Huang He World of Warships Tier 6 Pan Asia Premium Cruiser Review

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Today we are going to take a look at the Huang He. The ship is a tier 6 premium cruiser coming to the Pan Asian line in the near future. Boasting 8.1 km concealment and 8KM torps, there are some things to like about the ship. However, in it’s current configuration, there are too many cons that away anything positive about the ship.


  1. Divide by 50, increase the reload?

    Not enough coffee? 😉

  2. Why is it even tier 6? Why not move it to tier 5?

  3. Pronunciation wise, “Huang” was fairly correct, “He” should be pronounced as “Her” without the “r” sound. “Huang He” means “Yellow River”, named after one of the main river in China.

  4. So everyone says its ok.t
    Thanks guys now wg will make it reload of 1 sec. Snoke radar that has 20km and lasts 5 min.:)

  5. Wholly crap.. they’re all going to laugh at you.. I have not thought of that CD in years.

  6. “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” ha ha ha ha 😀

  7. It’s kind of weird for a ship that is basically a budget cut Leander-class to exist at the same tier as the Leander and Perth considering neither are considered overly strong for their tier and this ship doesn’t even have the perks those two have.

  8. Resons to buy it over Belfast, Atlanta, or Indianapolis: 0

    Huang. He. Huh? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.
    Sorry, I had to do it.

  9. I think you were too generous with a 6/10. This thing is a 5/10 at best (more like a 4/10 imo). I’ve seen a few in my matchups (lowest tiers I have are t6 dd’s) and it never poses any kind of threat to none of the classes. Unless you’re cought by surprise in a dd just sitting there in a smoke, this thing just isn’t good at anything to pose a threat. It’s the very definition of a “very low impact cruiser”. Not worth the purchase.

  10. Cut down Leander .. minimum required for a trade route cruiser.. according to Wikipedia..

  11. Oh shit, wait! I just read that she was sunk, and then RECLAIMED by the RUSSIANS for Communist China! So that makes sense now! Not a paper ship at all apparently!

  12. Why would you buy this crap over Belfast if you want a DD hunter?
    I would rather take Leander for DD hunt instead of this – more guns, more HP and a heal.

  13. u never mentioned its strong AA…cleveland lvl AA…but it doesnt really matter the ship sucks!

  14. took like…five minutes to kill that DD near the start….that is some pathetic gun power.

  15. 4/10 for weapons? That sounds very generous given what you are saying and given what the guns on other ships are like. Torps aren’t bad, but they are only 3 per side, and toprs on a cruiser will always be a secondary weapon.

    What kind of ship would score a 1, 2 or 3 for weapons on your scale?

  16. So basically this is a tier 6 Kiev without the speed or smoke or DPM, and gimped by a citadel. Pass. This thing is going to be bullied even by some of the destroyers it meets.

  17. Solution:

    – give it radar instead of hydro (7/8km)
    – give it 5 sec reload
    – maybe a bit more range

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