How to Play World of Warships | 22 Essential Tips and Tricks

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World of Warships on the surface can look like a basic, historical war game. That is far from the case. If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.

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  1. good tips for the new players!

  2. It feels so satisfying when you perfectly dodge that torpedo wall

  3. Stay away from CVs until you understand the game.

  4. Uh… you turned collision avoidance ON. Yeah, don’t do that. Turn it OFF or it will more then likely put you nose first into an island and generally just fuck with your planned maneuvers. It will not, at any time, be helpful to have the AI grab the helm.

  5. I love watching your tips and tricks videos, purely because at the time I watch it my head goes: ‘well, it’s interesting, but I’ll probably never use it’ 10 months later, as with your pubg tips and tricks, ‘wait, didn’t cami do something about this?’ Cue top 10 finish in the second round you play. Seriously, thanks mate

  6. Greta video, but isnt “B” the new default key for tactical callouts?

  7. When you first sign up to WoWS, you have to reach a certain service level before you can play PvP… Co-op is the only option until then.

    • I wasn’t sure whether that was still the case or not still, I remember that was a thing when I started. I included that tip just in case.

  8. great video overall, ill just nitpick here and there ;p

    7. Last known position marker should be turned on, so many player afraid to push forward not knowing where the enemy position is when the last spotted position is actually across the map beyond any means of threats.

  9. A Couple of things I want to correct matey.

    I don’t want to be petty and pedantic and even I learned something from the video (even though I have more games than I care to admit in WoWS) but there are a few things that might help new players and setting a few things straight.

    The Collision avoidance system is horrible. Always leave it off. It will often interfere with your movement around islands, which can be irritating and even a death sentence in certain ships.Some american cruisers and a lot of destroyers – essentially ships that rely on high shell arcs and island hugging (British Cruisers, the Atlanta/flint, most american destroyers and so on) are hampered when it comes to fine tuning ones movement to get the best angles on the enemy without betraying ones position or advantage.

    The “Requesting support” callout when aimed at an Ally does not request to the team to cover said targeted ally. It requests to said targeted ally to provide support to you specifically. I feel this is an important distinction for obvious reasons. They (WarGaming) recently changed the callout system a tad in one of the more recent patches. By holding down B, you can bring up a quick wheel of chat commands, and use the HUD aiming reticle to easily designate a target.

    A small little tip would also like to add when you talk about the mini-map and player (specifically enemy) movement is watch the ships smoke/smoke stacks. When a ship is moving forward, the smoke from the stacks will be trailing behind it, and visa-versa when a ship is reversing. When this first dawned on me way back in the day was a game changer.

    Another thing, not all cruisers are referred to as CAs – only the heavy cruisers. The light cruisers are referred to as CLs. This may seem pedantic, but the entire line of british cruisers are CLs and not CAs (at the current time of writing this anyway, I am sure they’ll introduce a split sooner or later).

    I have to say I also disagree with your point on ammo types in regards to sticking to HE when learning. I feel HE promotes bad gameplay, where are AP promotes thinking and skill with aiming and and understanding of armour mechanics. There are of course situations where HE is idea and it certinally has its place, but where AP shines, its realllyyy fucking shines and will *always* out damage HE. Sure it is a bit much to cover the armour mechanics in this type of video, but I do tihnk it is something that newer players tend to get frustrated at as Wargaming does a poor job or explaining it in game.

    This turned out a bit longer than I had hoped, and I do not want to be seen as facetious! I just genuinely want to see more players in this really fun and thrilling game, and sticking with it!

    Keep up the good work!

    • I appreciate the input man, don’t be worried about being petty at all 🙂

      The Collision Avoidance System was an error on my behalf. I don’t normally run it, and I don’t know how it found its way enabled in this video. An annoying oversight on my behalf.

      I most certainly should have been a bit clearer on the callouts feature. I don’t even use the B key to bring up the command wheel… call me old fashioned there.

      Good point about the smokestacks, can’t believe I didn’t think of if I am being honest, it’s so much of a force of habit for me that I completely forgot about it.

      As far as Cruiser’s go, I have only ever really heard of them referred to as CA’s when actually in game and when people are making custom callouts. Considering that this video was designed for new players, I figured just sticking to the common denominator (from my experience) would be easiest for them while in game.

      With the point regarding HE, it is VERY much tied to players who are just starting out. We have to remember that while AP really shines when it is used well, it can be one of the most frustrating things when it is not working and you don’t understand it. I probably should have made it clearer in the video, but I do encourage players to start learning AP mechanics pretty much as soon as they learn the basics, but HE will almost always score at least some damage, which is a great help for players just learning the game.

      As I said above mate, I really appreciate the input. I’m going to pin this comment as there is some good stuff in here for people to read over!

  10. Quick, clear and informative. Good shit Cami!

    Tip no.2: Don’t be an idiot and be a backlining BB

  12. @9:58 Tell me you were on the PTS running RPF on an Iowa…. bro… just…. no

    • Nope, that was live. I run it to help with avoiding potential incoming torpedo walls. It actually helps considering that I play the Iowa relatively aggressively.

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