How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 8: Modules

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In episode 8 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I discuss module selection for both surface ships and carriers.


  1. iChase, the value you bring to the community is invaluable!

  2. You’re a teacher right? How do you have time to play this game? I’m one myself and I barely have enough time for work much less the game ?

  3. The ad preceding this: “GET CLOSE… To the words of the Prophets.”
    Seems apt.

  4. Chase note one thing – WG will change a lot of module upgrades on 0.9.1

  5. very useful advice indeed, thanks!!!

  6. I’m a double rudder Zao player and I’m personally offended by the first part 🙂

    • Double rudder Mogami wants a word with him as well.

    • Do triple rudder sometime its hilarious, 2.8s shift. You can wiggle like a mad man, even helps when rushing someone down. Gotta get used to a 11km detection tho.

    • @Matthew Robinson My rudder is already at 3.3, so it’s basically DD level. But you have to give up range to get it, it isn’t worth it for me because 18.8km is barely enough for my playstyle.

    • @Shedin Dhinakar The better dispersion of the legendary is worth it. Just balls of death and fire every salvo lol

  7. Shouldn’t you go for Aux.Arm. Mod I in ships like Worcester because your AA is awesome and you should preserve it, and you don’t care that much about one of your turrets being knocked out?

  8. I have to disagree on a few things here iChase.

    The double rudder mod is a viable thing for ships like a 155mm Mogami played in open water shooting all the time. You want to keep shooting so stealth mod just doesn´t give you anything beside the 5% dispersion malus. There, and i will grand that it is a rare case, the stealth mod is pretty useless for most of the time.

    The auxilliary mod 1 upgrade is pretty usefull on BBs that don´t lose their main gins often.(french being the exception) This safes aa and sec mounts for later in the game which is pretty good with the many CVs that are around these days.

  9. 2:20 you’re right, but…. that means you can’t shot either.

    the very best is to shoot and not get hit in return and therefore double rudder is more usefull than concealment. that is a fact, not an opinion 😉
    but yes, you should only use it on very selected ships(cruiser) with good concealment anyway and depents on your playstyle with these specific ships. for me, mogami is the only one i use it.

  10. would apreciate a video about positioning radar ships like des moine.

  11. Well done again. I truly wish I had seen videos like this when I first started playing

  12. some ships are better with double rudder/acceleration bc theyre shooting all the timr anyways, and dodging shells is better

  13. Too bad that this video is going to be outdated in a couple of patchs…

  14. Italian, french and russian cruisers all have ruddershift builds, your going to be firing from range anways so concealment isnt going to help

  15. Your logic for Concealment is fine and works well for CA/CL. However, here is a counter argument. I have built my USN BB Iowa with increased range and a dispersion buff. Yes, I took Target Acquisition, Artillery Plotting Room Mod 1 & 2. It has a range of 27.1 km and a 23% dispersion buff. If they can’t acquire you as a target and shoot at you, what does it matter if they can see you?

  16. Nice to have this upload from iChase. Good stuff, even if we are not REQUIRED to agree with every Oort and leaving. This at least presents that there ARE considerations and choices to be made. Please consider that even to this day, WoWs does not really have an integrated series of ‘How to’s for the beginning player, and even though it took me the not too bright many months, I did finally stumble across iChase and others who cared enough to lay down some videos that posited many ‘Did you know that a player can …” WoWs, and WG had really given nothing, CC’s like iChase gave much to us newbies. I’ve not gotten that much better than I was at the beginning, but with the help of some of our better CCs the game certainly has become more comprehensible and enjoyable that it was without what they contribute. I really don’t think that the weak and cheap shots taken (e.g.”uh, dummy, WG is going to change things, snarf, snarf!”) were appropriate. Anything to help players as early in the process as possible is a good thing.

  17. cv don’t care your concealment at all, just non-stop sending planes out and cv can spot everything. What a sad truth.

  18. Its a bad time to explain on modules as weegee bout to change them in like 2 update ( aprox 2-3 month)

  19. All modules will change very soon by Wargaming.
    The modules as we know now, will overworked.

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