rarely

    • @bidzej86 Well I didn’t imply, that you said it was impossible. Also with aiming below the waterline, if the RNG gives you good dispersion, you can expect to have 90% of smolensks served up to you as a devstrike. That’s my experience with smolensks. If you hit below the waterline, he ded

  20. Crazy. I watch this and I try to maneuver my mouse to look around — as if it were in the game.

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