How to play the Gearing in World of Warships | Wows Gearing Guide

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This is basically going to be a breakdown of how to play the destroyer gearing in world of warships. The us destroyer is an excellent beginner destroyer for anyone thinking of trying to switch to dds from other classes, I go over modules used and also captain skills, I also give gameplay review from both ranked and random battles so you get a good and comprehensive overview of the gearing in every scenario possible. I like to play the gearing as a torp boat but you really need to be capable of switching between gunboat and torp boat in order to really make the ship work well.

As the Tier X American destroyer, Gearing represents the ultimate embodiment of the jack-of-all-trades destroyer in World of Warships.

Like all American destroyers, the primary focus is her main battery guns. Gearing is built around the same style of dual barrel 127mm turrets that form the main battery of Atlanta and Flint, as well as the secondary batteries of North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana. Gearing packs three such turrets, with a stock reload speed of 3.0 seconds. This makes her utterly devastating to enemy destroyers at close range, as few other destroyers in the game can match her raw rate of fire. Her main battery is also more than capable of threatening and harassing cruisers and battleships from behind cover or within smoke.

As of Update 0.7.6, Gearing has a choice of torpedoes. Captains who are comfortable using Fletcher’s Mark 16 mod. 1 torpedoes can continue to do so, while the Mark 17’s are the second longest-legged fish in the game, clocking in at a 16.5 km range. She won’t land many hits at that distance, but it gives Gearing the ability to threaten enemy ships from well beyond the range of her main battery. The Mark 17’s are equally as difficult for opposing ships to spot as the Mark 16’s, despite doing slightly less damage. Gearing’s access to Upgrade Slot 6 gives her the same choice Fletcher has between a couple of Main Battery Builds or a Torpedo Build when customizing her upgrades and commander skills.

Like Fletcher, Gearing can equip the Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.) consumable without giving up anything to do so, which helps shore up the traditional destroyer weakness to enemy airstrikes. Her anti-aircraft suite is otherwise unremarkable. Veteran American destroyer captains will also notice that Gearing handles differently than Benson and Fletcher; she’s slightly slower to respond to rudder commands and has a noticeably larger turning radius. This makes her more challenging to handle in tight quarters or when dodging torpedoes. Captains should allow for some adjustment time in learning how Gearing handles differently before intentionally putting her into situations where precision handling is expected.

One curiosity is that Gearing sports an area of 21 mm armor around her midsection, up from the 19 mm typical of destroyers of her tier. This is sufficient to shatter HE shells of up to 129 mm, which can give an extra advantage in duels with most other destroyers. Opposing destroyers are advised to either use AP against a broadside Gearing or aim away from this section.

Gearing bridges the gap between the other Tier X destroyers currently in the game. She has better guns than Shimakaze, better concealment and torpedoes than Khabarovsk and Z-52, more well-rounded than Grozovoi, and has a leg up on Yueyang as her torpedoes remain a threat to enemy destroyers. Despite having the slowest top speed out of the quartet, Gearing can adapt to changing battlefield situations in ways sure to make captains of the other ships jealous.

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  1. I’ve never tried superintendent on the hearing. I always take bft instead.

    • I think having 4 smokes vs 3 smokes gives so much utility its really a must have on this dd and going from 3.0 second reload to 2.7 isn’t going to change much in terms of fighting other dds or farming bb’s or cruisers and CVs will laugh at your AA everytime it comes close to you.

    • I take the torp reload for my ship module not gun reload so I use bft to pad that stat. I’m going to try superintendent though. I use it on my Brit and French dd’s

  2. like you say-…its support DD and for that reason is legendary must have to outspot DARINGS …grozovoi

    • Your comment made me look into legendary mode a lot more, I’m going to try it out for a few more games and see if I can adjust to the different way of playing. I just think that if I am pushing and I spot a daring or grozovoi I won’t have enough time to either turn away and get undetected before they spot me or if i shoot I cant keep up with them in terms of gun power and I end up dropping especially because my gun reload has been nerfed. I will try it again though for a good few games to see if it plays out that way.

    • ​@TheDarkCalling jup somethimes legendary+RPF will help,,, to counter slow daring( team will damage him, so beter chance to win later knife fight) but grozovoi is so faaaaast …

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