HOW to TIRPITZ 264K DMG w. last minute win || World of Warships

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  1. justcallmejoeable

    potato fubuki

  2. Good agressive play. What go me was the Nagato second highest xp on enemy team. Gets dc’d and someone decides to report him. The karma introduction to this game has caused some players to become arseholes

  3. عبدالله السقاف

    What the commander skill did you use

    • I’m not the player of this video but from what I’ve seen, the captain’s build looks like: Priority target, Adrenaline rush, Superintendent, AFT and Manual control for secondary armament. The last 5 points may have split them up on a 3-point skill (Demolition expert? Did an impressive number of fires with only the secondary ones) and and 2 points for expert marksman/hig alert/jack of all trades

  4. Calling target on only remaining ship is winning strat!

    Top tier premium gameplay.

  5. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    this Fubuki…omg

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Simply beautiful Us fellow Tirpitz lovers approve this replay GG

  7. Ok. This is epic.

  8. Aoba the swimming citadel…

  9. HOW to TIRPITZ : be a T8 and kill lower tier

  10. What on earth is that Fubuki doing at the start??? Smoking up _outside_ the cap, and then what? Letting others spot for him so that he can bring his deadly DPM and alpha strike to bear? Or does he actually think that smoking up a BB will have any effect at those distances, once the BB shoots its guns?

    DD gameplay is so horrible at the moment, it is hard to describe. Very few DDs realise that focusing on gunboating from smoke will actually tend to lose games, when it comes at the cost of spotting, Kitakaze/Haragumo/Jutland/Daring excepted 🙂 I have had an insane number of games over Christmas where half or more of our DDs didn’t survive first contact with the enemy…

    Btw, it is nice to see a Tirpitz which does not fit the ancient saying that the team with the most Tirpitzs loses.

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