How to Play World of Warships as a F2P Player

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  1. Free to play since the Open Beta test was open to the public.

  2. F2P player who started in 2015 is in a completely different position compared to someone who started F2P in 2019, much more stuff to grind etc etc etc. After a freemium game becomes mature, the frustration involved with F2P increases exponentially but it would bad business for WG otherwise.

    • I’ll second this tbh; I’m a CBT veteran with unicum stats in wows, so my personal bias is leaning towards “it’s impossible to lose credits”
      HOWEVER: my WoT career is much more average, clocking barely green stats over a decent amount of games. In WoT, the grind feels positively horrid compared to wows, especially credits/silver wise. On bad games I’ll lose large amounts of silver if I run competitive loadouts, something unimaginable for me in wows.
      Then moving on to warthunder, the story gets much, much worse (with me being an arguably better player relatively.)

      I’d definitely say that, if you’re looking to get into a game like wows after its hay day, you should ensure you have a good group to play with, and keep eachother motivated while also enjoying the statistical benefits of fighting in a division

    • Agreed. At first I thought they’ll do more marathons where you get free tier 7 or below premium ships to supplement your grind without paying (not including the puerto rico here), but things have changed alot since then. I started a different new account on NA and what I did was find a recruiter code, the one that gives you a free Warspite for reaching tier 6, and grind enough coal to get a tier 9 premium ship in Armory. It’s not much, but it’s enough to stabilize my credits.

    • Started around early-mid 2018. At this point I have USN cruisers up to T6, Soviet Cruisers up to T6 and am more or less too broke to get anything else. (Doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to play since a bit before the CV Rework because my PC broke and I don’t have one with good enough specs RN) Between subs, CV cancer and the fact that high tier isn’t really that enticing I’m debating just quitting the game and focusing on War Thunder (then again the naval there is kinda bad). Only thing that is *sort of* motivating me to stick around is experiencing RU BBs that I wasn’t able to play when they came out. Doesn’t help that pepsicola is meh for me and the first (and only) time I played buddy I was killed by (an AI) Tirpitz. If I go back I’ll probably stick at T5 (I have a decent commander for both my Omaha and Kirov) and stay there. Also doesn’t help that I am terrible at random and have never survived (Don’t remember if we won) the few times I’ve tried it.

    • I disagree. While the game is undoubtedly in a different place than it was in 2015, I feel it’s actually better now for the F2P player. When I first started in late 2016 grinding as a F2P player was painfully slow and not even comparable to right now. There was only the beginner campaign to complete, which offered, at the time for a low tier player like me, decent enough rewards at best, but at times rather worthless ones too. There were no daily rewards missions, and there were practically no regular events offering free rewards for simply playing the game. Now there are 3 additional campaigns for F2P players to access, all offering exceptional rewards for their completion. There are an endless supply of daily missions to complete for free consumables, camos, signals, etc, just for playing at least 6 games a day. There is also a constant supply of directives with each new patch, offering not only access to the new tech tree lines close to full release, but just free stuff in general. In the past it was not particularly common to see people with sub-1000 games with a Tier 10 tech tree ship, now its all too common and no doubt closely linked with the increase in free stuff offered for simply playing the game, which F2P players benefit from as much from as anyone who has paid for premium time.

    • I have heard this argument many a time in MMORPGs … and it’s not true. The newcomer just needs to specialize and that’s it. Focus you attention instead of spreading it all over the place …

  3. Been playing since open beta…how much this game has changed…

    • Yeah,it was still fun back then.

    • @Tyrion Lannister Or not ? I always saw rage and poor plays at every stage of the game since 2015. People just have short memory. And the game didnt get better for sure.

    • @krostouin Well I certainly enjoyed it more back then. But then again I wasn’t playing in tier8/9/10 so much. Certainly before that damn CV re-work I was a lot happier.

    • The re-work killed it. Before I could play and rarely see carriers. Now I only play clan battles without CV’s.

  4. you forget one thing, how to be F2P AND casual player….

    after 3 years, I revert to F2P&Casual player for years now… only play 1-2 match a day, barely enough to grab 1st Daily container =w=

    • My play time has dropped for this game i use to play a few hrs a day now am lucky if i can arsed if its that a week not because i have no time it the ship balance i use to enjoy most teir play the TX became a stand off for 15 mins then cv rework has rekted low teir play and dd play of all teirs but tgar just my feelings on it

    • @chipzz86 Puntuation not found.

    • I’m F2P and casual.

      If you ever want tips, hit me up.

    • @krostouin mehhh i wld care but i dont

    • Former regular player here (but still F2P), at least 2 to 3h a day during the week, and a loooooot more on the weekends (when you have a job and a life, it’s already quite the investment)
      I have connexion issues for several months now, and I barely play 2h a week (2 hours a month the last 2 months, roughly) Still grinding some tech tree and having more and more troubles with the game economics (did it got changed lately?)
      I can’t take part in the last ranked battle season (too bad, I used to rank pretty well when it was T6, 7 or even one of the last 8) and still enjoy my Fog fleet Kongos. One player even called me a noobish whales thanks to them, because I didn’t rush in the middle to “brawl” in the early game 😉
      F2P, filthy casual, and proud to be 😉

  5. A bit too late for me, already have 7 T10’s all with legendary modules and 19pt capitans. But I can confirm that this video is spot on.

    • @Lee Benson I frankly think that iq has little to do with results. It helps learning, for sure, but practice and active search for in-game knowledge will make any player outstanding, whatever his or her iq is.

      Finally since the topic seems important to you, please be aware that the iq test is normalized at 100, meaning that the average person has a score of 100. Therefore with 98 you are NOT below average, you’re just there : 50% of the other guys have a lower iq and 50% have a higher one. You’re normal (iq-wise). And even if you weren’t, iq is not everything. Oftentimes a good spirit or a high motivation can make a person accomplish more than what a high iq can. IQ is merely a potential, what you spend your time and energy on, on the other hand, is the trace you leave


    • @Zouts IQ is a good indicator of information retention. The ability to retain/recall information can and will effect your decision making, this effecting all aspects of life from the littlest thing to the biggest. Example Your knowledge on how long it takes you to get to the bathroom effects your decision on when to go to the bathroom!!

    • @Lee Benson If it’s all based on IQ at the end of everything.

      What could wargaming do to fix that without compromising the way others play.

    • TheUnconventionalDeal

      @Lee Benson I could bash the 2 key all day and never miss the money from my bank account, but I’m not stupid enough to pay money for something I can’t make money from.

  6. Good on you for posting this. Cheers!!! Comped for good manners. ?

  7. Wow,so many flags. If only a mere potato like me could have that many…

  8. The Honorable Service campaign also requires tier 8+ ships. I’m currently working my way through it

  9. The thing that really boosted my grind was winning 180 days of premium time. I also agree with the anchors away events. My family went to the Iowa event as an excuse to visit the ship my grandfather served on and we all ended up with some great in game swag to boot. And we weren’t even trying for in game loot.

  10. TLDR: Just play the game XD (I love your vids iChase!) 🙂

  11. iChase is right here: I still have and play most of my four ARP Kongos and four ARP Myokos, I also have (and still love) my ARP Takao.

  12. Playing Since Open Beta.. Takao and Shinonome are still my favs 😀

  13. WG used to be more generous with event / collab mission giving out ships,
    ARP was quite nice (even it was Myoko and Kongo clone, the ARP Takeo mission I recall it was later and I am glad I did that mission grind. Free Atago is always nice!! )

    I can still recall good old days WG give out Graf Spee (from mission)
    and Free captain skill reset once for a while from big version update.

    iChase is there any suggestion for solo non-clan players?

  14. “….their titles are designed to frustrate you, and thru that frustration, incentivize you to spend money…”. Especially considering recent events, I think that’s perhaps the most neutral and polite way I’ve heard WG’s business practices described.

  15. Daily containers! When I started I got some multi million credit supercontainers which really boosted my game. I try to get all three each day, stockpile coal or consumables.

  16. Chase, I always appreciate your how to videos and have been a casual, mostly f2p player, and this shows me a few ways I could get more out of the game. One thing I noticed was that you still had campaign tasks that were not completed. Even after the main campaign task is complete, you can still get the rewards for any tasks you complete.

  17. Also, you want to save any power camos and special signals for the grind of any ship through Tier VI because on Tier VII, you finally get A LOT fewer carrier games. Those of course always suck for everbody except for the carriers. Tier IX also has a lot less and is the real sweet spot atm.

    Next month though they’ll throw the complete meta into the blender with these new upgrade modules, so it’ll be a brand new game once again and who knows what that’s gonna be like. The only thing that is fairly certain is carriers will still suck, suck the fun out and be horrendously toxic and OP. Also it’s a fair guess no Russian ships will be negatively impacted.

  18. F2P games in a nutshell:

    You are playing a game that hates you. It hates everything about you except your money. By having the sheer audacity to not spend ALL of your money on it, you are wasting the developer’s time. And for that It will do its level best to make you suffer. They won’t outright break the rules (while enough people are watching at least), but you’d better believe they will use every last psychological dirty trick that money, marketing, and analytics can buy.

    • Short version: a corporation is an entity that’s main goal is to provide the least amount of product for the most amount of profit. Shorter version: A sucker is born every minute, and those are people who think corporations are great.

    • @Hal Swan Corporations can be forced to be great by customers, but most people have yet to learn how to handle modern psychological methods

  19. Also a good tip: Be on the lookout for this special totally free ships you can earn by just playing the game… like Puerto Rico for example.

  20. Thank you for the video. Still it seems like you calculate from a perspective of far-above-average skill. I struggle to get net-zero credits if I use premium dc/repair on T9. That means I cant upgrade or buy any ships…

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