How To Play the USS Baltimore In World Of Warships

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The T9 USN Heavy Baltimore is the largest class of heavy cruisers built by the US Navy and yet somehow none of them managed to get turned into museums! NOT ONE!

As a T9 cruiser, many people hated this ship because of the slow reloading guns and horribly methodic and slow gameplay but since she received a significant buff to her reload she has become quite the terror of T9 heavy cruisers! With a good detection range, great maneuverability, great AA and of course the amazing American Piercing Shells to penetrate all the things she packs quite a punch as a cruiser killer! Her HE is weak but it starts fires well enough but if the enemy presents a broadside! That’s a paddlin!

Still though, easily my favorite CA out of the USN tree and one that is often ignored due to her previous past as being pretty weak!


  1. I am looking forward to unlock that ship as i am very curious about her, I am also very curious about the two different set of guns, as the option of faster shell also seem like an attractive option. I will probably end up messing with various configuration before settling on the one i like the most. Also the plus 5 percent dispersion on the concealment, i wonder if it is really the case or just a placebo.

    There might not be a Baltimore class conserved but there is a Cleveland in buffalo (USS Little Rock that can be visited) even thought she was converted into a missile cruiser, I drive by during work at least once a week and see it from the highway but i never had the chance to visit her.

  2. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Great video!! I love this ship!

  3. also, that is one damn good looking boat

  4. Am I blind? Did you go over Commander skills?

  5. Good review. I love this ship. I’m on the Baltimore grind and loving it. I don’t plan on using any free exp to speed it up.
    The USN shells just do such reliable AP damage and the rate of fire is quite solid.

  6. I love the Baltimore. Now that they buffed it, it’s one hell of a ship!

  7. “the best armored cruiser.” “a very fun ship to grind.” Wow!! I am really curious when you’re making a “how to play Baltimore” vid. Because i really have a hard time to make that POS to function…. When I play it, I’d have at least 5 citadels from the rocks chipping from my island cover…. let alone the splash damage taken by water drops from missing shells which hit the sea 3 squares away from me.

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