How To Play IJN Battlecruiser Amagi In World Of Warships

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03:08 – In Game Play Style
05:19 – Ship Stats
08:45 – Ship Upgrades
13:57 – Battle Start

The T8 Battlecruiser is a would-be class of battlecruisers built by the IJN during the 1920’s. Ultimately their fate was to become carriers, and one of them did: . In spite of their ill fated history, their in game performance is top notch. They have good speed, good maneuverability, hard hitting and accurate guns with only their AA to complain about. Overall, the play style isn’t unlike playing a hybrid of and Kongou which makes for a very fun ship to play! The armor is pretty trollish and a lot of should be citadels against you end up not being!

Overall, very enjoyable ship to play and the grind is not unnecessarily long!


  1. You ve got first like from me!! I was waiting this video 7 days

  2. One time I got detonated by Yamato HE in my amagi. So now I have detonation ptsd and mount the detonation module.

  3. Could you set a timer or something to when you’re going to talk about the WoWs stats?

  4. top ship

  5. Have you tried the french cruiser line any?

  6. Man I like the info you put out but damn you always sound like you are yelling

  7. Akagi senpai (^.^)
    Oh wait, something is wrong.

  8. well good luck to you making these how to videos on video games but i already figured out hot to play on my own.

  9. amagi is broken

  10. Good review, I just got the Nagato and am loving it. Looking forward to the Amagi but it has a tough task if it’s to “replace” the Nagato!
    Gotta love the 76k damage Krackens and the 160k no kill games haha!
    The Amagi looks pretty good. Shooting at them I wouldn’t say they have “good” armor, I would say it’s difficult as hell to citadel tho.

  11. can you do the York and hipper please

  12. Think you nislead on the history. Takao and Atago were not Amagi class cruisers, they were Takao class heavy cruisers. When Amagi was laid down, they planned 4 battlecruisers as you say, but Atago and Takao were not built and the names were used as a later class of CA. They were 200 feet shorter then the Amagi, completely different ships

  13. Nice video. I am always torn on the TVIII BBs. Love NC for hard hitting guns and excellent accuracy. Love Amagi for its equally hard hitting guns and good survivability. Love Bizzy for the legendary armor and troll secondaries. It is like the perfect tier until you realize your going to be fighting tier X’s all day lol.

  14. yup love this ship.

  15. I’d be really happy if you would post a video on carriers,especially USN carriers

  16. please do Izumo as fast as possible. I’m close to it and it’s notoriously bad. please tell me how to play it not absolutely horribly

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