How to Play Gorizia World of Warships Italian Cruisers Wows Ship Guide

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How to Play Italian Cruisers Gorizia World of Warships Wows Guide including full ship upgrades and captain skills including review and high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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Gorizia is the Italian promo premium Tier VII cruiser given away free as reward for completing the third set of directives in the Christmas event for the Puerto Rico. Even if you fail to complete these directives and wondering how to get the Gorizia it is still also available in the premium store.

Tier VII Gorizia is a heavy Zara-class cruiser. The Italian Navy, the Regia Marina designed the Zara class as light cruisers due to the Washington Naval Treat which was signed in 1922 by 5 powers after WW1 in an effort to prevent a new naval arms race. The Regia Marina wanted a heavy class cruiser so the light cruiser class Zara was converted and upgraded as a protected cruiser design and then again enhanced to become the desired heavy class cruiser.
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On Sept 8th 1943, the armistice between Italy and the Allies was signed and the German navy wanted Italy to turn their backs while they took command of Gorizia. The British became aware of the German plan and a mission was planned to stop it. The operation was called QWZ for an attack against the Italian cruisers Bolzano and Gorizia. On June 26th, 1944 the British and Italian teams moved to the port of La Spezia by British submarine. Four manned torpedos were launched and entered the port, placed their charges under Gorizia’s hull. The charges went off and she sank at her moorings preventing her use by the German. In 1946 after ww2 ended Gorizia was raised and her hull scrapped over the next few years.



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, I recently picked up the Gorizia for completing the third set of directives in the current Puerto Rico event. It proved to be quite challenging to play and I think it could prove to be really quite difficult for inexperienced players. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think of the Gorizia or Italian cruisers in general and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Well played CC……..I gather this is not a ship you are fond of from what you reported.

    Just got the Fabuki, which is a beast of a ship, is the rest of the line good? I’ve rally focused down on being a torpedo boat, and i am enjoying it, particularly since I think the British DD has well prepared me.

    • Hi Keith, that’s great. The Fubuki is a great ship and there are some great torpedo boats in the Japanese line. As for the Gorizia it’s just my honest assessment of the ship and what it’s capable of. It’s a premium ship that simply doesn’t feel like a premium.

    • Fubuki is such fun to play! Play it slow and wise, plan torps and watch minimap 🙂

  3. Nice vid. I bought her to get through the first three directives and the other missions and win her doubloons back. Yes, she is challenging. I would prefer to wait until this is all over and play her when I’m not forced to, as it were, but even the forced play was not unpleasant. I think it’s good to have ships like these in the game. Sansonetti’s rapid expert reloader talent definitely comes in handy when choosing the right ammo for the next salvo.

    • Hi Jsm, thank you. Yes I was a little slow in my decision making on choosing AP at certain times in this particular game which could have yielded better results. I do agree it’s good to have different lines and attributes in the game as it helps keep it fresh and mixes it up a bit. This line is just very tough and unforgiving for new players and there seem to be quite a few of those in the game right now -)

    • @Carbine Carlito I wasn’t trying to criticise your play by any means; just pointing out the obvious that sometimes you do need the other ammo type in a hurry and Sansonetti certainly helps with that. This is particularly the case in co-op, where the bots react quickly to your ammo changes and angle appropriately. By having SAP loaded, you can goad them into showing broadside. Then hit 2, reload your barrels with AP in about 3.5 seconds and pop it in where it will do most good before they can turn away enough to bounce it.

  4. Dealing large amounts of damage with the Italian ships is like making fine Italian wine….it takes time.

  5. Got it, tried it, hated it, sold it… I think is too dependent on good captain. Only good for DD harassment.
    While playing Fiji or Edinburgh I have no problems dealing with Gorizia.

  6. “Quite challenging to play” that’s the point, it seems.

  7. My tactic’s in the Gorizia is to shoot, then gesticulate wildly as I flee, praying to the RNG God for mercy.

  8. Still waiting on that Puerto Rico event review 🙂 It’s never too late …..

    • Hi Armadio, I might lose my voice due to all the shouting/expletives -)

    • @Carbine Carlito Carbine , got to admit, it’s kinda got you thinking hey? C’mon, you know you want to. A brief expose at least…

    • @Armadio I’m going do my best and remain calm and wait until I have the ship myself and given it a thorough test before I make my mind up for sure. That video might be an interesting one though -)

    • @Carbine Carlito Have you done much of the grind? I’m on directive 4, i lost heart early after doing a little homework so didnt bust myself with the grind. I didn’t buy any boosters either. ”A fool is easily parted with his money” they say. Well, I guess i was just lucky being broke after giving the kids the best crissy i could. I hope they never pull a PR stunt (Pardon the pun) like this again. Ever.

    • @Armadio I’ve unlocked directive 7 but I won’t complete it. I used one booster with doubloons I had earned from containers so it was obtainable. I don’t have the Puerto Rico yet but 3 more days should do it, it was damn tough. Played a lot of good games in high tier premiums to get it done. Frankly it was too much, I was just lucky I had a lot of time off during the holidays but still the grind was too much. I hope also they don’t repeat this but it seems to be their model now.

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