How To Play HMS Conqueror In World Of Warships

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—Will Fix Later (yes I know)—

The T10 Conqueror is often times labeled as the most “OP T10 BB in the game” but why? Well, quite honestly, it’s the stealthiest T10 BB in the game, it has viable AP rounds, and stupid powerful HE rounds that start fires basically every salvo. The ship has a stupid powerful heal and good AA.

What isn’t to like? Well, for one, it takes normal penetration damage from every source and is an HE spam magnet. It also gets focused down the minute it is spotted because it is so lethal if left alone. Quite honestly, while it is easy to do well, I don’t like this ship’s HE spamming play style. I didn’t care for it in previous BB’s either but there is no denying that one left alone will destroy many things before it finally gets taken down!


  1. This thing basically needs no introduction.

  2. You just need to stay at >15 km ,fire he.wreck every bb(especially currywurst),let your teammates die,blame them for bad play.

  3. high caliber HE spam perhaps?

  4. with the rudder shift of the conqueror already being the fastest at tier 10 (montana with steering mod is 17.8s conqueror is 17.3s base) so i decided to use damage control mod 2 instead of steering gears mod 2 as i can dodge shells just fine with montana with steering gears

  5. Stupid ship imo
    For braindead players

  6. Wait, this ship need a how to play? XD

  7. Um, since like 1912 ships were easier to spot by air than sea that is why aircraft carriers exist. But for game play I get it.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +trek ciaravino Hah, not my point lol. It’s one of the few ships in game spotted by aircraft before other ships which is an awkward position to be in.

  8. SuicidalTendencies

    2 Flints and a belfast hows that for anoying HE spam? XD

  9. The reason you can’t find anything about the Conq is that it isn’t it’s own ship.
    It was going to be a Lion class (5th one, iirc, and Thunderer would’ve been in a similar config to it) with different guns and I forget what else.

    • Conqueror was the third proposed Lion class battleship

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +TheTripleAce3 Let’s not confuse what would have been a real battleship had the need continued with what Conqueror is in game. This ship is not related to the Lion Class outside of being a RNBB and having the same gun barrels. The conqueror sports an extra turret and more armor on the turrets and belt over the Lion class. Also, that isn’t the only Conqueror in the RN either! Not even in terms of BBs! There was one in the Orion Class, also in this game! 🙂

  10. Honestly, if WG buffed the 457’s, making them a better option, the Conqueror HE spam wouldn’t be a big issue.

    • You clearly have never played the 457 conq. It is just as stupid and just as broken, maybe turned down 20%. 80% of Stupidly OP and Broken is only (Slightly Less) Stupidly OP and Broken.

  11. Well this video pretty much sums it up. Thanks Peacekeeper.

  12. how to play hms conqueror

    well you just need to be brain dead and sit at 20km+ have HE loaded and just click the left mouse button, its the definition if cancer itself + you can spam the T key when your hp is low because you can heal to full hp 4 times and 5 with superintended
    (not hating or anything im just pissed that this thing is in the game)

  13. you stream todey or no?

  14. Good review. Yea I agree with the carry potential assessment of this ship. The frustrating part comes from the fact that there is almost nothing that enemy battleships can do to avoid being absolutely devastated. Say good bye to your health pool, your AA mounts, secondaries, etc. You don’t get rewarded for good play or forcing the enemy to make mistake. Perfectly angled enemies and you still can take 17k off of them and set 2-3 fires on a good salvo…

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +Jeff Shapiro Absolutely. The HE damage is ridiculous and unnecessary IMO. If it wasn’t for decent AP,there would be no reason to use AP ever…

    • Whiskey’s Gaming Lounge and the ship would be reasonably competitive if it were AP only is the sad thing.

  15. I’ve been trying to find your videos, the German Destroyers How to Play series, if you don’t have it can you make one sometime soon. If you have made one where can I find it?

    Thank you – Rear_Adm_Fubar

  16. Can you tell me how to get 200,000 ship xp

  17. On tier 5 battleships

  18. Specifically the new York

  19. If I recall correctly, when announcing the UK BB line, Wargaming did say somewhere that the Conqueror was inspired by the N3 design. But, as you point out, the Conqueror in-game doesn’t resemble it at all. It’s clearly based on the KGV, but with the N3’s guns.

  20. Good video it would be nice to see your Captain skills

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +Fishy At the beginning of the play list for the RNBBS is an entire video for captain skills. I’m on my mobile phone at the moment otherwise I’d post a link! 🙂

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