How To Play IJN Cruiser Myoukou In World Of Warships

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Myoukou is the T7 Heavy that revolutionized the heavy world. At the time of their launching they were the first IJN to violate the Washington Naval Treaty and their 15,000 ton displacement at full load wouldn’t be matched by US cruisers until the Baltimores set sail! Crazyness! The 5×2 20.3cm gun mounts were also some of the heaviest armament put on a at that time! In game though, Myoukou leaves some to be desired. Basically she suffers from being overly weak given her heavy displacement. Her guns require a lot of your broadside to be showing to use which is an unfortunate side effect of the gun configuration. Overall she’s just “ok”.


  1. eyy i just sub to you <3
    btw ill give you tips for this ship
    1. wiggle wiggle your ship xD
    2. Dismiss

  2. I didn’t liked Myoukou much. Don’t know why though. 😀 But Mogami and Atago has a special place in my heart. Pan paka pan is love, pan paka pan is life. 🙂

  3. Ah yes, the IJN cruiser with a well balanced package. Im looking at your AA mogami >.>.
    PS: NEVER use the torps on the myokou as a main source of dmg like most cruisers with them, use them as a retreating present for ppl chasing. The only exception is for when the arcs are able to get a shot on ships coming around an island.

  4. You’re criminally undersubbed. Keep up the great work.
    Also, would you consider doing branch overviews for each of the factions at some point in the future?

  5. I definitely had troubles with Myoko at first. The Arpeggio ships let me experiment with a great degree of variety. One design showed surprising results. my ‘Close Combat’ design. It utilizes the Turret Traverse Mod you consider a poor choice. Granted a 14.7s reload is longer than 14s, but I hope you can appreciate the difference is negligible. add in Expert Marksman. you will find Rate of Fire is enhanced by having guns on target. A problem you mentioned during the replay. you also mentioned ammo selection being an issue at times. having considered the problem myself, I tried Expert Loader. This neatly solved my problem when considering tactical objectives on the fly. next up, torpedoes. Myoko is a lengthy ship, even with an excellent rudder shift, you can be surprised and destroyed by them. Vigilance. I know standard practice is DE, but 19% fire vs 21% isn’t much and not even the focus of the build. I want to be aggressive with this captain. spotting torpedoes early allows greater safety when chasing DDS and guarding the BBs. Concealment Expert is typical of all builds and needs no explanation. This design focuses on aggressive ambush tactics in islands where preplanned turret rotation and ammo selection are key. complete with quick reload to take advantage of opportunity with lessened risk of being torpedoed in response. I’d recommend Def Fire, but Hydroacoustics isn’t bad if there’s no CV. I’d like your feedback. just a simple 10pt arp captain on any arp myoko would give you a nice test ship. message Espinoza75 in game with a critique. I can take insults lol I’m not weak minded!

  6. I love and hate this ship since the armor while squishy can troll sometimes. Especially bouncing the weaker 155mm of other cruisers, but atago and the other IJN seem to do the job a lot better.

  7. Hope you show both 155mm and 203mm version of Mogami when you review her my friend. 😉

  8. Good review. I am honeslty puzzled why people say this ship has good armor. It’s citadel is above water from front to end and is only 100mm. 65mm on Pensacola and 100mm on the Myoko are the same, there isn’t much of a chance for a failure to penetrat before hitting the auto-bounce threshold… at least with cruisers.

  9. 24:38 or the RN BBs which you’re stuck with HE

  10. when u zoom in, press shift how come ur line is red, mine is a different coler and the ayout is different. Can u tell me how u make the zoom in line red.

  11. i remeber this ship 2 years ago, such a beast over 120k dmg every game, but nowdays..i dont know ..

  12. For me Myoko was the first IJN heavy cruiser that worked OK. Aoba was just painful, partly b cause of the horrible MatchMaking at Tier 6. You have to adjust your play style to deal with the slow turret traverse. You plan maneuvers ahead of time so that you switch sides as little as possible. In the video, you maneuvered as if you were driving a Shchors, leaving way too much time when you couldn’t be firing. And kiting is the way to play this ship despite the propensity for losing its steering (take the steering upgrade!). She wiggles fairly well and you can get 8 guns on target without her exposing too much broadside. Just forget that 3rd turret.

    The fire starting abilities of Myoko are very good. The HE shells also do significant damage. The AP is strong against broadside cruisers and BBs if you aim at the superstructure.

    The torpedoes pack a wallop. They are great when kiting away from ships charging toward you. With 10 km to cover, you can launch at 12 km and still hope that the enemy ships drive into them. However, DON’T LAUNCH THEM WITH FRIENDLIES AHEAD OF YOU. It takes them a long time to go 10 km, giving your teammates plenty of time to change course and eat them. Your torpedoes – your fault. I’ve been TKd by more IJN cruisers than any other ships. You are correct that torps are NOT a primary armament. However, they are very useful.

    All that said, Shchors and Fiji are MUCH better Tier 7 cruisers.

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