How to Play Pensacola – World of Warships

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If you are struggling with the , these tips might help.


  1. Can you also do a guide on the rest of the USN heavy cruisers? I am trying to grind up the line but am struggling.

    • Rostandy Walvinson

      The USN CA line plays similarly to each other, so the tips for pensacola applies to the rest of the line too. If you get to tier 8 and above, you can bowtank battleships that has 380mm guns like bismarck and tirpitz. Don’t force yourself in a bad position just to use radar. Find an island that you can lob shells from is a good idea too.

    • This guy is correct, they all play very much the same. You get spotted, everyone shoots you and you die because your armor is good enough to not get overpens from anything that
      normally fires AP. Tier 8+ just gets worse because Musashi/Yamato can overmatch your armor even bow on. You have to hug islands and get damage when you can and hope your
      team keeps the match close enough that you can be relevant later on.

  2. How to play Pensacola: Detect an enemy, wait 84 years for the turrets to turn, get nice citadels on cruisers, get deva striked by a triple citadel, go back to port.

  3. How to play Pennzykola: purchase Indianapolis 😉

  4. i miss tier 7 pensa with its OP tier 7 mm and its turrets that could rotate 180 degrees in slightly under a century

  5. I want to know how to play with Hmas Perth and Hmas Vampire

  6. Southern Pacific Lines

    How to play the pensacola, get a Pepsi, get a Cola, hit broadside cruisers while drinking pepsicola, you have successfully played the Pensacola

  7. It’s very easy to play the Pensacola. You just don’t.

  8. More please. Good video and explanation

  9. I played the Pensacola at T7 before the US cruiser split and hated it. For all the reasons Chase stated. My situational awareness is problematic (still is), the turrets turned like glaciers…ugh. My win rate was like 31%. Maybe I’ll take Chase’s advice and buy it back as a self-trainer….

  10. I didn’t know Pensacola’s turrets turn…

  11. Once I got the upgraded turrets after a couple of battles, I loved Pensacola at t7 (with the little I played it after the rework, I actually enjoyed it a little more at t7 than t6). I get why people always hated her after the Cleveland (and I admit that hate did make me not upgrade to Pensacola until shortly before the rework) but she was such a fun ship to play and could pretty consistently put out decent damage games if you played intelligently.

    The couple of times I took t7 NO into randoms or scenarios I felt there were some similarities to the old Pensacola, but I didn’t feel like I had as much fun as I tended to in Pensacola. I wouldn’t necessarily be one to buy a premium that’s basically a copy of a tech tree ship, but t7 Pensacola would definitely make me consider getting Indianapolis in the future.

  12. How to pensacola: play 1st half like a dallas, 2nd half bow shield foward and engage enemy cruiser -s-
    tip: learn to shell beat.

  13. Pro-tip for any USN cruiser. Don’t be the first ship spotted or the only ship spotted. Let your destroyers get ahead and stay near your islands and battleships at the beginning of the match. Hold fire till enemy ships expend their salvo then let yours fly. If more than one ship is shooting at you, get undetected. As the match progresses and there are less enemies you can set the engagements a bit more aggressively, but always try to have an escape plan. You are a support ship. A great cruiser hunter and pretty good destroyer hunter. Yes, you can chip away at battleships but they are not your primary source of damage since you are their food. Everyone loves shooting at a Pensacola 🙂 The longer you can stay in a match as a USN heavy cruiser, the more of a threat you are. Even when I play my Des Moines and I see an enemy Des Moines, I’ll call on my team to focus fire it because I know it’s a huge threat. Never pick a fair fight because you only have your guns to rely on since you don’t have torpedoes. That means if get stuck behind an island shooting and get corned a smart enemy will rush you (BB, CA/CL with torpedoes, DD, even CV). Yes, a CV can target you. Use your defensive fire wisely. Once activated, if the planes are shot down and no more are near press P twice to turn off AA and enable it again. This will reset the defensive fire cooldown quicker so you can have it back up sooner.

  14. How to play the USS Pensacola?

    Just Free XP past it.

  15. Do any ships on this list

    USS Iowa/USS Missouri
    USS Gearing
    USS Des Moines

  16. Thanks Chase. Tier VI may be the best for me – sure you get up-tiered a lot, but at least you are not facing the Tier IX and X insta-delete cruisers and destroyers.
    I started a WoWS sabbatical while Pensacola was still Tier VII – always liked the ship but did not do well. There was always the comparison with the fairly tank-ey Cleveland then at Tier VI. 8-inch guns at Tier VI offer some interesting possibilities – I think the Aoba is a bit tougher, but making six-gun warships work is a challenge.
    I have been playing the French Tier VI cruisers a lot recently, and it may be good practice for the Pensacola. Good maneuverability and paper mache armor.

  17. The Cleveland. . . I have been tempted to ask you to do this again, but you seem like a nice guy and it may be just too much pain.
    Watched your work-in-progress review. Checking in my port it looks like they upped the range of the upgraded guns to 15.2 km and knocked half a second off of reload. Seems like this is nowhere near enough – the gun arcs are probably still in the low-earth-orbit category. Any shots fired at long range in the last minute of the game will not land until the next game. Higher tier battleships and cruisers are much less likely to sail in straight lines while your shells meander downrange.
    The gun arc was a nerf to the original Tier VI Cleveland to take it from crazy OP to just OP. Maybe we should start an “Un-NERF the Cleveland” campaign. . .

  18. But really, don’t go for Pensacola. American CA line is much worse then CL line.

    • Warwolf 300 I’m gonna stop you right there

    • Rostandy Walvinson

      I don’t think the CA line is worse than the CL line. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. The CA line has better guns suited for cruiser hunting while the CL line is more of a harassing ship. Their play-styles are very different and comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges .

  19. For me, Pensacola was very much an “all-or-nothing” ship to play. I would either have monster games where I would delete cruisers and destroyers left and right, or would get dev struck and sunk by a battleship in the first five minutes. Even on the old Tier VII Pensacola, the turret traverse made me want to pull my hair out, and after the cruiser line change, it got so much worse. I’m much happier with Dallas for my Tier VI play, but I’ll keep these tips in mind for when I go back to my New Orleans.

  20. “Pensacola is not for aggressive players” well that explains why I hated it. wait… I knew that.

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