How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 17: Battle Flow for Battleships

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In episode 17 of How to Get Good at World of Warships we’ll be looking at what heatmaps for battleship movement looks like on various maps courtesy of the wonderful work done by reddit user u/icantjavabutcsharp. Hopefully, this grants you a larger overall strategic picture of battles and a better idea of how a battle flows for a battleship player.


  1. Wow my notifications worked. Thanks for the vids bro

  2. Keep up the good work. This is going to help me alot.

  3. *sees big red spot in mid on two brothers* Flambass I’m looking at you

  4. Since someone mentioned this, let me clarify something.

    These are heatmaps for BBs that end in winning games. While it shows the general flow of the battle, aka how people tend to move in battle, it is still essential that you decide your final positioning based on the capabilities of your ship and what the opposing ships are doing (aka go back to the BB positioning video for ideas there)

    • Raven Coldheart

      A heatmap from unicom+ players for the different classes would be gold.

    • Kevin Reed-Jones

      Great, correct, exact, flawless.
      Problem is that until WG introduces skill based balanced Team/Match Making any strategy/tactics just goes down the drain.
      Thank you for these greatly educative vids iChase, but the notions there contained will remain fruitless (when applicable), as long as there is no balance between teams.
      If WG don’t stick their hands into this major issue, good-very good regular players won’t put money into WOWS, regardless how many premium ships WG throw in.
      This is a great guide for FTP players like me who just benefit from gifted premium time and only play up to T8 (and then rent ships for CBs), though it won’t get me to start again putting money and more time into the game.
      You are in the position of telling them: balance the game, revise silver ships, nerf CVs, etc., make skills count in this game (like it used to be in the very beginning), and many good players will come back and purchase again premium time and ships.
      Thank you for your activity, anyways!

    • Seems like this is more helpful on how to counter most BB players because I notice they lemming the same way everytime.

      So you can easily pick a spot that can get broadside shots on the most trafficked areas and camp.

  5. Very interesting… key is conserving forces in the flanking battles to have a bigger change to win the subsequent battle.

  6. Wargayming: “How about no, for let me sing the song of my people: SUBS” LUL

  7. that red line going in the middle is flambass

  8. meanwhile CV postion map: *insert static image here*

  9. the heatmaps remind me of bacteria

  10. Said it before but thank you for making these.

  11. Nice job, thank you for teaching.

  12. I am afraid that the heatmaps will be useless, because of wrong criteria. When 24 potatoes play 12 always win, therefore the majority of movement is not optimal. Using a heatmap of unicum player BBs winning would likely be much more useful.

    • Ya, you can instantly tell on some maps that this data was made from potatoes. Like on Fault Line at 10:20, jn most situations a BB that pushes into the eastern channel is a potato. There is no reason to because if you’re just outside the channel everything in the channel and on ther other side is within 16 to 17 km. Any cruiser or BB under 15 km is easy game for tier 5 or above BB. Pushing into the channel only removes your guns from the rest of the map for the next 5 minutes. The only reason to push in as a BB is if you’re the only person able to cap it.

  13. I see lemming trains most the time.

  14. “if everyone bows in and tanks correctly” You wish!

  15. Anders Korsbäck

    So the moral of the story is: Regardless of terrain, starting with a double flanking, refused centre is the way to go. Which just goes to show how much of overall strategy hinges on getting enemies caught in a crossfire.

    • The heat maps are just showing where most BB players go. Most BB players suck like really bad. So you see them lemming into places they should rarely be.

      Of course, the pattern I’ve been seeing is that most BB players want you to lemming train with them or they just run. So if you try to be proactive and create an easy crossfire 5 minutes into the game, your BBs don’t lemming train to where they normally go. I’m speaking from experience.

      It’s literally why people are worse than bots. They’re sheep that don’t think in terms of “what do I need to do or be at to win” and move accordingly. They think in terms of “what is everyone else on the team doing” and just follow like a bunch of puppies. It’s why you often see 6 idiots hiding behind an island not shooting at anything or pressuring a cap for 5 minutes.

      When I’m in a BB I always feel like I’m playing against my team instead of the enemy because they ruin my position by following me everywhere I go. They effectively take themselves and me out of the game because any halfwit would just point their bows toward the both of us, making me be stuck in a Jean Bart shooting HE. I used to have fun playing BB but when I got better it just made me pissed when potato BBs tail gate me everywhere I go because I know instead of having a good flank, my flank will end up being a drawn out shoot-out until a BB gets impatient and charges in, gets crossfired, HE spammed, and torped to death.

  16. Only been playing for 6 weeks. Love BBs up to a tier 6 atm. Game play tends to go for me. Diagonally to one side depending how I spawn. Flat out 20 kn. Our sides light cruiser taking the cap gets nuked and in a few mins it’s 5 on one and a turn round to head back to the centre. On fire and burning through a heal usually. By then I have usually citadelled something only for my team to reach engage and help me and take the kill. At which point I turn around and re engage. It’s just basically for BBs to end up doing this Diagonal racetrack loop from the center to the edge.

  17. Reagan Tang Lei Gen

    i remembered going thru the middle on 2 brothers as a cruiser and seeing like 4 ships in there

  18. I honor your effort creating this video. Though it could be summarized just to the point that the ships clash at two flanks at the beginning and then head to the mid. I think the strategic point comes short – how to respond to these general expectable movements of your opponents (and that is even only about tactics). In the end it is about tactical decision to position yourself better towards the opponent than the other way round. The strategic is non-existent – unless you have a division/Clan Battle and plan your movements really ahead. Sorry, if that sounds too harsh.

  19. these titles make me think of getting learnt with ricky from trailer park boys 😆😆

  20. Best thing to do is hide in the back and hope to be carried , if they fail you milked your team for Your EXP and is top players on your team a WIN/WIN

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