How To Play IJN Cruiser Ibuki In World Of Warships

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bears a remarkable resemblance to , because, well, it basically was planned to be one with minor improvements. She does have a few improvements over in game, but the heal is by far the most notable of them. She is far more survivable because you can actually heal back some damage taken. That, in and of itself is remarkable. However in spite of the slight improvements Ibuki has, she’s still nothing more than average as far as T9 cruisers go. I’d still much rather play other T9 cruisers.


  1. You are so bad to pronunce names !! OMG !!

  2. Guys, this ship is why myouko is important. What you learn back in T7 comes in here with slightly better torp arcs. This here is the super myokou.
    Me personally, im 100k exp away from the zao and i still only have the range upgrade mounted on ibuki with no module in slot 3. I know suicidal, but i’ve found myself in a better position to receive support when needed while making the most of kiting strats especially since range or no range, you will be guaranteed to be placed in a map that lacks sufficient islands to use as cover.
    I also find the slightly better torp arcs allow for ibuki to turn into an island while letting out torps unlike myouko/mogami that would have to turn away behind an island which may or may not come to be crucial to positioning after retreating behind the island.
    Ultimately T7-9 in the IJN cruiser line is personal preferance but not as punishing as Izumo was while going through the BB line. With enough skill the most average player will be able to at least provide minimum contribution (approximately 50k dmg) most of the time even given the trollishly bad armor and citadel placement. And besides, it’s no pensacola.

  3. My Ibuki’s main guns get knocked out all the time, even with Main Gun Armaments module.
    The armor on the gun turrets are junk.. notably so on the front of them (thin as the rest). Just enough to allow cruiser AP to knock them out regularly. I couldn’t imagine putting the Aux Guns module on it.

  4. I’m torn between this ship and Colorado for the worst experience I’ve had playing WoWS. This should not be in tier 9 or get buffed to 2×5 Zao guns.

  5. These ships are just so soft… If a cruiser is this soft it better have more going for it. It’s thin armor also manages to have something that’s flat enough to accept a penetration at just about any angle. Seems to be a Mogami with the ability to insert a range module. I guess it’s there so you can appreciate Zao more – the only t10 cruiser I don’t have yet.

  6. How to ibuki
    1. Learn how to juke and turn to avoid shells
    2. Learn when to and when not to shoot because u r so squishy
    3. Learn how to switch from HE to AP

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