How To Play French Cruiser Friant In World Of Warships

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Table of Contents (Click to Skip)
01:35 – In game Play Style
06:20 – Stats
09:45 – Upgrades
11:38 – Battle Start

The Friant is the T3 French that is the most modern T3 currently in the game. The ship itself is a design only and never existed as a real ship however I do feel like the ship was a prototype to the T4 Duguay-Trouin class (which was real). The 139mm guns position it in a unique place to take advantage of BFT and AFT for those looking to put a dedicated captain on this T3 ship. Both upgrades would help out tremendously!


  1. Hey I’m first! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. I am up to t8 with the cool red camo that you could win. I lke the ships untill t7. The shells sheem to shatter alot and at t8 this ship blows up alot. I cant wait untill you get there.

  3. that CV player surely doesn’t know, how his ship works

  4. the early french cruisers are retarded, you can basically give broadside and sneak up to bbs and torp them.

  5. I find the french cruisers got troll armor, since AP will just overpen their armor. Unless the heavier armored french cruisers, those got easy citadels

  6. The name of the cruiser is a bit of a funny name for us french speaker because Friant also mean keen, as in (i am very keen (friant) on this idea/ i am not so keen (friant) on this build. etc…

  7. FirestreakRodimusPr

    hey, I find your channel to be very educational and its helped me think more about the ships but can you do more videos about what NOT to do in different ships or classes or where not to go in different maps?

  8. 124k in a tier 3. Wow

  9. How nice! You knew I was about to unlock Friant so you made me a video on how not to derp in it. UPK, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  10. Think that this would be my seal clubber of choice if I wanted to go back to the lower tiers.
    At least the spaced armor allows you to negate HE citadels.

  11. I recently started down the French Cruiser line and am enjoying it greatly. AP can wreck thin skinned ships and the HE is bane to everyone. I recently got a Kraken, High Caliber and Confederate on my Duguay-Trouin

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