How to Play: Battleships | World of Warships

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Today, we’ll go through the features of battleships—the most powerful ship type in the game—and show you how to play them.
Our aim is to help new Captains acclimatize and familiarize themselves with various aspects of our favorite game. This time, we’re going to tell you about battleships.

00:00 Battleships in World of Warships
00:40 Features of battleships
01:30 Fighting at long and medium ranges
04:15 Fighting at close range
05:30 Tactics
06:05 Choose your targets
06:50 Improve the reload time of guns
07:15 When to fire high-explosive shells
07:40 Usage of semi-armor-piercing shells
08:00 Situational awareness when choosing targets
08:20 How to improve turret traverse speed
08:40 What determines the effectiveness of a battleship salvo
09:25 Battleship survival under enemy fire
11:40 Positioning
12:35 Anti Air
13:15 Predicting and dealing with torpedo spreads
14:00 Strategical tasks

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  1. select your ship and click battle

  2. Nico der Feuerlöscher

    Damn nice. This Video is a massive improvement after the Game basics for beginners joke.

  3. Please improve the default settings. New players remain trash at the game because the intel that the game displays is nonexistent. Press + + + to increase mini map size. Click the cog wheel above the minimap -> Enable ship names -> Enable last knows position ->
    Enable concealment ranges. Settings -> Alternative interface -> Full. These setting are so important to your decision making, no matter
    your ship class. Im going to post this on every of you “how to” videos.

    • Imho ship names on minimap should be default , the size should be on medium, not the smallest one, same with concealment ranges.

  4. Guillaume Charlier

    good series, keep it going

  5. Oi! WG, you should implement multiple camera angles in ports. The ones you showed in this video were beautiful. Camera angles that show the beauty of the port and of course the ship itself.

  6. 1:00 3 reasons why you should not camp and shoot long distance
    Still it’s the only option you have in the current meta, no one will play close combat even with lots of HP and powerful guns

  7. cant wait to see the other videos for the other classes, after seeing this.

  8. the Bismarck is by far my favourite ship to use 🙂

  9. Johan Van Cauwenberghe

    As a new WoW player learning all the time … thanks for the series. 🙂

  10. But BBs aren’t the most powerful. It’s the two ship types you promised would never be in the game..CVs and subs

  11. These videos are very helpful, and entertaining to watch. Everyone should remember to not camp on the map border!

  12. Can you make a new “How it works” for map spawning? I would like to know the WG game mechanics behind opening spawn selection before the battle starts. For example, why are ships map spawned are so close to other team mates?

  13. Cvs and subs are the meta now…bb are garbage now, thanks WG

  14. How to play battleship:
    Well you dont, easy as that, unless players wanna be burn down alive in 5 – to minutes of the match.
    In the curret state of the game HE Spaming is broken, useless AA and annoying submarine as hell.
    Unless HE is nerfing, AA is getting better on BB, and as for the subs, what about increase the arming distance and spotting them to 1km – 1.8 km (like a normal torps from any ships), in that
    way ship have better time to dogde them

  15. This is genuinely good and helpful. I hope more players see this!

  16. 1:33 close combat would love to get the massachusetts or change the values of flandre to a more agincourt or massachusetts like and longer secondary.

  17. Wargaming pls make a separate mode with only the surface ships competing. No CVs No Subs just plain old ships shooting each other with guns and torps.

  18. Good video guys, little late for a 7 years old game, but nevertheless helpful to new players (and lots of veterans I fear).

    Keep going guys

  19. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    This was great ty for doing so many tutorial vids

  20. I’m on the Japanese Battleship line and when I shoot from any distance the shells don’t go at all where I aim. They sometimes form a perfect X or V shape and miss the target by huge margins. I even pull up next to enemy ships, shoot them point blank and the shells still miss. This is getting ridiculous. All the shots made in the video have the shells go exactly as aimed.

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