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Today we are taking a look at what steps I’m taking to prepare for the upcoming tier 8.


  1. Quirky Bark32919

    My Minotaur bureau finished a week or two ago. I bought Riga and Fiji, the rest goes to a tier VIII.

  2. Tommy please can you explain the nerfs on the carriers hitting broadside with 5-6 hits no damage 1 fire on BBs ,this is happening multiple times level 16 legend 3 on all my commanders.It’s driving me nuts the extent that they’ve nerfed it.Good luck everyone with dds now super AAs on a tiny boat! Plus ships out running trips absolute joke now!!

    • Are u talking about the pobeda?
      If yes it’s Maybe because ur bombs hit the armor belt and didn’t Pen through it

  3. Nice video Tommyboy, I’m essentially doing the same thing and making sure I have around 200k elite xp for each T7 TT ship. Some of the lines no issues I have it above that amount, but there are a few ships, Kansas (my most disliked BB) Vlad, vanguard, Amagi, which I just don’t enjoy those ships that has very little elite xp on them. As for silver I’m ok at this stage with 320 mill available. Shall be interesting to see exactly what we need.

  4. Thanks for the info, Tommy. For me it’s not an issue atm as I have no Tier 7 ships and the only one I could buy now is the Bismarck. I will take your suggestion about working some of the premium Tier 6 ships to build up credits. The Belfast and the Weimar are good earners for me.

    • The best way to make credits now is at tier 7. Premiums get a 55% credit increase and you’ll be making about 400000 in an average game

    • @shutit I just need to get some 😊

    • If you’ve got the money I definitely recommend getting the campaigns. They are cheap and most of the time pretty decent ships. 2500 doubloons for a tier 7 is very good value imo.

    • @shutit I’ve started doing that recently. Got the Flandre and working on the Black.

  5. Lorenzottavin_ITA

    I’m guessing there’s gonna be a mission that gives you XP like when you first start the game, but for only one tier 8 of course

    • Supposed to be some xp missions next week, for each of the 4 countries getting ships. Like the carrier missions they will definitely be worth it to complete and boost progress.

  6. Im waiting for the soviets to come, i got only these 3 grind ready to buy T8
    Hype is among us

  7. I actually think a lot of people will have more issues with credits then XP, I don’t have all the T7s, just because I don’t want all of them, I don’t see the need to have them all. But even then, I do struggle some times with credits. Even though I play premiums, with premium time and boosters. I don’t have the patience to grind credits and I think a lot of people don’t either. I’ve got tons of XP accumulated on the Iowa, Kansas, Udaloi, Baltimore and some other ones to be able to just jump to T8. Maybe not fully upgrade each ship, but enough to get them at least. But credits… ooof, that’s gonna be rough

    • I have the same problem, I have premium and I have a lot of XP like six million XP but I don’t have a lot of silver.

  8. good thing I have 1.7 mil global xp.

    also wait till next week when they start releasing update info.

  9. I’ll be able to get the German cruiser and battleship as I have around 1 million xp on the hipper and Bismarck.

  10. Captain Mitsunari

    I just happened to check the Facebook page and saw the newest teaser say “Tea will be spilled, so you better start stalking our blog beforehand, since there will be a rundown posted there. ” I doubt that the British will get any tier 8s but maybe they will surprise us i was definitely disappointed that they were not one of the first four to get tier 8.

  11. Not in a hurry for T8. But I’m guessing those missions next week will be XP boosts to T7 TT ships. I’m gonna take advantage of that by burning through my booster flags to bank more blue and green XP.

  12. How frustrating was it shooting that broadside Vladi and not getting a single citadel?

  13. I feel WG will only take into consideration is that once your T7 ship reached 100k is where you start. Any xp earned above that will be added to tier one ship. Otherwise too many T8 ships will be ingame too earyl.

  14. Yes I feel like 36 million would be way to high for f2p players, even if they focus on a just single line…

  15. Should I just build my credits? Because tier 6 and 7s may be less

  16. I’m not really bothered about T8 in most of the 4 countries getting T8 .unfortunately the RN is getting overlooked again.

  17. I’m bummed out, we got back from our last underway this Friday, and lo and behold this Sunday I’ll be underway for the next two months. Totally gonna’ miss Tier VIII’s introduction.

    Y’all play the shit out of Tier VIII for me.

  18. Wonder how many players are able to purchase T8 ships from the get go.

  19. A Blackpriest14

    Forget grinding tier 8. You get legendary ships for free without having to own t8, which are stronger than t8 and tier 7 are better money makers. Also in the first weeks t7 will be stronger because being more like top tier as there will not be too many t8 ships around.
    Having said that, there is literally no reason to grind tier 8. Legendary f9r free or tier 7 to make money is the eay to go.
    If WG wants us to play t8, it is their responsibility to make sure we get those. I dont care at all. If they give. it to us, fine, if not, fine.

  20. The only tech tree Tier 7 ship I have is the Bismarck, the latter being Premium. Does that mean I have to grind ships from other nations to get into tier 7 before reaching Tier 8?

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