How To Play IJN Cruiser Zao In World Of Warships

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Zao, the T10 firestarter! What isn’t to like? The ship literally uses napalm laced HE shells. The only thing that could make it’s fire starting even more ridiculous is if the AP started fires too! 😛 That said, Zao fixes a lot of my primary complaints about the IJN Cruiser line. Most notably, the durability department. She is far harder to citadel off the map than Ibuki or Mogami are which is a massive step up AND she has more guns and AA to boot! SWEET! 😀


  1. hey cool a zao video just as i’ve just gotten enough exp/fexp to unlock her.
    also many T9/10 ships are paper ships or made up, no surprise there (looking at you VMF cruiser/DD line >.>)
    oh and nothing is more aggravating than being shot up by a mino, which is why i love her so much.

  2. yay the trolling zao

  3. Not all of them, you still miss the Yuubari my friend. 😉

  4. conqueror does the job better now

  5. Good review. Zao is the only t10 Cruiser I don’t have (half way through Mogami). I think most comparable to the Henri IV as a flamethrower. It has more fire potential than Henri but I think Henri takes the lead due to the fact it can kite away at almost 44 knots AND reach 22k max range with the modules. That said I want a Zao to test this on my own some day :).

    What line are you doing after the IJN Cruiser guide? And I think it may be a good idea to re-visit the “Is it balanced” series – I think power creep has changed a lot and a lot of ships are newb friendly where others have a higher skill cap.

  6. The ap is no joke. Huge broadside shots on BBs.

  7. I cant set fires with my zao. Ive had games of 140+ hits and 2 fires. darn ship hates me.

  8. Zao + demolition expert = *CANCER!!*

  9. SuicidalTendencies

    Its based on design B – 65 or super type A. Its based on yamato deisgn in cruiser form, guns in game are diferent though 3×3 310mm. 2 where planed non built.

  10. i have the zao thanks for the input

  11. They’ve gotta tone back the fire starting crap in this game. It takes away the fun factor on the recieving end. Sure its fun to do it when you’re the person starting them but when you jump in a BB you get just as pissed when it happens to you.

    It’s completely impossible for WG to make a 100% fun game. In WOT it’s bullshit artillery thats frustrating as hell and the premium god shells. In WOWS is the bullshit HE spam. Its just not fun. I’ve played over 18k battles in world of tanks and I bought into WOWS the second day it was available. Needless to say I’ve been around the block. WG needs t0 fix their shit.

    Try to make this game more enjoyable WG, I dare you!

  12. Should have called it how to ninja flamethrower

  13. You kind of diss the Zao’s shell arcs, but I ended up prefering them to the overly parabolic trajectories of the Des Moines – it makes it easier to eat enemy HP when engaging broadsided battleships – each volley just gouges the target’s life pool, especially with AP. Of course, the DM has the DPM advantage, but the Zao’s flatter trajectory and higher velocity decreases the chances of the enemy dodging your own salvo…which is a frequent concern of mine when aiming the DM’s guns at long-range targets. Besides, I never citadelled a Yamato in my DM (which I’ve only had for a month, to be honest), whereas my brand new Zao managed to do that in one of its first matches. 😀

    The big counterpoint, however, is the fact that the Zao cannot spam from behind an island like the DM…and of course the turret traverse rate is absolutely lousy.

    I still am annoyed by the 8km torpedo range reduction, though. The Ibuki’s 10km worked like a charm for me.

  14. The One And Only Butt Duck

    Please do the French Cruisers! 😀

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