HSF Harekaze EPIC reload with YAMAMOTO || World of Warships

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  1. I always yell out “engine booooSOO” when I down shift and i’m in the acceleration lane merging on the highway.

  2. Why u play so well and I play like monkey noob………

  3. Hi. I have hsf harekaze. but hes HP is 13.300. why this is 16100? pls!

  4. the penetration of the guns seems to be really poor even with HE

  5. Yamamoto als Kapitän, Katze und Tarnung, alles auf einem Schiff! Yamamotoception

  6. I wish this was back in the Premium Shop. I wanna get it.

  7. Should do akizuki with yamamotoXD

  8. What is it yamamoto

    • Special japanese captain with special competences (decrease reload by 33% and heal when you do a Kraken, or +1 consumable when you do the first blood)

  9. 19:10 ap would of eaten that nc alive in 1/4 of the time

  10. what a fucking camo

  11. So much potential damage lost by not switching to AP. These 100m AP can still actually hurt when giving full broadside, even against other DD.

  12. That he spam is sooo annoying lol gg

  13. Should learn when to use AP and HE with these shells. Any target that shows it’s broadside would get wrecked with Akizuki AP. You can get 1.5k salvos on BBs every three seconds.

  14. Nippon atlanta 404 it has even more dps than USS atlanta now srsly

  15. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Where did he get that heal from?

    • Captain Yamamoto Isoroku talent “Second Wind” if u get kraken unleashed, u’ll get heal over time,120 sec (40% max HP I think) and reduce reload time for main battery -33% (-16% to torp tubes)

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