How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 7: CV Fundamentals

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In episode 7 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I cover the fundamentals to becoming a better CV player. In this episode I cover the very basics of setting up your CV, attacking, avoiding flak, slingshot, plane conservation and a tiny bit of CV positioning. Enjoy!


  1. How to git gud at CVs; go to the forums and ask for WG to give back RTS :3

    • Do you like rts graff zeppelin?

    • The reason is graff zeppelin rts

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      burhan nudin one CV results in the whole change in RTS? lmfao what kind of dumb logic is that?
      Graf Zeppelin was fucking overpowered period and needed a nerf hammer.
      Everyone wanted GZ nerfed but wg did fuckall in balancing it and instead gave us the cv rework.

      No other cvs in rts had its ap dive bombing power that was literally click and boom. (autobomb circle reticule) that could strike at any angle and one-shot a bb with 6+ citadels, which was completely op and braindead. Every other RTS CV could only 1 shot a bb with a well executed cross drop of torpedoes (which actually took some skill to do).

    • You need to let it go, pal. It’s done. They’ll never go back. Yes, it’s a shame, and I really dislike the current CV gameplay (esp. the rockets), but the RTS game mode was broken – fun, but broken, and they will never go back. So perhaps time to change your tune?

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Idk why i felt sad with this vid.
    Maybe because it’s reminiscent of your beloved RTS CV guide that was well regarded by the community many years ago…

    • I played RTS, and it was awful. Things like the 1-1-0 Bogue or the terrible balance between the USN and IJN. And the silly and constant Midway nerfs because as iChase said, the USN can’t have nice things. This action play style is way way better.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      @charliedontsurf334 The imbalance between lines were true for basically the entire length of RTS, just before the rework Midway and most of the USN line got some love.

    • charliedontsurf334 The action playstyle absolutely sucks though. It interacts with ships terribly (barely any time to rest between strikes) and has minimal interaction with the other CV.

    • charliedontsurf334

      @TheAmazingCowpig I agree that CV on CV needs to be more of a thing. Their reasoning for making them nearly impervious to one another does not hold water. It was to keep CV’s from nuking one another like back in RTS, but that is not possible any more. CV’s used to be able to nuke any ship in the game except AA Cruisers. They only have a single squadron now so at least you get a rest. What would be a good way to improve the interaction timing while keeping them aircraft carriers?

    • @TheAmazingCowpig yep, and it stupidly boring

  3. How to get good in a tier 6 cv in a tier 8 game?

    • slingshotting and plane preserving while dodging as much flak as possible, as he says

    • Don’t forget to choose your target wisely as well. Overlapping AA is OP.

    • Define ‘good’…

      You are not going to carry. Content yourself with making sure your friendly ships win.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      enemy DDs are still wide open to you so slay those, same goes for lone stragglers and… lo and behold… flying out just beyond AA reach and keep those ships spotted so the “hanging out at back” BBs can snipe at them. while the later is enabling a bad playstyle..yeah well do you care to lose ?

  4. Thanks! This was immensely useful to understand the game mechanics for someone which practically never uses CV

  5. Thx for guide. I was an RTS CV player so this helps me get accustomed to new CVs. In RTS days I was more focused on protecting friendly with fighters but new CVs are attack focused so it’s taking a while to get good at them again.

  6. really missed the builds for the other CV’s though

  7. Thank you i have been asking for this one for a few episodes. Thanks again

  8. Sadly the commentary sound could be a bit higher, when comes to streams the level of it is OK, why not here? I need to pump up the volume on my amplifier whenever I watch your YT videos @iChase
    And about the CV play: I don’t play much with them, finding them very boring, maybe after this tutorial I will try to play more a bit.

  9. The slingshot mechanic is absolute bs. It feels like a bug that WG just decided to call a feature because they were too lazy to fix it…

    • That’s because it IS an unintentional side effect of the multiple attacks from one flight mechanic.

      We said it was dumb and would have this effect during PTS. WG ignored us.

  10. Can you turn up you volume? I have a hard time hearing you with any slight ambient sound. Great info man, Ty!

  11. Nice explanation. I am really struggling with CVs and apparently I’m playing the easiest ones! ??

    • I found that the t4 brit carrier sucks, it just doesnt do damage. The t6 it gets MUCH MUCH better. So dont get discouraged. Also the japanese are only the hardest to play imo because their planes get murdered by AA and you have to pick and choose targets wisely, while british planes are tanks but just dont do that much damage.

    • @RhettoricFN That could explain why I struggle to get any good damage games ? I can blame the ship now ??

  12. Just FYI, you DO have control of the squadron during the slingshot…you can change their boost and turn them…you just cant see what is going on.

    Subtle but important distinction….

  13. “…I want to bomb the Kremlin”

    now that sounds dangerous

  14. First of all, Flamuu would start with saying that CVs roll/the things they excel at, is to hunt DDs and you’r bad for not doing it first. With that out of the way.
    The last I played, I went for AA module and bombers modification all-round. I didn’t find rocket planes that good back then and I wanted to have every bit better AA for late game cv vs cv.
    I didn’t reach tier 10, so I can’t say on the last module.
    DE for non-japanese.
    In my mind SS doesn’t look to be worth 4 points and I would prefer to have CE. With CE you have smaller detectability circle of your planes and therefore a smaller circle where the DD can be, when the planes are spotted by one. Also makes it easier to move closer.
    For japanese I was considering skiping TA, I didn’t think that the loss in range was worth +5knts and even longer arming distance.
    From what I remember, when doing an attack with rockets planes(after clicking LMB) DON’T USE A or D keys, the reticale doesn’t shrink as much if you use A or D to adjust your aim.
    When attacking a moving target factor in about 0.5s of rocket travel time worth of lead. If attacking from broadside of a ship try to have the reticale at or above the deck of the ship.
    With torpedo bombers drop at least a ship length ahead of a moving target. Dropping a bit early requires a bit more lead but increases the odds of torpedoes arming even if the target tries to turn in.
    With Japanese Dive bomber I would recommend to spend some time in the training room figuring out how to drop your targets. Dropping right away (with some lead) or before starting to leveling out had the best chance of citadels for me.
    Check distances of starting an attack on stationary and later moving targets in the training room. For shoukaku it was ~7km for stationary 8+km for a moving target head on, 6? for running away?
    Late game CV vs CV:
    Use TBs and rocket planes, 1 strike at time if your far away from the target. TB’s heal can be used to somewhat mitigate a single figther cover, not sure about fighter cover in combination with AA.
    Dive bombers only from head on and they will likely get shredded before they can get to drop.

  15. Thanks for this tutorial, I learned a lot from it. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about using fighter squads for spotting and about the spotting role of CVs generally.

  16. I have to say the invulnerability just has to go. I enjoy slingshotting as much as anyone else, but it negates so much of the AA effectiveness when its already pretty low most of the time.

    With how strong the O key sort of is sometimes, and then having to watch them damn planes to see when they start taking damage again and THEN use it. Its too much time.

  17. Thank you for the slingshot explanation – had seen other CVs do this in game and wondered why they seemed invulnerable!

  18. Thank you Chase, invaluable to have the fundamentals explained as many of them are not that apparent from watching good replays!

  19. I’ve always played DDs the most and then BBs, so I’m still learning how to play CVs and I found this video very useful. Thank you for your hard work. Have a great day and keep it up. 🙂 _SteelShark

  20. I’m nowhere near ready to attempt playing any CV, but I appreciate the information you present in this video series.

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