How to troll with full AA – Gneisenau – 3400 Base XP || World of Warships

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    next full aa gk

  2. A very well played game against two extremely stupid CV’s. You see your planes melt you would suspect that you wont try and drop the same ship again. After all, its not as if it had Def Fire that may be on cooldown next time you drop.

  3. STOP!! Stop bullying CVs!! They are already unplayable. Plz. Let them play the game.

  4. I guess this this Al the NA server by the chat 🙂

  5. That was a good game, aggressive but good positioning.

    Nearly as fun as watching Old_Sailor having a meltdown backseat driving in chat, then seeing him second from the bottom of the scoreboard.

    • I feel like this “OldSailor” guy is exactly that…..a 50ish old guy that was either in the marine for a short time or never set foot on a ship at all and still dreams of getting into one. Either way it was pretty entertaining watching him backseat.

    • Armchair General 😀

  6. I see Ashigara I click

  7. Where’s that camo I want it

  8. What a salty teammate they had xDD

  9. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Dispersion like a pee after good sex:) Sorry:D

  10. My record 62 vs Essex

  11. When I play CV and I almost lose 2 wings to the same ship, I stop sending planes after that ship. Especially since most German BB players go with secondary builds which mostly benefit AA guns as well, those carriers hopefully learned a lesson.

    • Dave Krass Same here. I only go after german bbs in mid or late game after (and hopefully) they recieved an HE bombardment from teammates which easily destroys their aas.

  12. Not that great when engaging Taiho/Essex:D

  13. gneisenau its a bad with for planes, how you got that so many? commander skills?

  14. I’ve done full secondaries on the Gneisanau…but never AA.

  15. *watches planes evaporate from first wave* – *watches idiot carriers continue to send wave after wave*

  16. I regret that I have but one Like to give to this video.

  17. Schöne Runde, obwohl das gegnerische Team kräftig mitgeholfen hat. Ich glaube da waren viele Anfänger dabei. Hattest du einen 19er Kapitän auf der gneisenau?

  18. To CV who was so pissed off in chat for “teammates leaving CVs unprotected”

    It’s called Map Awareness, you dummy.

    Typical sniper who does nothing but camp in open position.

    CV rules:

    #1. Hide behind island.
    #2. Always move along majority of your groups.
    #3. Stay close to your group for faster support – to get support and to support them.
    #4. Read the map. If your group is about to die or get penetrated, turn your tail and start moving away.

    #5. If you meet player like above, do: ALT+F4

  19. Wow, the stupidity of these CVs…

  20. Much better than usual “epic result” No hiding behind islands, great battle

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