How To Play HMS Orion In World Of Warships

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The HMS Orion is an upgrade over Bellerophon in that it gains more reliable guns, heavier armor and retains the good HE and decent maneuverability and stealth. She does have some pretty hit or miss AP, but is far better than Bellerophon in that regard. The ships play nearly identical though and do reward good positioning. Just be cautious of their lack of overall durability. Tanking damage is not easy as no amount of angling seems to make a difference in the damage you take. It’s a lot like Kongou in that regard. If the shells hit the belt they’ll bounce, but the superstructure just eats normal penetrations like a fat kid eats candy! πŸ™‚


  1. This is such a powerful fun BB. I rarely even use HE with it!

  2. this is Low Tier OP at its Finest!

    • I agree, except for that OP Russian thing, the Imperator something or other. If it gives you a full broadside you can do some serious damage, but generally I don’t like to trade salvos with it. Maybe it’s just because the Russian ship has more guns.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      It’s a decent ship, but far from OP, at least IMO.

  3. Hope you aren’t disappointed when you get to Iron Duke..I would much rather play, and have had far better luck with Orion. Iron Duke’s dispersion, to me is worse, and Her AP is again “Meh”….I have found with Orion that if one doesn’t angle quite as sharply, and take more shells on her belt (still at an angle) I seem to take less damage.Β  Ive found Orion to be a consistant brute when using her HE

    • Plus the Iron Duke can be up-tiered against Tier 7 ships. The ID doesn’t compare well to any of them. In the Orion you are outclassed by Tier 5 ships but not by the same degree. You can still contribute to your team. I did once sink a Gneisenau with the Iron Duke, but only because he ran aground, took a couple of torps from a friendly cruiser and used his damage control, and I set him on fire with HE and burned him down. It was pretty cool, but hardly typical of what happens when you get up-tiered two levels.

    • Agree completely..Tier 5 MM has and still is extremely hard on tier 5 BB’s, and tier 4 offers you another “level” of protection if you will.Β  I wanted to like Iron Duke..but..if I go tier 5, I will still take out My least that way I can swat airplanes, and feel that my main guns are more accurate

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      So far the Iron Duke is doing well… seems to be much better well rounded and far more durable to boot. AP seems to work better, HE is still strong, and armor is thick enough to bounce things fairly reliably! I like it, personally.

  4. I agree that you usually don’t want to close the distance too much with the Orion, except perhaps against against a Wyoming or a lone enemy BB that has less HP than you do. I wouldn’t call the Orion a long range HE spammer, more like a mid-range HE spammer. After I moved a captain with concealment expert into the Orion which along with Camo reduces your detection range to around 12 km, or a little more, I found that was a pretty good range to engage enemy ships of all types. Under the right conditions; no sneaky enemy DD’s coming closer to spot you, you can move out detection range and heal up when necessary or escape from being focused fired. When you can pull this tactic off; it’s obviously not something you can do all the time, it can make you very scary to the opposing team.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      Since it’s a T4, few captains will be keeping her long enough to get 10 points to get CE on the ship! The tactic is very similar to how the USN Stealth Builds work on their BB’s. If only it was easier to get 10 points by the time you hit T4! πŸ˜›

  5. Good review. Any word on weather or not you’d be creating a community discord channel or something to that effect?

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      Yes! Two big announcements coming Friday πŸ˜› I wont spoil it, but there may or may not be something in there to answer this question πŸ˜€

  6. I’ve only got to the Orion; and it’s a prime example of why you need Expert Loader. Always switching between HE and AP, depending on your target. Cruisers, no problem one shot deleting them. BBs…eh. I was once at VERY close range with a Wyoming, aiming for the citadel, was getting crap in return.

    But I have done tons of fire damage on BBs.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      There is a pretty strong case there for EL on the RNBB’s so far. I’m finding the upper tier ships to be less sensitive to ammo choices which is a good sign IMO! πŸ™‚

  7. RN BB AP is lousy, particularly range. Hence the HE theme. But your not going to score AP damage unless you actually score hits…

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      There is that too! πŸ˜› Orion is at least better at it, but it’s still not that great. Been playing the Iron Duke and it’s pretty dang good πŸ™‚

  8. A slight suggestion: Go over the armor layout a bit more in depth. I use videos like this one to know how to best engage ships when I come across them and where to aim. It was because of you that I know to lead French ships a bit longer.

    By the way, a few months ago I asked you about a stealth/survivability Hipper. It has fared pretty well. I do miss the rudder shift, but it works out getting to under 11km without being detected so I can best use that German AP.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      When it comes to battleships, pretty much any time they expose sufficient side, the water line on the side is the best place to aim… hitting the superstructure when they are nose on with AP will generally yield best damage, but it isn’t always the case. I’ll try to go over it more in the future! πŸ™‚

      Glad Stealth Hipper is working out for you! πŸ™‚

  9. Just a note on the ‘super Dreadnought’ designation. While they were bigger than the Dreadnought, they actually got the ‘super’ designation because the main guns were arranged in a ‘super’ firing arrangement… just sayin πŸ™‚

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      The term “Superdreadnought” really doesn’t have a true definition, although the superfiring large caliber guns definitely has a lot to do with the “super” part of it!

    • I always thought it was the rise in main gun calibre to 13.5 inch.

  10. the iron duke is a bigger orion with worse matchmaking
    if u aint LOVE the orion u will be dissapointed since i think the orion is the better shop because of the matchmaking.

    the key RLY even if u dont think so, IS AP! the ap on the brits is amazing dont get trolled by good salves from ur HE, sure HE is amazing but if u get a broadside u get a nice 20k+ every shot u make and damage between 100-200k with orion and iron duke are rly common

    the 12k u got in the end are rly common, before u just not hit with ur shells xD

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      Actually, I quite like Iron Duke, she seems far more capable and at least armored enough to bounce incoming AP somewhat. The AP is pretty good though and so is the HE.

    • nice u like it πŸ™‚ but still its the same in bigger and most people like orion more ^^ maybe u just not had the most luck in it πŸ™‚ you should not hate it to fast i would say its the strongest TIV battleship

  11. The Orion is a beast i one shot a kawachi with the AP. He did give me a perfect broadside but to one shot a BB is proof enough the AP is a beast on the ship

  12. Nice to see a review of the Tech Tree Nikolai.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      I don’t know that Orion is quite THAT good or that Nikolai is quite that bad… but I’ve never played Nikolai though =

    • Whiskey’s Gaming Lounge – I love my Nikolai but Orion is just as good for 3 reasons. Orion has AA. Very good for Tier 4. Orion has ridiculous HE that can citadel cruisers and earn you Arsonist on BBs. And Nikolai needs to stay angled to avoid citadels. Orion rarely takes citadels. IOW Orion is the ultimate BB for dummies. You actually need to have some idea of how to drive a BB for success with Nikolai.

  13. The main guns design reminds me of Fuso’s guns.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      There is a good reason for that! πŸ˜› The British designed a large number of ships for the Japanese before, during and just after WWI.

  14. In my Texas the other day, first salvo from this dumb thing, 2 fires. Repair while trying to sneak away. Spotted seconds after by dd, here comes his second salvo, 3 fires. Come the f*ck on. Probably would have been 4 fires if not for me running my Iowa captain in the Texas with fire prevention skill. Same issue playing my dear Haruna as well. No amount of fire prevention can deal with these dickhead ships.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      This is by far my least favorite aspect of this line of ships. I’m sure other BB’s can do it too with the fire chance, but few do it with the same HE alpha of the RN BB’s. Conqueror is the most egregious example of this… that ship does this so frequently and lands 10-17k damage HE salvo’s far more consistently then it does damage with AP.

  15. Aim is important with the British BB with their short fuse time you cant aim at the waterline you have to aim above it.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      Doesn’t seem to matter much where you aim depending on what ship is on the receiving end. The AP either shatters or causes massive damage. Unfortunately it is neither reliable or accurate enough to use all the time. Thankfully this problem goes away at higher tiers! πŸ™‚

  16. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online


    Is that the Texas Captain in Chat?? ???

  17. How to play Orion class; Use HE, aim for citadels.

  18. Have you picked Magazine Mod 1 for any of your ships?

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never chosen it for any ship. I don’t see the point. You use your guns constantly. With the exception of aircraft carriers and some destroyers, your guns are what earn your keep so they need to be protected as much as possible. Even torpedo spamming DD skippers want their guns to be able to contribute to a fight, plus they have such comparably low HP that magazine detonation is the least of their problems and one that can be mitigated with the use of a flag.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      WIth how rare detonations are, I don’t. I have enough detonation flags on store that it’s rare to need it!

  19. I am currently at Iron duke. I like the ship from history standpoint, being Jellicoe’s flagship but gameplay wise, i prefer orion as Iron Duke is more or less the same ship with tier 5 matchmaking. I have been playing Iron Duke and texas both at same time to compare them and it seems to me that Iron Duke has a easier time against cruisers while texas has a easier time reaching battleships citadel. I guess it must be the short fuse shells from Iron Duke. In my first few games. I was able to dev stryke a not fully broadside furutaka and another on a full broadside myoko. I have yet to try he shells as I’ve been too conditioned to use He only against bow in ships if i have nothing else to shoot at.

  20. OK, sorry, but I have to stop. I can”t stand the way you are mispronouncing Bellerophon. Think it should more like: Belair-o-phon?

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