How To Play IJN Battleship Kongou In World Of Warships

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Let’s try this again! Amazing how 30s of an anime clip that is ALREADY ON YOUTUBE gets a video pulled down WORLDWIDE because reasons I guess? 😛 Anyway, I’m 99% sure it falls under fair use, but it isn’t worth the strike if it for some reason doesn’t go through.

On to Kongou. Kongou is a pretty utilitarian T5 Battlecruiser/Battleship/Fast Battleship with good accuracy, powerful guns but more importantly, good maneuverability and speed. She is only let down by her Battlecruiser roots as she will sometimes take serious amounts of damage even while angled due to some of the ways the armor profile is laid out. Her speed more than makes up for this at T5 where she can kite enemy ships extremely well and continue to rain devastating fire down on them. Overall, a very fun ship and totally worth playing and keeping!



  2. I love Kongo and her teatime. 😀
    Nice historical facts about Kongo sisters btw. 🙂

  3. Miss the old Kongo which she is even more accurate

  4. I love the precise salvos you can deliver over long distances after getting used to the bit different aiming.

  5. Good video. Liked this boat a lot thanks to the speed and range. But damn the turrets turn so slowly I don’t like taking this ship close at all. All that being said, it’s not how I prefer a battleship to be – I much prefer the battleship to be the up close in your face damage sponge, and the cruisers on your team would always prefer the brawling battleship to take hits instead of a safe sniping battleship in the distance.

  6. Who reported the video and it was down, why?

  7. My favorite battleship. So much fun to chase cruisers and and face against other battleships.

  8. I used to love this ship, after the MM changes, I can’t stand it anymore. The guns aren’t reliable, her speed is nothing special at tier 7 (where she was see the majority of her matches) and her turrets are too sluggish to utilize evasive maneuvers. This thing was a monster against Kawachi and South Carolins, but she doesn’t see them anymore, instead she has to fight off Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, which are faster and have torpedoes. It’s just rough in this ship.

  9. There might be slight differences compared to the ARP Kongo class, but its largely irrelevant. I personally like the Kongo class because of its flexibility also. Good video bud, keep it up!

  10. Never played up the IJN bb line, but did get the Haruna and Kirishima ARP ships as prizes. Let me tell ya, Haruna is a beast. She’s actually my best ship in my stats, beating all my t8 ships even, including my NC and Bama for damage. So easy to have a 100k game in her.

  11. I know my opinion is probably quite uncommon, but I like the New York and Texas (especially the Texas) a lot more, the better armor, and armament make them easier to fight other battleships and the turning radius and smaller size make dodging torpedoes much easier. Still, the Kongo is absolutely devastating because of its speed and range, particularly when hunting down cruisers, and can outrange any T5 ship.

  12. Good review Peace, but aren’t the the Bizmarck and Tirpitz 30.5 – 31 knts ships , too? You say only Iowa and Montana can beat her for speed.
    Thanks for the info, your youtubes have been hugely helpful for me learning the game.
    Oh, and btw, I love the Kongo. Was my goto t5 BB for a while, recently usurped by a return to the Konig for me. But her speed is such a weapon at t5, and she hits hard.

  13. I love my Kongo… frequently find myself fulfilling the CA roll as my CAs are not doing their job… the thing is, the Kongo can usually handle the task ;-).

  14. ​How is torpedo damage done ? vs total hp or something specific like flotation points?

  15. SoldierlyOyster

    Man I’m loving your BB videos! I really enjoy hearing about the history. It really makes this game become way more interesting for me. Thanks bro!

  16. nice typo Whisky. The video is as well 😉

  17. hawkeyepierce67

    Another cool vid Peacekeeper or Whiskey, whichever you prefer ;), thx for sharing it with us.

    I somehow have the same problems like you in the beginning of the vid, no matter how good my aim seems to be, those darn guns seem to have their own mind and fire wherever they like to. Seems a bit strange to me, since when i’m sailing a equal tier german BS, my aim is pretty solid, even thouhgt the ship stats say germans have the higher dispension value.

    Right now, i’m testing this on the testserver and even thought my german BS don’t even have the aiming upgrade installed like their IJN counterparts, my hitrate with Koenig and Bayern is way higher than on Kongo and Fuso. All four ships are captained by a 15 point Captn and are of course fully upgraded in every way possible. My usual range of firing lies between 10 and 13 km if the match allows it, of course there are alot of lower or higher range situations.
    Things are even worse with USN vessels of this class, couldn’t hit a barn door with those, not even while standing in the goddamned barn ;)! So i threw the towel on USN B-ships for now… already suffered on heart attack a couple of years ago, don’t really need another one just because of some stupid game :D.

    Do you have any clues ’bout what i’m doing wrong? Or is it really just that blasted RNG?

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