How To Improve Battleship Accuracy in World of Warships Legends

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  1. Finally, someone who can actually play the game teaching!

  2. Question, should I angle as a battle ship if my armor is a green ish on the outside and my belt?

    • If you go into the armor viewer, you can select the armor values on the right side of the screen. It will then tell you the size of the guns that the armor is capable of bouncing when it is angled. For example, 16 mm of armor can bounce 208 mm cruiser guns, but when it is angled.

    • Yes, even if it’s not green-ish. Angling is how you survive against other BBs and CCs spamming AP at you. You can even survive a full salvo from a Yamato if you angle right. Did just that yesterday against a Musashi (Tier 8 sister ship of Yamato). Even its monstrous 460 mm shells means nothing if you can angle right and make their shells bounce off of you.

  3. Can you do a video like this for destroyers and Crusiers also?

  4. (question) with the little images above the ribbons that show penetrate, overpen, shatter, ricochet but what does the 4th image mean left to the ricochet i never knew what it meant any could only think penetrate but shattered

    • Shawn Christensen

      So you’re missing one. There are a total of 5 Target Hit ribbons. These are broken down into penetrate, over penetration, shatter, torpedo protection hit, and ricochet. I’m pretty sure that torpedo protection hit is the one you’re missing, as its symbol on the ribbon does kind of look like a “penetrate but shattered”, however there is no actual ribbon by that classification. For all intents and purposes torpedo protection hit acts as a “shattered” ribbon in that it deals no damage, and it is primarily there to tell players why their shells didn’t do any damage despite hitting near the waterline where a player would expect damage to occur. Hopes this helps!

  5. Perhaps you should have included on how to aim at ships moving diagonally? I’ve watched too many players on my team who can barely land a single shell at a ship moving diagonally, it’s frustrating as hell to watch.

    Hopefully you can cover that as well. I’m getting tired of carrying potatoes who can’t aim decently.

  6. For those who don’t know: Shell grouping is actually the sigma value which determines the chance how much the shells will gravitate towards the center. The higher the sigma value the stronger the shells will gravitate towards the center. Dispersion is the overall area the shells can land in and it looks like an ellipse. Simply put the sigma can be imagined as a smaller ellipse inside the dispersion ellipse where about 50% of all shells possible land (not per salvo). Good to know also is that if you decrease the dispersion (decrease the dispersion area) you also decrease the “sigma area”. But if you only increase the shell grouping (the sigma value) you will only increase the “sigma area”. So for some ships that have really good dispersion but poor sigma (like the german BCs) you want inspirations like Cunningham and for most BBS (like US BBs with good sigma and okay dispersion overall) inspirations like AL Scharnhorst are better.

  7. Of course, what kind of profile the enemy ship is presenting is also a thang to consider. It’s easier hitting a broadside target then a bow tanking one. But like he said, knowing if your bb has vertical or horizontal dispersion is half the battle. I’ll take horizontal dispersion over vertical dispersion any day

  8. Why wouldn’t you use Gyrating Drillbits? It gives you faster traverse and increases AP damage.

  9. This is genuinely such a well put together explanation, imagine the game had something like this for new players

  10. PG- Any insight as to whether or not “resetting” commanders and inspirations helps?

  11. Love the delivery, straight to the valid points.

  12. Oh hell yeah the Germans aren’t known for their accuracy, but they make it up with thicker armour and hard to hit citadels

  13. LOL mutsu close range is horrendous

  14. @ball chungus ja

  15. Does this apply in the PC version?

  16. Mijical magie Mance

    Thanks pg for helping me improve my accuracy I appreciate it keep up the good work

  17. Oh man… please do more of these. So simple and to the point.

  18. After watching this I came first with the new mexico really thank uou

  19. Either that or recochet off everything

  20. Christoffer Ahnstedt

    True. People LOVE to blame RNG for everything. Though it may be many other factors influencing what happens.

  21. can you show us a bulid for new mexico and commander for george dewey

  22. My logic is that if I’m in a BB, I’m, going to spend most of the battle on fire anyway, so I might as well take Flam Can and get a bit of accuracy while I’m burning.

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