How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 5: Effective Armour Angle on PUSHING & KITING

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Episode 5 of the How to Get Good at World of Warships series teaches effective armour and how you can use it to help pushes, assist in holding positions and how to kite with it effectively.

For ship data website:
For ship gun angle and armour viewer:


  1. Armor angling is a black art though, there’s what should happen and occasionally what actually happens (or often depending on what kind of wizardry the server comes up with)

  2. Turning your ship around under enemy pressure is like flipping a coin. Dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. Always better to risk it and live for a few minutes more.

    • Except knowing to turn early could be a lot safer due to effective armour vs turning late and hoping for the best

    • Reacting early also gives you the chance to become undetected, which is the strongest armor of all. But that’s a whole different Get Good video.

    • iChaseGaming Indeed, it takes experience and using the map to do just that. Honestly people shouldn’t look straight ahead all the time. Look at what the opposite flank is doing especially in a BB. Often you can hit the broadside of cruisers and bbs pushing the opposite flank.

  3. Nice explanation of AP defence, but how does one become that anchor under sustained HE fire?

  4. Ah yes the lemming train one…. kind of useless when enemy has that HE spammers, like smolesnk and colbert. That deplete BB hp faster than a BB. Enemy bb will focused fire you till you are dead anyway because the HE spammers.

    • @Neil Harbott I hate when I look behind in my BB and the train has returned to the station.

    • @Neil Harbott I did nuke a full health Iowa and shattered a heavy push in my Fletcher yesterday.

    • @Mike G That’s why I decided to put a hold on it for today. We all steamed ahead, I’m doing my best to avoid the attention of two DD’s and a CV, notice that the shots are coming in quite frequently, and then see two full health cruisers and two full healts battleships back at our starting point. At the entire southern half of the map, I was the only one on our team that had taken damage so far…

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      Trust me push at the right time and you’ll do wonders even if it means you sacrifice your ship and it’s especially true for BBs, I just had such a game yesterday and because of a well timed push the enemys lost a Thundered a moskva a smolensk and I tanked the enemy Kremlin long enough for the woster and Yoshino on my team to burn him down, by the time I got sunk the Kremlin had around 20k HP left. I was playing in the Großer Kurfürst so not sure how it would’ve turned out with a different BB.
      Done 208k dmg with 11 citadels taking out the Thunderer with one salvo and afterwards the moskva with the forward main guns because I had to angle against the Kremlin.

    • @Mike G sometime people in the lemming train is so scared to get hurt that they leave the whole tanking affair to the head until the train is picked out one by one. What most players do in WoWs is just being content of farm from behind risking as little as possible, and, when things get though, turn and flee with tail between the legs

  5. I like your content. I play the Console version. Still the same mechanics I guess 🙂

  6. Great commentary! WG should share those guides as they will greatly help the community!

  7. auto bounce? still cant beat rains off HE. especialy your on a german BB.

  8. 1:30 – 1:46 : Most important aspect of WoWs ever said, which most people do not understand. Complaining about battleship not willing to fight or dying too fast mostly by the team cruisers and DD is widespread while everyone playing BB knows getting in torps range or 1vs 2 against CA and CL is a very bad idea which would end one way.
    Sinergy is important and is something I just realized yesterday night in my Brindisi: I went in support of a DD on the right flank and we took out a lone enemy DD, but by the time I was back on the left flank, where the enemy push was happening, my BB were all dead and the battle lost. I first wonder how my BB managed to die so fast, but then I noticed the shear volume of fire coming from a Dimitri Donskoi which was supporting their Gneisenau and Sovietski Soyuz and realized my BB were simply out-DPM and burned alive. If I were there may by my DPM would have kept their fire less focussed and the battle would have ended in a different way.
    BTW, BB without eyes are like a boxer without arms and DD should provide vision for as long as they can instead of dying in the first 2 minutes of the game trying to cap going too forward spotted by CV and smoking up, technically blinding themselves ad the whole team.

  9. Thank you for this.
    Now if I can just get some of my clan mates to follow these ideas we might win a few lol.

  10. Thank you very much for work and the tips you yre providing! This works well if you fight against one or two ships!

  11. a pair of battleships pushing from oppposite directions while bow-tanking can eventually run into each other and ram…

  12. Seriously I hope War gaming pay/feature you for these. Great guides.

  13. How do you deal with HE spam in a defense of a push though? You can’t angle that off

  14. what is that weakness of vladivostok again? somehow i cant see it

  15. BB: Angling
    Ship behind the island: U wot m8

  16. I kinda feel like the ussr bbs are most reliant on angleing cus their citadels are exposed but their bow armor is super strong.

  17. great stuff…learning something watching each one of these. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

  18. With the current state of the game, Angling won’t do much from the HE spam that will burn you down long before you get to any cap!

  19. Meanwhile RNG: SAP citadel on a tier 10 battleship

  20. I am learning SO much about this game from your videos. Had I not watched your videos I would not have known the game was this deep. Please keep your videos coming!

    For the life of me despite research I still cannot understand the rules for when to use HE and when to use AP. Would be great to see an in depth video on that.

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