How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 3: Aiming

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In episode 3, I cover the fundamentals behind aiming. I cover how to get accurate first salvo accuracy against broadside targets and the basics of aiming at angled targets. I hope this episode is helpful to you all.

useful stats websites to help you find people to compare your performance to:


  1. Another video for this series? Awesome! I look forward to how this series will go

  2. Haha, 1000+ games in and I didn’t know about the small circle on the minimal for to/from traveling angled ships. Nice video ichase

  3. Can you make a video on how to aim with a spotting aircraft? I have yet to see any video in how to use a spotting plane for gunnery.

    • Personally when I’m aiming with a spotter plane at a broadside ship, I like to look at the target ship and visualize its citadel. Also, the circle and the target course line on the minimap help a lot.

    • Flamu has done a couple of videos on this topic. I’ll give you the links to them. The first one with the Nagato helped me a great deal. I started killing targets in their smoke right after I watched it. I haven’t watched the second one, but I’m going to watch it right now. However, I’ve found that sometimes I can go a couple of weeks without playing a ship that uses a spotter plane and it helps me to watch the video again. Here’s the links:

    • Yeah, it’s definitely going to be an episode in this series, probably soon too

  4. are u going to make a commentary of how to aim with a spotter plane?

  5. Chameleon Scheimong

    Great tutorial! Although not very useful for me personally (been playing since 2015), this video would be super helpful for a beginner.

    I have always cringed at many replay analyses by various creators who seem to be trying to avoid the topic of bad aim because “that comes with experience”. Yes I understand that constantly berating a new player for not aiming well isn’t very useful advice, whereas things like positioning and map awareness provide much more talking points. But the truth is, where you are able to position often directly depends on who you can take on and win, which directly depends on fundamental skills like aiming. So in a sense, talking strategy without mastering the fundamentals is like a chess noob talking middlegame plans, a ten-year-old talking national politics.

    I’m sure I’ll be linking this video to people a lot in the future.

  6. put these videos in a playlist please. will be helpful for binge watching! thank you!

  7. CynicallyObnoxious

    The music makes me think of some Country Kitchen cooking episode

  8. stefanos perivolaris

    U should try and show how to hit a gliding ship at the border and how they could use properly the spotting aircraft mode

    • stefanos perivolaris the speed that a ships moves along the border depends on the angle they are at compares to the border. Closer to 90 degrees slower, closer to 180 faster. That is really all you have as a tool. I suggest firing your guns spaced out to account for errors until you have a more accurate read on the enemy ships speed.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Grant Nelson im a unicum i aready know those things xD
      but i struggle with potato spotting plane still

    • The trick eith plane i have found is put the reticle on the ship and take a shot and see how shells land around it then adjust since each gun has its own archs

  9. I used the NG sight but the game started to crash on a regular basis so I had to uninstall.

  10. When I’m aiming I just look at the ships smoke and estimate the speed and I shoot, getting good results. Still waiting for Slava

  11. there’s also an aiming mod that gives you cat whisker-looking lines for angled targets

  12. LeavesUselessComments

    So this is what “Git gud” means.

  13. I’m about 40% on my hit rate on most of my ships

    • That’s pretty good hit rate, although always room for improvement on individual ships. Use stats to help narrow down what needs work

  14. For aiming at angled ships, the spider web version of the crosshair can make it quite a bit easier.

  15. How I aim: “so anyways, I started blasting”

  16. I was thinking “I’m doing normaly good”…
    after i saw the numbers… wow´s need me… as a moving target. shit.

  17. Im gonna say those guys with the high hit % and damage spend a lot of time farming damage on battleships whereas maybe you mostly go on seek and destroy missions against enemy DDs.

    • I’m gonna agree on that statement. Farming BBs for damage is easy cause they generally don’t move much at all and they’re a big fucking target.

  18. I actually find the Nomogram crosshair mod annoying, for some reasons…

  19. It’s really annoying that all so called content creators keep showing off that cross hair, now all the noobs are going to start using it. Thanks a lot

  20. So… what I’m hearing is that you need to know the speed of every ship in the game in order to land your first shot?

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