How to Play Russian Battleships Sinop World of Warships Review Guide

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How to Play Russian battleships Sinop World of Warships wows Gameplay Highlights Captain Skills Review Guide

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Tier 7 Russian Soviet Sinop High Quality Gameplay Guide contains all my own gameplay footage and highlights on how to play battleships in world of warships.

Tier VII: World of Warships Sinop
After the Izmail-class battlecruisers had already been laid down, the Naval General Staff set to work on the next-generation battleships under the Program of 1915-1919. Research work carried out between 1913-1914 shaped the image for the future warship. She was expected to carry at least twelve 406 mm main guns and twenty-four 130 mm guns, run at a speed of at least 25 knots, and have a range of 5,000 miles. As ways were sought to reduce her displacement and cut down costs, a design with three quad turrets was proposed as the principal armament configuration. In March 1914, marine engineer Bubnov created a project for a with a displacement of 35,000 tons. In 1914, a number of projects featuring nine to twelve 406 mm guns originated from the Putilov Shipyard, and later from the Revel Works of the Russo-Baltic Shipbuilding Company, which submitted the “heaviest” ship design with four quad 406 mm turrets.
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tier 7 russian bb, soviet battleships ww2, sinop guide, russian sinop, russian battleship sinop. However, with the outbreak of World War I, the plans to build additional same-type were set aside. Plans to design were revitalized only at the end of 1916, in a move to reflect on the experience obtained from recent battles at sea. Moreover, an increasingly stable battlefront and the expanding military production at the time gave rise to hopes for a successful end to the war. For the Russian Navy, the prospect of entering new theaters of naval operations, particularly in the Mediterranean, loomed on the horizon. In October 1916, ship building engineer Vladimir Polievktovich Kostenko from the Naval-Russud Works, commenced work on the design of a future battleship.

Kostenko worked on four versions of a battleship, which differed from each other by the arrangement of their armament, number of main guns, running speed, and armor protection. Variant 2 was in all respects a compromise, where a high speed of 30 knots was combined with armor protection of 275 mm (belt armor) and a 100 mm armored bulkhead behind the belt. The ship’s main battery comprised nine guns placed in three triple turrets, and the caliber of her secondary battery guns grew up to 152 mm. However, at the beginning of 1917, work on the design came to an end. Plans to build “battleships with 406 mm guns” remained nothing but ink on paper.
Sinop: In-Game Model
This model is a hypothetical upgrade of the ship that dates back to the end of 1930s, and which is in many ways similar to the upgrade of Gangut-class battleships. The fore section of the ship was rearranged, and moderate original superstructures replaced with extended ones, adding a distinctive form to the ship’s fore-funnel to create the recognizable silhouette of a typical World War II Soviet battleship.
The ship was named to commemorate the Battle of Sinop.
A high-speed project, armed with 406 mm guns that were developed right before the beginning of World War I. Her advantages included well-designed armor protection and a strong secondary battery.
Sinops strenghts include great speed, can reach 28.35kts by equipping the sierra mike signal flag. Good rudder shift for a battleship, Impressive guns with good close-range dispersion
Great turret setup with impressive angles allowing for easy angling
Strong secondary armament.Extraordinarily good armor, Big healthpool (65,000) and respectable concealment
Weaknesses include vulnerable citadel if broadside, avoided by having good positioning and angling. Slow turret traverse at 60 seconds. Long reload at 33 seconds. Limited charges on the damage control system consumable. Dispersion at range can be frustrating. Massive turning circle of 960 meters. Weak against destroyers and underwhelming anti-aircraft suite



  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, today I’m looking at the tier 7 monster that is the Russian battleship Sinop. The Sinop has some of the best guns and dispersion at tier 7 and really feels incredibly strong.
    This ship is a ton of fun to play and I can imagine in the hands of a good battleship player will be truly unstoppable. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think of the Sinop and this line and until the next time, keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Sebastián. Moreno

    Nice review i love this ship, keep up the good work

  3. Of the ships I have played in this line (Pyotr, Izmail, Sinop) this is hands down my favorite so far.

    About the only thing that keeps her from being op, imho, is her high skill ceiling (not agile, sides are surprisingly weak, slow turret traverse, bad aa)

  4. That Jean Luc Piccard moment was really funny lmfao,laughed for minutes when i saw that 🙂

    • Hey Mike, thanks man. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I even laughed again pretty hard when i rewatched it myself lol

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