How To Play Russian Cruiser Chapayev In World Of Warships

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Table of Contents:
2:12 – In Game
6:10 – Stats
9:22 – Upgrades
15:58 – Battle Start

CHAPPY! Good ole Chappy. It’s a Copy/Vodka of Shchors, but now with radar, and worse match making. That said, Chappy is a good bote that tries to improve upon Shchors but ends up feeling like a side grade to me. The radar is useful though, I guess? 🙂

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  1. First No views

  2. I’m #2!…I’m #2!…I’m #2!…I’m #2!

  3. The extended radar duration upgrade is for tier IX-X and goes in slot 2 where you have the propulsion modification 1 upgrade currently.
    I’ll have to try the extra steering instead of concealment because it still feels like a truck. XD

  4. I’ll tell you how to play it.Just run around like an idiot ,staying at 17 km and spamming he

  5. As a Russian cruiser fan, I didn’t like Dimitri all that much. Kinda like the grind to finally get to the Moskva..

  6. For Seattle, would you suggest rudder shift mod? It feels a little sluggish stock but it could just be me.

  7. this cruiser can be so painfull in the ass 😛

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