How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 14: Destroyer Positioning

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In 14 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I talk about three core destroyer types in the game, the torpedo boats, the gunboats and the hybrid type destroyers and what you should keep in mind when playing these ships.


  1. WhiskeyMikeGaming

    Second? but first like…the real win!

  2. How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 19: Play the new Russian cruisers… Bagration better than t10 ZAO (except HE)

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Your whing about “russian bias” has reached epic proportions. At least now you have some valid reasons to whine. Git gud.

  3. you should mention to NEVER be on your guns when you dont want to shoot, otherwise every player with priority target knows when you change to the torps

    • Can be useful- if the enemy knows they’re spotted by a DD and they’re heading for cover, switching can scare them into turning so they don’t get into cover or something like that even if you don’t actually have torps off CD. Also adding 1 to the priority target counter for an enemy can make them more hesitant about pushing in. Both of these are mostly for situations where the enemy knows a DD is nearby already of course (i.e. if you spotted them rather than joining an existing fight).

    • I think WG should patch this…

    • @Sukacita Yeremia It adds a little more skill and complexity to the game in a way that doesn’t screw over DDs especially, it’s a good thing. The patch we need is the one where they delete CVs, buff basically everything German and nerf the heck out of these new Russian ships (Kremlin, Petro and Nevsky).

    • Or you know, just press X or whatever key that you bind it to, to stop targeting people with the guns

  4. Hi, first game is a pretty lucky team setup, dream shima game. Not one carrier or one radar anywhere. Try to get a replay with many of the counters in the enemy, playing the underdog.

    • I agree. Currently, when I approach or enter a cap at the beginning of a game there are several enemy ships and radar galore. I’m finding that I have to basically ignore the caps and keep my distance and just play stealth game as much as possible or die via radar. Doesn’t help that a lot of team cruisers and BBs now hang back so far that they cannot properly support you in a DD. I find iChase better than most (and learn a lot from him) but a lot of these types of videos are “better” case scenarios and don’t apply when I play a round as a DD JMHO

    • Also somehow my targets are much smarter and avoid torps rather easily (WSAD anyone?), certainly I’m not getting more than 1-2 hits if that. That may be my target selection and anticipation are poor, but approach avenues are very limited with plenty radars and occassional CV.

  5. Playing my Fletcher I find myself being a torpedo boat more often than a gun ship. Maybe it’s just my general lack of skill, but I don’t find the USN 127s that impactful. Shells are slow, and they don’t do much HE damage for me. I can never seem to get as much out of them as what I see from CCs or other players. But if I can ghost BBs I can usually get close enough to assure a torpedo hit or two, and keep my team aware of the stuff I spot. I tend to have trouble if I’m spotted, and using my guns is a fast way of getting that way with little payoff.

    • really youre just hoping to get fires on BBs and do damage over time. if you force them to repair the fires and torp them after and cause flooding that’s already huge damage for you over time. You just repeat this process over and over

    • learn to fire over the edges of island cover

    • @Redfro I do, when I can. But a DD can’t be tied only to island cover. You have to be able to move, cap, contest. Or you’re just a worse version of a light cruiser.

    • SinisterSaints Excellion

      Imo that’s the way to play Fletcher. As a torpboat with good guns. I don’t fire my guns unless necessary (but a bit more often than say a jap torpboat). In most scenarios you’ll crush enemy DDs, while having amazing torps (not jap tier amazing, but you got that).
      And for BBs and CL/CAs it’s about trying to get fires rather than raw dmg. Which is why i like demolition expert on it.

    • @SinisterSaints Excellion Well it’s good to know I’m not completely fucking up then.

  6. Thank you so much. Really answered many questions i had about DD’s.

  7. Konrad von Hötzendorf

    Love this series, thanks Chase!

  8. aha, this episode gaves me lot to mark as hybrid type dd, thx a lot

  9. Gearing should go kill that Fletcher IMO, that Asashio’s clearly not going for it

  10. Destroyer positioning:
    Step 1: Be in a match without a CV.
    Step 2: Realise you can’t control that so you’re in a CV.
    Step 3: Get sunk by the CV.
    Step 4: Switch to another ship class.
    Congratulations, you have now succesfully positioned your DD- in the port.

    • So true, CV’s currently broken on so many levels, would be better off to throw them into PVE only…

    • step1: same; step2: same; step3(alter):I’m in GZ, time for some secondary! step4: after learn the 899div…I just realize that i don’t have two musashi friend(sad story

    • @Grand Gao With subs coming soon I am totally hoping for randoms to be split into 2 modes- one with CVs and subs and another with just surface ships. That would actually make the game fun again.

  11. As a new player, i’m so glad i found your channel. Thanbks for this amazing series.

  12. Great video,ha! I always reverse into position, thought maybe that was a bad idea, glad to hear someone else does that too

  13. As a lone DD kitakaze in a CV match, I managed to avoid the initial CV spotting run by going much wider than he expected, since most CVs usually just scan the area right in front of the “main battle line”. This allowed me to get on the flank unnoticed and as soon as my torpedoes were up, dev strike a smolensk that would have been a much bigger problem if he hadn’t been the first to get caught. One of the most satisfying moments in my WoWs career

  14. Most crucial part of this video is the acknowledgement that everything goes out the window when there is a CV.

  15. Just got my gearing been struggling the hole line hopefully this will help thank you

  16. Why did you start with such a poor statement? Advice can be paraphrased as ‘go back to port’ or ‘don’t play DDs’… Wow iChase, really constructive and helpful for DD players… I’m not justifying the current CV : DD balance but for those bothering to read, here’s some advice vs CVs:
    Blanket advice – your job is to burn the CVs time for so long that he doesn’t come after you again while maintaining some spotting for your team. If you burn his time enough, the CV will go farm other targets because hunting you will place him at the bottom of the tables.
    1. Turn AA off, learn how to turn it on and off based on your Air Detection.
    2. Stay back with the fleet early (no further than 2-3km ahead of them) to see where the CV is sending planes.
    2a. If CV has sent planes to other side of the map; you can push out another 3-5km but be ready to pull back or smoke (depending on DD).
    2b. If CV has sent planes to your side of the map don’t move forward until they are gone, or you can turn on AA to bait them into your teams AA.
    3. When you see rockets on approach, you want to be approaching them at full speed, slight angle. at around 3km, turn hard into the planes. This reduces the amount of time to aim for the CV (remember that you should have had your AA off till the last minute) and is the best way to dodge.
    3a. If no one is shooting you, turn as hard as possible towards enemy rockets. Again make sure to go AA silent as needed.
    3b. if under sustained fire, prioritise avoiding this and getting undetected.
    4. When using smoke, always try to use before you are detected, if you are detected assume the next pass from planes will hit you. Always move in smoke, preferably not broadside to enemy (you become a massive torpedo target).

  17. Michal Jakubowski

    In one of my games I haunted the enemy DD’s to the point of all of them having less than 1k HP and it was 3 DD game yeah we lost cause I had to waste additional 5-7 minutes on them.

  18. Just bought back my Fubuki this is the vid I needed.

  19. why do i get the feeling that these kind of “tutorial” videos are just bragging videos.

  20. Played against you the other day. You were in the Seattle and had a few div mates with ya.

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