How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 16: Secondary Battleships

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In episode 16 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I talk about secondary spec battleships, it’s a gameplay style that I frequently see people do poorly with as they charge in and die. There is a proper way to play these ships for maximum impact in your games.


  1. damnnnn ichase, i need this for my GK too 😀

  2. 4:24 Hood detonated someone XD

  3. Wargaming 2016: secondaries are a considerable advantage at close quarters. As a result, we do not want these new brawlers to have superior dispersion on top of all their other advantages

    Wargaming 2018: Massachusetts has secondaries, which are a considerable advantage at close quarters. As a result, we do not want this new ship to have superior dispersion on top of all her other advantages. We will give her 1.7 sigma. (Still broken lmao)

    Wargaming 2019: bAtTLecRuISeR dISpERsion tIMe

  4. but then you remember : HE spam breaks your secondaries permanently
    The end

    • With a full secondary build you’ll have PM as a 1 point skill and a secondary armaments module as well. Making your secondary guns pretty durable

    • sierra 117 MasterChief

      But British light cruiser like Mino, Neptune will be fucking annoying

    • @iChaseGaming Preventative Maintenance does not apply to secondary or AA mounts. The old description of the skill implied that it did, which is why they changed it some time ago to clarify. It applies to “primary” modules, ie: engines, steering gears, main battery mounts, and torpedo tubes.

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Although today after the IFHE change the US secondaries ships are not that so far ahead vs the Germans, I’m still mad how they still get more useful things for the job, namely the fast reloading heal And still, most of the times and specially at the higher tiers where secondaries are not that meta, the US ones still are far better because the main guns, AA and the already mentioned heal allow them to do the job of a standard BB much better than the gimped German ones I’m thankful that they bugged them a bit, but I still think both Bismarck class and FdG need a bit of a revamp

    • There’s a massive gap between Germans and those. They have better secondaries because of the accuracy formula, they have a better heal, they have better main guns, they have more main guns in front, they have better AA…

      That’s a lot.

  6. Secondary BBs are the best duelist in the game you’re basically unlocking a light cruiser worth of fire power so sometimes you can even 2v1 and win.

    Very fun play style I love my german T7-T10 2nd BBs

    • I have my GK with manual secondaries, BFT and AFT. I usually get about 270+ 2ndary hits per game. I didn’t know if IFHE would drastically increase the DPM as I think only the 150mm get the perk.

  7. Alexandre Gomes

    You can tell that’s a canadian guy video because he starts by apologizing for something right off the bat…LOL….love the content man!

  8. Next up secondary Destroyers: Orkan

  9. Interesting debate on Concealment vs Heal – I used Conceal when I wasn’t very good – but as I got better, I switched to Heal (JMO). Love these vids – thanks!

  10. How can I best make use of islands? I recently got into USN CLs, and I’m struggling to make optimal use of islands.

  11. Your voice is fine dude. Dont stress 🙂 take it from someone who spent many hours doing audio for streaming haha

  12. I have my Ohio set as a secondary heavy ship. Same with my Republique and GK. Secondaries are really fun to play. Oh and the Ohio is OP AF and I love it.

  13. Tirpitz is my only secondary ship at the moment. what I like to do is Fire HE in my main guns at the bows or aft of a ship to set fires. once they DCP I switch to AP or if they are bow in still he. with flags I set allot of fires and the ticking damage just destroys enemies.

  14. YES! Rejoince my Massachussets, Georgia and german BB brothers! The time for dhaka dhaka dhaka is upon us! We shall block out the sun with our secondaries!

  15. So in essence the main message of this video is this: FOOOKIIN STAHP!!!

  16. Thanks for this series. I feel it’s significantly helped me and has certainly improved my enjoyment of the game.
    I hope you have something in mind for explaining how to deal with Destroyers. I honestly assume going into any match that if I’m going to sink it’s going to be because of them and they are an extreme killjoy to me.

  17. “what you don’t want to do in a secondary battleship is yolo in and die”

    To be fair that’s something you also don’t want to do in every other ship

  18. Victor von Doom

    Imo ichase has a pretty lucky game in that FdG, because when im alone on that flank and enemy CV has AP DBs, i’ll be dead in a few minutes

  19. You shouldn’t use replays where the enemy is playing completely incorrectly. If the Nelson and Izumo would have bowtanked this replay wouldn’t have worked the way you wanted to.

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