How To Play The SMS Yorck In World Of Warships

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01:48 – In Game Play Style
09:37 – Stats
12:30 –
15:51 – Battle Start

The Yorck is a paper ship that was never built. She was designed in the interwar period for the Reichsmarine (which later became the Kriegsmarine) as one of the possible heavy cruiser designs that would later become the Deutschland Class Cruisers. She wasn’t selected because she did not meet the requirements of having 11″ guns but instead used the same guns and mounts as found on the armored cruiser Bluecher which was a 210mm gun.

In game, she isn’t the best T7 cruiser and is kind of inflexible in her play style due to turret traverse and poor gunnery . The lofty shell arcs and slow shell speeds will make USN cruiser captains feel at home but will make those used to higher velocity 8″ gunfire feel uncomfortable. She is extremely maneuverable and small in profile which helps her out a lot however she loses speed really quickly in a turn. Overall, I’d put her above the Pensacola for 90% of the playerbase but behind the other T7 cruisers.


  1. I never shoot AP in deastens longer than 12 km, usually clouser 10km. Ballistics in HE is much better.

  2. Just a samll note, SMS Blucher was sunk during the Battle of Dogger Bank

  3. +yourpeacekeeper hey my friend found a few books that have the Colorado class armor scheme that’s has more armor in the machinery areas the. In game. “Big Five Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych 36 by slawomir lipiecki ” i guess the armor was increased from the previous Classes armor scheme to correspond with the increased main gun caliber. And the other book “Breyer, Siegfried (1974). Battleships and battle cruisers, 1905–1970 : p.230”

  4. Good review. My thoughts on the Yorck is not a bad ship at all just so differnt that if the KM Cruisers is your first tech tree line like it was for me, then you don’t know what to make of this ship. The HE is great, AP is terrible despite the Alpha damage looking insane. It actually had a permanent slot in my port until I unlocked Myoko.

  5. The best moment 26:04

  6. About to get York hope it turn out good

  7. Hey Urpeacekeer, good review. Just one point though, Yorck is amazing at knocking out engines with HE. Fire midship at pretty much any cruiser and watch them use dam con instantly!

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