How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 2: Get Your Settings RIGHT and Useful MODS

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In episode 2, I cover everything in the settings menu that is beneficial for your gameplay. I also cover some useful mods from the World of Warships Modstation which can be found here:


  1. Great video. It’s just sad that it takes third party CC’s to have to show this off, as a lot of players aren’t aware of a lot of these settings. This is something that WG really should look into for some sort of tutorial. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of players are struggling with the game simply because they don’t have it set up correctly.

    • Absolutely. A lot of the settings should be default. There is much information and by default the games show barely any of it. On top of that, some mods are nearly must have.

      Thanks for the series, iChase, I don’t need it cause I’ve been playing since beta, but a lot of players will benefit from it.

    • most of these settings should be on by default, also the minimap bound options are rubbish and should be revisited with a menu tab…

    • It’s your reward for being active and seeking improvement

    • @reezy 2.0 Learning basics of the game shouldn’t be a reward… It should be a vital skill that all players should know.

    • They do adress This topic. Searcy it their new

  2. Been eager to see a new game guide outside of WG. Looking forward to future episodes. Thanks bro!

  3. A channel With no subscribers

    I learned how to aim using static cross hairs, and I still do good

    • If that’s what you learned to use and that’s what you’re used to, then definitely stick with it, since your aiming is probably at least somewhat instinctive by now. Personally I always used to use the default dynamic and figured out how to compensate for the problems that crosshair has without even knowing about the problems over many months and years of using it. Lately I’ve been using nomogram classic as a way of getting the lead just a little quicker and more accurately, but when there are micro patches and the modstation hasn’t updated yet I can still use the old dynamic pretty well.

    • @MidnightPhoenix07 for a micro-patch you can simply copy the mods between version in the res folder … I’ve done that a couple of times when Aslain was not updated for what ever reason and it worked fine… I’d not do it for major patches however

  4. very good info sadly wg couldn’t explain that

  5. Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    I have two big questions as a GK operator:

    1: How to deal with fire throwers behind islands.
    2: How to deal with running and manoeuvering fire throwers.

    • 1. Pray to RNGesus that they don’t set fires
      2. Pray to RNGesus that your shells hit in the same continent (or wait for the upcoming dispersion buff, and then still pray to RNGesus that your shells will land in the same country)

      Then there’s also the map and situational awareness aspects – know where the fire breathers are likely going to be hiding and try to be in a position where you can’t get focused down, or find a way to get on their flank or set up a cross fire with another big gunned ship and force the fire breathers to move somewhere else.

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      Dont operate the GK, its the British heavy tank line of ships.

    • In some cases, move closer or so they have island in the way.

    • Stay undetected and reposition. Patience is Key.

  6. Thanks for the awesome content iChase! I really need this series lol

    • Keep at it Scott. Don’t get discouraged by what you may consider to be poor performance. The more battles you play, the more that the information displayed in this series will be second nature to you.

  7. Wait how do you get that UI in the port? Mine doesn’t look like that

  8. The running light might be useful for ships that don’t have torpedoes.

  9. I tried a couple of mods from the modstation but they made my PC crash so now I’m back to plain vanilla.

    • Weird, I don’t tend to go too crazy with the mods, only essentials. If you have issues please contact WG support for help?

  10. Alternative interface mode can be shown by holding Alt key in battle, but obviously you want it permanently on.

  11. Thanks iChase, I did not knew of this “mod station” site: I dropped mods entirely a year ago because I was tired of waiting for updated ones each time a new patch comes out.

    • Neither did I. I use Azlain’s Modpack, installed last week. It seems that a lot of these selections are the same as my own selections.

    • Me too, I used to play WoT and they have an official site for WoT mods but not WoWS so it’s nice to know this mods station thing exists.

  12. Thanks Chase! They are very useful!
    For me the old name “Captain’s Academy” and its opening are still very cool even three years later!

    And just want to make a suggestion that, it might work better if you could put a screenshot of the effects of the settings when you talk about them.

  13. I would recommend to show the circle on the minimap, which indicates the detectability range by air. It helps when there are aircraft in the game. You can more easily estimate when you will be spotted by aircraft and you may be able to avoid it. Additionally, on ships where you use a full secondary build, displaying the range of the secondaries can be useful too. I would not recommend to use all circles, as more circles make it harder to identify the relevant information, as the interface gets overloaded.

  14. I hope WG sees this. These settings should be on by default. Because WoWS is an arcade game that people just want to get on to playing, this isn’t a simulator with tons of settings.
    Edit: Didn’t know WG have an official mods installer, thanks for highlighting it!

  15. Speaking of mods:

    WoWS is unplayable without weeb mods.

  16. 3:02 – Smoke timer is for all smokes, friendly or not. It will display for your own smoke whether you’re in it or not. But anytime you get into a teammate OR ENEMY’S smoke, the counter will show. If you’re in both your own and someone else’s smoke, the timer will show for whichever smoke lasts the longest–that way you know that when the counter hits zero, smoke is gone no matter where it came from.

  17. Very helpful information. Knowing some of the “tricks of the trade” is a great way to make game play more enjoyable.
    Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the other videos.

  18. The opening music- I got excited that it was going to be a step by step on how to make a traditional Amish chair using early period hand tools.

    But the ensuing video was great as well.

  19. Does anyone have a link for the mod manager that he uses?

  20. Having issue with this WOWS mod-stations. It installs ok except that the navigator mini does not appear to show up. I use Aslain]s navigator centered all the time show I know what to expect.

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