How to Play: Maps in World Of Warships

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Maps play an important role in our game. Depending on the type of map, players can adopt different combat strategies to get ahead.
Theoretical Basis
02:10 – Archipelago
03:31 – Big Race
04:33 – The Solomon Islands

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m like 99% sure tears of the desert can see t8-superships.

    • The tiers given is the battle tier, which is determined by the highest tier ship in that battle. A tier 9 battle can have tier 7-9 ships in it.

  2. Idk why but even tough i use Furutaka many times i still get polar even tough its for I-III yet Furutaka is V

  3. really usefull for ocean

  4. CVs getting closer to strike faster? Have you ever seen the gameplay of the average CV main?

  5. When we have vietnamese language sir ?

  6. WG: Expects average CV players to position well
    Also WG : Automatic ASW for CVs

  7. higher tier please

  8. So when are we getting more maps?

  9. Well done. Thanks.

  10. 3:54 That’s rarely useful, dive bombers can get the drop on you very quickly and it’s just too obvious a position to hide. Not to mention you have no way of retreating if threatened.

  11. Battleship Texas Dry Dock Video Footage

  12. Untill one of the 7 ships with radar pushes the magic I can see u through a mountain button

  13. very good set of videos, but remove Ocean lmao.

  14. Coffee Fueled Curmudgeon

    Yeah, cos the maps help you when you’re -2 downtiered…. Clowns.

  15. Please bring the campaign mode in game like JOYCITY Warships Battle

  16. Can you make a new “How it works” for map spawning? I would like to know the WG game mechanics behind opening spawn selection before the battle starts. For example, why are ships map spawned are so close to other team mates? BTW, In your intro I notice WG that you have no recommendation for submarine placement on the maps. Why the exclusion? I thought you guys were promoting that sub class in WoWS.

  17. All maps should be available to all tiers

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