How to Play Nelson – Piss High Tier BBs Off – World of Warships

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Playing the Nelson is understanding her strengths and weaknesses and then abusing the hell out of 32mm .


  1. The bow and stern is 26mm….. hey every mm matters!

  2. Thanks, been struggling to figure out this ship.

  3. First minute – yup. Got my Nelson, first 3 games, T8’s just citted me from the front all day long. Thanks for the tips on how to do it right!

  4. Thank you, I tend to get citadeled from the weirdest angles.

    • You’re welcome, try to be more careful with the angling, although autobounce can occasionally fail you. So it could be that

    • @iChaseGaming Yeah, my biggest issue is I feel like I tend to keep my distance to much, so instead of kiting I sometimes angle my front in a way that I actually bounce 16 inch shells. Then again, if im not careful Its gonna hurt.

  5. Well of you are in a Gneisenau then even Tier 9 BBs gotta think twice before rushing a well played Gneisenau or Scharnhorst for that matter

    • I remember rushing a Musashi with a Scharnhorst from like 10-12 km and the Musashi just could land a hit on me until it was too late.

    • @Mr Dunk damn I rushed a Vladi and a Rechlieu with my Gneisenau, and killed them both as well as a Pepsi
      This thing is so OP when in the hands of a good player

    • Александр Шугаев

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA got rushed by Pommern in my Gneisenau from the corner. Evaded both her torpedo launchers, sunk her, rushed enemy side of the island in return, sunk Sinop and heavily damaged Richelieu with tops. Fastest 150k ever

    • @Александр Шугаев ha it’s easy to do dmg in Gneisenau

  6. Yes, HMS Nelson is a tricky ship at first, but once you figure out the bounce trick, she can be a real threat. One of my favorite Tier VII battleships. Pick your battles, snipe from range, make Tier VIII’s and IX’s cry.

  7. My goodness what great timing, was about to buy Nelson because I got the Azure lane commander in a crate a while ago. Nice job chase

    • Thank you and enjoy the Nelson, once you master how to use the 32mm side plating, Nelson becomes a pain in the ass to deal with when it’s playing defense

    • There was a combat mission a while back that granted Nelson, but for some reason didn’t outright grant Nelson but gave you a container that opened into Nelson instead.

    • Platius Cyndar I mean it makes no difference to me, all my f-exp was earned over time so I get it free anyways

    • Oh man… This is an old premium, that for the price, had always been on the recommended list.
      … Better late than never.
      … I don’t have it myself. But not because I wouldn’t like it.

  8. Nelson’s firepower is disgusting for tier 7 and could easily be considered tier or tier 9 on that aspect.

    A paper ship if not amgled however.

  9. Huh i never thought about playing the Nelson like that

    • I discovered it by accident without looking at numbers. Hey, when I’m presenting this kind of angle, I bounce even the 16inch shells which normally overmatch me and I bait people with my broadside before angling. Then I tried it against a Musashi and got dev struck lol

    • Can’t try it with Musashi lol xD 460 still eats you alive

  10. Александр Шугаев

    Not only BBs but all T5-7 light cruisers as well. IFHE makes no difference

  11. The Izumo can be played the same way. I call it reverse side scraping

  12. Kinda reminds me of Thunderer tips, except more emphasis on range and AP.

  13. I’ve been playing the Nelson bow-in ever since I got her, turns out I’m playing her the wrong way all the time! Thanks for this!

  14. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    This ship really is the ultimate bully of smaller ships especially of its own tier or lower

  15. Citadeling a nelson thru the nose with JB is fun

  16. Still prefer Rodney, she’s not a tsundere.


    Wrong game.

  17. I love this ship so am watching this and taking note, i see you don’t use AP rounds that much, I prefer to constantly switch between the two, nice gameplay though.

  18. Love this ship, my second favourite after the JB

  19. that happens only against bbs that dont know how to overmatch the stern…
    though u don’t risk getting citadeled from behind because there is no turret.

    nelson is pretty mobile, but u cant risk eating citadels or torps

  20. Chase: all your shots will bounce or do little dmg
    USN players: *fires HE*
    Chase: ….

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