How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 13: More Cruiser Positioning

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In episode 13 of How to Get at World of Warships I talk about some more cruiser positioning, covering the majority of other nation’s tech tree cruisers. Enjoy!


  1. Just wanna give my thank you on you series,
    been playing wow of quite sometime yet never be able to “get” the game.
    Thank you for showing how things are done.

  2. Was literally searching to see if you put one out for cruisers like an hour ago aha.. Perfect timing 😛

  3. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    As someone trying to learn cruisers, I thank you, I’ll share your videos with my clan.

  4. Good series but the player base atm i dont think can even count to 10 let alone comprehending how to play WoWs

  5. As a cruiser main, I definitely can agree with everything, and even learned a few things myself. I wish more players would see this.

  6. did i miss you talk about Italian CA’s?

  7. Laughs in 3 sec. reload 11km range secondaries*

  8. There are the Light Cruisers, The Heavy Cruisers, and the Smolensk

  9. 10 km torps, lots of targets in range, never used them?!

    • When playing British CLs, especially on T8 and down, maneuvering and shooting are much more important than firing torpedoes that usually down hit. Why risk you’re entire ship to fire some torpedoes that may not hit? You never want to use your torpedoes at mid-range while detected, only use them when you’re sure you’re safe

    • He have plenty of opportunities to use his torp safely but he’s not and you fire a torpedoes for more than just damage, it can slow enemy down alot even if it not hit so in his situation he should just spam out torp in general direction of the enemy to help slow enemy advance down and it maybe hit something too.

  10. Great video ! Can you do a same tutorial about the italian CA ? Cause i’m playing them right now and i’m kinda lost about how to play them XD

    • The way I would describe them, in iChase’s terms, would be an IJN style line. The have the Japanese quick rudder and speed, but also somewhat fast turrets similar to the German CAs. They’re mostly built for mid-long range gameplay, where they can dodge a lot of fire. True, they aren’t the stealthiest, but are centered around DD ambushes, and kiting any larger ships.

      Essentially, you want to focus DDs when you see them. Do not let them escape your grasp, but don’t charge them either.

      With the smoke, I greatly reccomend using it more as a opportunity to ambush or escape. Often, I get overconfident in chasing DDs, and I’ll simply pop smoke and turn around to kite the enemy Cruisers/Battleships chasing me. Or, I’ll do the opposite, wherein I’ll use the smoke to charge at an enemy undetected.

      Often the tactics you use in IJN cruisers can be used in the Italians, with some minor changes, such as focusing on SAP chunk damage rather than HE fires.

      I’m not super good in them either, only 52-54ish percent, so do take my advice with a grain of salt. I was unlucky with the event, only unlocking the T5, and I’m only halfway through the grind on the Amalfi from the Zara.

    • @Thomas Paral T5, T5 premium and the T6 Tronto. Got the commander too, but I was very very much feeling the grind pain. Not that keep on grinding the Italians yet, cause have more interesting lines to grind.

    • @Thomas Paral good advices thx a lot ! For the amalfi i think it’s great but 9 SAP shells are not goood enough to enjoy… i think that from the t9 it’s gonna be better cause brindisi has a 4th turret so 3 more canons plus it does have access to the heal so i think the gameplay will be “less dangerous”

    • I think he’ll make one more video covering British CAs, Italian CAs, and German CAs since he hasn’t covered those yet.

    • @NotAidanandHi I hope so !

  11. Many thanks for another great video. Take care of yourself during this pandemic.

  12. Thank you very much for your series.I understood a lot more now and impoved my game massiv!!!!Looking Forward for the next Videos!!!!

  13. พ่อมึง

    Does every British ships gets a super-heal?

    And how could I get it, Do I have to upgrade my ships?

    • iChase means that (just like the UK BBs) the UK CLs and CAs can recover extra large percentages of their HP each heal. DDs get a large number of short duration smokes.

    • พ่อมึง

      @Tuning3434 So it is a DNA of the British?

    • @พ่อมึง Yes, but the high tier ones, 8 to 10 for Cruisers and Battleships.
      Lower tier ships get slighty better heals at medium tiers (Fiji, King George V), or normal plain ones below.
      British destroyers heals, tiers 9 and 10, are useful but small.

  14. We need a second video on BB explaining nations like you did with cruisers and a couple about DD playing …and I am set to go hehehehe. As a new player your vids are helping me heaps! I reached tier 6 with over 50% win rate. Thanks mate!

  15. Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

    Great video, cruisers can be hard to play against well armored long firing Battle Ships & often it’s easy to get sandwiched between to BB’s that will eventually sick you before you can run away from their length of fire, because it only takes a salvo or two to sink the best of cruisers. Trying to shoot and maneuvering at the same time I find very tough to do on a PC.

  16. Cool! Now I know why I took a disliking to Cruiser.. as i tried the |British line first and kept getting deleted.. not knowing how to play them.

  17. great Vid, trying to learn cruiser play, but not so successful yet. this will certainly help.

  18. Bernard Staufemberg

    Question: Does the yoshino and azuma follow some of this playstyles? They seems to not be either a Alaska nor a light cruiser.

    • They play closer to the Henri, I’d say. You stay far away from the enemy battleships (3/4 to max gun range) and throw HE at them. Your weak armour eats huge damage easily, so you need to dodge. Thus you keep distance. Also your shells are fast enough for you to actually being able to hit something at long range. Pro tip for Yoshino: do not be eager to throw your torps. Many players expose a lot of their vulnerable broadside to the enemy just to throw torps into the water. Also beware of 2nd or 3rd row torping: your torps can also damage allies like your destroyers.
      If you have a chance to use islands as cover, great. But that applies to every ship in the game. Yoshino/Azuma are often rather played in the open on the flank.

  19. Most importantly a big Thanks for your effort on that series, I appreciate it very much, even as a veteran player there’s a lot to be learned here !
    One thing I find a little arguable is your phrase “staying behind your battleships”… because in most matches that would mean I’d have to stay at the map border behind 3 top tier, bow tanking and reversing BBs. BBs play that despicably cautious and completely “my own safety/health pool first” these days, cruiser life is very hard. You try to create some momentum and mostly end up as top target and get blapped for it. Add in DDs that ignore the cap completely and you’ve got a tough piece of work there. But well, if it was easy, everyone could do it, right ?

  20. I wish I could play at 1.5 speed!

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