How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 4: Autobounce and Overmatch

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Episode 4 of the How to Get Good at World of Warships series teaches autobounce and overmatch. Learn these two concepts as they are important.

For ship data website:


  1. Hehehe. Im gonna use this more in ranked ?

  2. hi peoples ad Ichase <3

  3. I play mostly CVs and CLs, so I think I´ll just get overmatched by basically everyone haha.


    Thanks for reminding me to avoid Russian BBs

  5. Hey these videos are really useful, i recommend them to friends who are starting to learn the game so they understand whats actually going on. great work, keep em coming!

  6. I have to hug island every time I play now, the problem with overmatch mechanic is not the mechanic themselves, it’s the match making. I played a lot of T6, when I get match to the bottom tier I only see T5, but when I get matched with upper tier, I get T8 opponent, even for a bb that’s a definite overmatch.

  7. Thanks for doing these, they are helping!

  8. i see a ship and shoot lol

  9. I think the topics of overmatch and (auto)bounce should have been part of a general explanation how armor and armorpenetration in WoWs works. In my opinion it would be better to explain penetration mechanics first, before explaining overmatch and (auto)bounce mechanics. In many cases it is just important to know whether the shells can penetrate the armor without the need to worry for bounce and overmatch.

    Also when you call the whole thing autobounce, you are misapplying the term autobounce in my opinion. Autobounce should only be applied to the situation where shells will automatically bounce, i.e. when the impact angle is greater than 60° for standard AP shells. For all other situations, i.e. where the shells have only a chance to bounce or do not bounce at all, the situation is better described by just using the term bounce, without the auto.

  10. Played west virginia got into tier 8 mm with a carrier. Died before i even reached any cap

  11. great content iCG, i always feel a little more knowledgeable when i’ve watched your streams.

  12. Excellent video! Thank you very very much for this series, it really helps a lot to a noob like me 🙂

  13. nice
    u forgot the 240mm henri overmatching UK cruisers at high tiers, and some other special light cruisers

    • Jimmiar Reltherford

      Yeah. I remember when I first did that as an “experiment” on a poor Neptune. A citadel and pens straight through the nose. Later, did it to a Mino that was bow tanking me. Popped reload booster and he melted XDXD

  14. Lol yeah everyone should have the Pyotyr in there port very much the keeper. My advice get the AA mod lots of planes flying around low tiers

  15. Can you do a video on the shima? I find it hard to play now with all the radar ships out now. Like a build and torps to use and captin skills?

  16. Excellent series. I struggle with this kind of data so your clear explanation is very helpful. Keep up the great work.

  17. I was waiting for this. Thx. 🙂

  18. Holy crap Batman, SO SO SO good Ichase. Thank you so much for this series. I feel that you have found the perfect series to help us get better. Looking forward to the rest of this series and I do use your vids over and over again.

  19. Well that explains how I keep getting wrecked in my DM when bow in.

  20. I tought the angles where about the actual angle between the armor and the shell… Not the ship’s “line” angle

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